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  1. Jataai

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    I need a GUID Reset, got my values from Dayz commander which (from reading another thread) are wrong. Can't play right now because of it . //Terra: Reseted GUID
  2. I personally agree on permadeath. It does depend on the situation for me though. I was playing with my friend who played my brother in-game and he was executed by SKA in front of me. We both agreed that he can't play that character any more as it was such a monumental death scene. If I was executed or similar then I would create a new character, if I died to zombies or in a firefight in a robbery then I'd continue my character. I do feel that dying creates many awkward plot holes in my characters story, so a lot of the time it's easier to make a new character.
  3. Do you create a new character every time upon death then?
  4. I remember meeting you at altar castle after you had found that black SUV with Simon White, then we auctioned for it and the other guys won with their betty van of items. Sad times.
  5. Using it to your advantage, and hence abusing the fact backpacks don't show. As for concealment that might hold if you had used a small pistol, but even then it is still abusing, but you were using an SKS which would be hard to conceal unless you were wearing robes. Not to mention, you are supposed to roleplay that your character has some concern for their life, in this situation in real life I expect you would have been very scared and done exactly what they were telling you. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edit: although I would like to point out that everyone here may sound harsh but that most of us are just trying to promote more thought out roleplay, and a better experience. Don't take this too heart, just try and improve upon the points we have pointed out here. Maybe I'll see you around in game at some point .
  6. Good luck Paladien, I hope to be robbed by you some time in the near future .
  7. Thanks for all the Welcomes guys, I expect I'll be seeing you all in-game soon as I have been whitelisted .
  8. Hey, Goodluck with the app, hope to see you ingame soon!
  9. Hey guys and gals, I've just submitted my application to be whitelisted and I'm looking forward to hopefully getting some real DayZ experiences, how it was intended to be played . AND very looking forward to get in game to be robbed, kidnapped and brutally murdered by you guys .