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  1. lol ok, and wasnt my intent, just being blunt. And just because I am new, doesnt mean my opinions are false. This thread is about the mass majority of bandits in which is what I was referring to. I know what is and isnt good RP, I have been at this for a long time. On the last note, I look forward to being robbed by CLF in a good RP fashion.
  2. lol you started by saying my statement was subjective, then it was false? Your entire post right there offered and contributed absolutely nothing to this topic.. -I- am not the only one, not the only one with my "false/subjective" opinion. It -is- a problem and saying its not and thinking it will go away isnt feedback that this thread needs. Thanks
  3. Wow, you quoted my whole post, just to counter that one little point? I think you'll find that I agree with you, if you read a little more closely: This is not a carebear server. The zombie apocalypse would be boring without bandits. We've been to that place, but now it's swung back the other way. What we want is a server that focuses on the role play and the story telling and the building of and tearing down and changing of relationships in the face of hardship; but not one without bandits. As I said, the zombies are not a threat, and the game just isn't any fun with no threats at all, so we need bandits. I think the perfect ratio would be 1:6:2 Heroes:Survivors:Bandits. But nothing's perfect. There's no way to enforce that, and everyone you speak to will have a different opinion. All I can say is wait. Stand by. Keep trying. Keep on keeping on. It will change. It will improve. This server has been through worse and came out the better for it. We have not yet begun .... I did read it closely, and why I only commented to that part was becuase thats the only thing I disagreed with.. No need to get offended. Now then.. The bottom line is, bandits area problem, they dont inspire or premote positive roleplay. And the game is currently very discouraging to new players, hence I am knew, and I -already- see and expereince these problems. However, I do think the rise of a hero group would be a good way to help solve the issue since the bandit problem wonlt go away on its own. Who would support this though?
  4. Zombies are not a threat. It takes a few hours to learn how to avoid them completely. I rarely waste ammunition on them anymore. DayZ is primarily a PvP game with the added strategic complication of zombies. DayZRP is a little more than that. We keep the PvP and the zombies, and add in the humanity element that Rocket originally intended to be the focal point of the game. Not to belittle you, but you've been here about two weeks? Yeah, I can understand how you'd find it frustrating in the current environment, but trust me. It will change. I've been here for close to a year, and I remember a time when TOR was literally the biggest clan on the server. Shortly before that, the TOR EMS/FM alliance held the run of the server. Everyone respected them, and they were welcome almost anywhere. Sure, they got robbed from time to time, but it was more of a stupid thing than anything else. What's the point of robbing someone who will give you anything they own, just for the asking? At the moment, we have a lot of new players who haven't had the opportunity to explore the variety of play styles offered by DayZRP. Some of these players will get bored and wander off. Others will see new things, try new things, become new kinds of players. The very best will become fixtures of the community. It will get better. First, Kyy, I want to stress as explicitly as possible, that This thread is not about you or your clan. This thread is about the recent influx of brain dead bandits who don't get the whole RP thing. You and your clan are a different, though possibly related problem. Is it always about the numbers with you? TOR didn't become the biggest clan on the server by recruiting anyone who wandered by. No, they became the biggest clan by having great leadership, excellent people with interesting characters and interesting backgrounds and interesting stories, and by winning the respect of as many people as they possibly could that they ran into, which caused a lot of people to decide, "Hey, this TOR thing is pretty awesome. I'd like to join them." As for a reason to play a hero? Have you ever played Mass Effect? Grown up human beings like to be heroes, enjoy doing good things for others. They don't have to lash out at people and belittle them and throw insults at them to make themselves feel better because they are in control of their lives and for them, helping others not only feels good, it increases their status among their peers, who are no longer fixated on how cool it is to be the badass. That is just the wrong attidute to have completely.. Zombies the issue, its a role play story about surviving the zombie apocalypse, not a wasteland like fallout with people. yes mechanically the game is PVP but not RP, not DayzRP. So to say that, proves that your mentality behind the situation is not one to solve this issue.
  5. I can agree to that, I am a new player myself. I was very excited to play as the concept of RPing in DayZ is awesome. I could not wait to come here to see all the survival stories, character progressions and adventures. Not an hour after first starting to play, I was robbed. (( Bandits setting up shop via roadblocks in a massive noob starting area.. seems legit.)) But I actually thought it was cool. The guys were good Role players, I felt immersed. Even though I was mentally like " Shit I'm getting robbed." I found the experience enjoyable. So I continue to play, meet some people help out survivors as I carry out my characters mission. Which lead me back down the line, sadly once again through the road block. I approached them, they were much friendlier this time. (( absent their situational leader. )) I needed a drink, they spared me two. We chatted for a bit, then things went very south. (( The leader logged back on )) Moments afterwards, even though I was moments from leaving, getting the all clear from one of the "bandits". The leader had another plan in mind, he once again shook my character down, and this time stripped my character of literally everything he had. Their was much chaos as another player was coming by, trying to make his way through the checkpoint, said player was more defiant than mine and subsequently ended up being shot and killed by the bandits. At that moments, I the player was like.. wow seems extreme. The leader then told me to get up and run, granting me my life. That RP encounter was so.. backwards, illogical and simply poor. Days later, all I hear, every single day both IC/OOCLY is; "I got robbed" - " Dam bandits." - " Are there any good guys anywhere?" The answer is no, because all the "good" guys are alone, hunters and lone wolfs. Why do people join the bandit clans and the clans who say they arn'ty bandits but really are? Because the player wants to play the game, and they know the only way they will be able to do that successfully and without fearing to be killed all the time is by joining a bandit clan. This ladies and gentlemen is the number one reason to the recent boom and growth of bandits clans. They strike fear and more or less bully players around and put the fear of god into them. Where are the robin hood clans? The lone bandits? The anit-bandit clans? The "good guys" ? Everyday I hear the same thing over and over, and it seems to me and others that these people do nothing but get away with murder becasue of technicality. All they want is loot, gear and power. Its hard to see the server as a RP server when these bandits do more killing and stealing than RP. Because lets run down a typical bandits shakedown. Players walks or pulls up to a road block. Bandits come out." Drop your shit! Turn off the vehicle! Get on the ground! Don't move!" The player does these things, gets to leave, or doesnt and dies. All of which takes the span of 5 minutes? Maybe 10 if you can drag it out? Man that sure is some good RP? I mean thats a joke, lets be honest. That isnt RP, that is engaging with the players and finding out stories and adventure. Bottom line is there are just too many, and they honestly get away with what ever the hell they want because they are the majority. Clans should be limited, the bandits should definately be reduced and maybe, just maybe some players and clans can get together and.. Oh I don't know, kill some zombies? Start saving the world? Whens the last time a bunch of players went out in force, took their guns and cars and cleaned out Cherno or Lektro? Whens the last time any clan had the mandate to go wipe out the threat, the Zombies? Which by the way.. IS THE POINT OF THE GAME! Who else think that sounds good? Who else can vision a clan, militarized and civilians alike, armed, combing through a town, building by building to re-supply and stick it back to the zombies? So as the plain and simple answer that this thread has purposed.." Is DayzRP losing it's quality?" You better believe it, and as long as the bandits are the majority, killing-stealing-robbing will continue to be the priority above genuine and engaging story telling. Well that is my rant, and all of such is simply my own opinion and is such from my experiences and views that I have witnessed thus far. Thanks.
  6. Thanks, happy to be here! Just waiting to get accepted *crosses fingers* ! :-D
  7. Hello everyone, just now setting things up. Hope to see you all in game!