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  1. Hajo Köhler is an American-Born son of two German Immigrants. He was born in Pennsylvania, August 18th, 1990. Hajo was an average child, with nothing particularly special about him. He graduated High School, and went to college. After getting some generic technology degree, he joined a communications firm that was contracted to work out of Takistan. Seeing a chance to see the world, and earn some hazard pay, Hajo quickly leapt at the opportunity to be sent out into the desert. Hajo was worker as a civilian contractor in Takistan when the outbreak happened. While the government slowly collapsed around him, Hajo and his colleagues packed up their gear, and began heading toward the airport, to catch a scheduled flight out of the desert. Hajo would be disappointed, as the airports would have been shut down before he could escape. After weeks of hardship, he joined a convoy heading east, towards Chernarus, in the hope that there would be a way to get home. After days of travel, Hajo entered Chernarus beaten down and near starvation. As his group made camp, they were attacked a pack of feral humans, who at first sight seemed normal, but turned out to be the living dead. Hajo was able to escape, barely. Hajo would stand 5'11, and be Caucasian. His hair is a light-brown, and very rarely brushed or combed, due to the apocalyptic situation. He would have a fairly strong jaw, and a straight, narrow nose alongside light green eyes, sunken into his brow.
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