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  1. We do value your feedback, but we would prefer this matter not to get out of hand on the thread, which I believe is fair. Seeing as you don't want to discuss this on discord, perhaps you can PM me a list of things we can improve on in that scenario so I can make sure we are better next time.
  2. You could not see the car from the pub/or vice versa. When the situation broke out, many people ran to the robbery location. One of them was a member of the pub, Charcoal. He came out of the pub and went to Mason with his gun drawn and took cover with him. It seemed to me like he was assisting in the robbery. Instead of dragging this out on our thread, as I said above, I can clear it up on Discord. So after robbing me the handful of men returned into the pub and began trading gun fire with us. We told everyone inside leave the pub numerous times in which no one did, So in a roleplay sense why didn’t you get down on the floor and leave the pub? You would have been safe. But instead you decided to stay inside and join a group we had KOS rights on. To me anyway it’s pretty obvious that staying in that pub means you want to fight, and are assisting the robbing party. As you do not know our roleplay reasons behind this, I will explain them to you. We have never met people of this pub before, we only knew they lived with RAC in Berezino, the only pub people we met are American, and have been working with our enemy. We took the last guy hostage cleared it up with him about the situation and he seemed fine with it, we had no quarrel with the people of the pub they just aided and assisted an American robbing me. We gave him a gun apologised and left him on his way. But please if you have any other issues with this situation, lets chat much easier to clear things up over discord than it is on here(CoreyJ#0033), saves cluttering our thread with negativity. But if not we value you your feedback and will take it in consideration if another similar event was to break out.
  3. Thanks for the feedback, nice to know you enjoyed some of our RP, the car was a couple of hundred meters away from the pub when I fixed it up with some parts, and then i was initiated on by some people of the pub. If you want to chat on discord I'm sure we can clear things up
  4. Base building is quite a key feature and adds more to this boring stale game, we as a group are trying to make Zelenogorsk safe as this is one of our goals. We are not using gates or Mega fortifications, we have no loot to enclose we are simply doing it for rp purposes. Why should the odd person ruin it for the rest of us. Surely it’s as easy as reporting them to a gm or admin, and then you can get all the loot for free! Since you seem to be a professional base raider you can gather it all with ease. But don’t let these hoarders ruin it for the rest of us.
  5. I quite like base building, it seems this person has spent a lot of time fortifying this barn so clearly has a lot of loot to protect. Perhaps start collecting some melee weapons to break in.
  6. Corks


    welcome newcomer please make sure you read the rules
  7. A Little Zelenogorsk Patrol: Rebuilding Zelenogorsk: A Little RAC Dog Caught in a trap:
  8. Would be a lot more fun in my opinion! But the hardcore role players, which mostly are the people who still play, wouldn’t enjoy it as much as standalone I think. But still a +1 from me much more well rounded than standalone.
  9. Cheers Speirs pal, hopefully some time this year it will be accepted
  10. I’m not sure who you met, but much appreciated man, thanks for the feedback! I hope to meet you guys soon aswell.
  11. My POV: I logged on and ran to Novy, as my friend misty was in dire need of some supplies and needed help. We then left Novy and headed to Stary and then after Stary, Kabinino. As I entered Kabanino @BrockLee shouted on the radio he was close and needed food, when moving towards Brock I ran into the RAC which was unknown to Brock as I muted to roleplay. After @Misty killed @Duplessis with his valid KOS rights we then moved north to avoid RAC as he told us they were heading to Mogilevka, we moved to altar in which we were met with two initiations from RAC which ended up with a new firefight. After killing @Mason I was killed by another member of RAC and thus the end of my life. I am available to chat in discord if anyone needs any clarification!
  12. The only person you had KOS Rights on was @Misty and also he was the only one who had KOS rights on you. That was until you initiated on @Wunsleh @BrockLee and Myself at Altar, therefore in my opinion counts as a whole new situation.
  13. Hi Mason hope you are well, Firstly you had attacker rights and not defender since you began the initial altercation, also the situation at altar was separate as there was a new initiation on your guys behalf, which indicates a new separate situation/firefight. (FYI I was involved as I am in every video and I believe my logs were missed)
  14. Max we have a group of Aussies and kiwis waiting for you! Get grivenski and get online
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