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  1. I thought it would be for a military standards how the have their ranks and their nickname I guess I will change it to 2LT Justin "Banshee" P.
  2. I am 2nd LT Banshee and I was kicked for invalid username and it said check rules, I check the rules and there was nothing that said anything about invalid username or whatever so I really think this was a random kick for no reason at all. Could someone explain to me why?
  3. You should open up a 3rd rp server so more people could join the experience and have fun and maybe have the server have 100+ slots so you can have a large community and more donators possibly
  4. Add the ability to build buildings/walls/wells but at the cost of materials that may or may not be rare like wood for a wood hut or wood and scrap metal for a log cabin or sand bags to make large H barriers long and the tall option as well
  5. Hello everybody I am new to the server and ready to rp! I will not be a regular roleplayer, I am a Contractor of Recon/Special forces for a private military company(My clan I am in) also known as Arma Titan Corporation Private Military Company