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  1. I was at Leeds '10.. felt like a break from Reading and took the massive trek up there. If it was closer I would have gone every year! Also I get what you mean by out growing Reading & Leeds.. every time I go I feel like an old fart! lol But I love it
  2. Off to Reading Festival for the weekend, just putting it out there if anyone from here is going. I doubt it but its worth a shout!
  3. IGN: Dr. Jeff Hofstadter Age: 25 Country: United Kingdom English skills: Fluent DayZ Experience: Playing about 8 months What kind of role best describes you: Medic/Scavenger Friendly but can be Evil if needs be. Have you been in any clan/group previously: I haven't been in a clan before. But made alot of friends playing alone. Best way to contact you: PM Backstory: Jeff has always been fascinated with the virus which is spreading impending doom across the world. Growing up with a famous Professor of Cognitive science as his father, he has developed a passion for behavioral science. Barely passing a degree in neuroscience Jeff was always the slacker in the family and liked to make short cuts/cheat. Studying zombie brain patterns back home in Britain is all well and good but he wants a new challenge and to become renown like his father but for different reasons. He has heard that there is a new breed of zombie developing in Chernarus and nothing will stop him studying this phenomenon. But as his father neglected him as a child, he has a short temper and has hardly any people skills, working with zombies and not socializing has taken toll on his own behavior. Jeff actually thinks this virus is good for this world and this virus is saving us. He is totally deluded in what he believes! He used to be seen in the center of London with a piece of card, written on it "ZOMBIES ARE BEAUTIFUL" and preaching about how this virus is a good thing. Jeff's mission is to aid the spread of the virus and evolve the virus to a stronger strain by studying/researching/experimenting.
  4. Well done man. I hope our Doctors meet in game to have a good old discussion
  5. Its well worth the wait. Met some interesting characters already!
  6. Please watch your language. It is not a matter of waiting, its a matter of how well you application was written. Rolle and the admins are only accepting the best for we have limited spots available. Mine must have been pretty good then.. only waited a couple of days
  7. thanks, wow nice community i would love to join. but just tryed to write up whitelist but it got me blacklisted:( anyway il just talk a bit instead, seams David isnt gunna crash/land on balota :3 im a decrease (spelt right?) i dont speak welsh :3 but i do know one thing gall i fynd i'r ty bach, os gwelwch yn dda Lol yes you can go to the toilet!
  8. Hey Im from Wales too! .. Cymru am byth
  9. Congrats! Might see you soon! If I also get accepted
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome! Hopefully see you lot soon
  11. Hey! Loving this community feel about this game! Cannot wait to start playing.