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  1. IGN: Jack Cazador Age: 24 Country: United Kingdom English skills: Native language. DayZ Mod Experience: 2 Years. DayZ Standalone Experience: 11 Months. Roleplaying Experience: 4 Years. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Scout/Hunter-Gatherer. Have you been in any clan/group previously: N/A Additional notes: Great listener, mainly a follower but if the situation ever arises i can lead without hesitation. Best way to contact you: via Skype (Titanium Mango), Private messages, Facebook, Twitter Backstory: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-the-lost-journal-of-caz (Best response i can come up with as of now)
  2. Day 1 Chernarus It had been several hours since i dropped from the plane, having no idea where i was, i stopped walking to gather my bearings. Looking around i spotted a nearby barn, inside i noticed several piles of hay stacked on top of eachother, all were covered in what looks like blood. My curiosity reaching its peak, i cautiously crept over to the large wooden doors. Raising my pistol to my shoulder, i looked inside. It was indeed a horrific sight, bodies hung from the ceiling, dripping blood onto the concrete floor. After looking inside some more, i noticed a large pile of random clothing, tins of food and drink and several boxes of ammunition. After taking inventory of the stash, i lifted my leg over one of the bodies on the floor, Suddenly there was a quiet yet audible click from behind me. "Я должен застрелить вас прямо сейчас вы иностранные собаки" I turned around to see an old man, clad in leather clothing and gripping a double barrelled shotgun, aiming directly at my head. His expression clearly showed he wasn't interested in tea and cupcakes. "Me no speak russian! No russian!" i yelled in panic. "Брось пушку, сделайте это!" He motioned towards my gun, then to floor. "Ok! ok!" I lowered my pistol slowly towards the ground. The old man's expression changed into that of a malicious smile. "Не следовало сюда приходить вам кусок Ши-" His sentence was cut short when his head had almost literally exploded into a cloud of red and pieces of shattered bone. Watching the old man's now lifeless corpse drop to the floor like a sack of lead bricks, i noticed another man behind a tree, holding what looks like a hunting rifle. Looking closer i saw he had a red beret sat atop his bald head and he wore woodland camo clothing. He motioned me over, i complied, picking up my gun, i jogged over to him and crouched next to the tree. "It was lucky i found you, that man has killed tourists like you since even before the outbreak" He said in a thick Russian accent. "Come, the zed's must've heard that shot" he began to walk over to a nearby pick-up truck. "The name's ivan, yours?" He said holding his hand out. "Jack.." i said, grasping his hand and firmly shaking it.
  3. Name: Jack Age: 27 Height: 6'10" Weight: 180 lbs Hair: Light brown (very short hair) Eyes: Hazel Pre-Outbreak Profession: Oil rig worker, moved on to join the IRA (Never was heard from until now) Demeanor in Three Words: Quiet, Unstable, Savage Goal: To find safe transit to the Russian Quarantine centre.
  4. (Bump) Takistan would be a good option, large open deserts, isolated towns etc. would open up some good role-play features due to the isolation
  5. IGN: Cazador (or Refer to me as 'Caz') Age: 23 Country: United Kingdom English skills: Native language DayZ Experience: above moderate, played for 3 months. What kind of role best describes you: Scout/Paratrooper/Guerilla/Supply runner Have you been in any clan/group previously: No. Additional notes: I currently do not have a means of Voice chat, Text chat is my only current option. Best way to contact you: via Skype or Facebook/twitter Backstory: What i thought as an average plane journey home, soon turned out to be a not-so average one. One of the planes turbines had took some damage causing the plane to crash land in unknown lands. When i awoke i was greeted by a horde of vicious cannibals, i got up and fled, i ran and ran as fast as my legs could carry me until i reached the shoreline. I looked through my belongings and found an old pistol i had kept from my tour with the armed forces. After placing a round through each of the marauder's skulls, i carried on walking, not knowing what lied ahead.