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  1. Frankie Zulani

    The infection poured into Elektrozavodsk like flood water rushing through a cracked dam. Bam! Bam! The sound of the family rifle echoed throughout the household as a mother and child, bound up in chains, were finished off. These individuals were not innocent bystanders, they were something much worse, the living dead. The executioner was not a monster, he was the father, Frankie Zulani. Frankie, a native, had spent the majority of his life in Chernarus, taking on odd jobs which only added to his skill set. However, he settled with taking up a medical job much like the rest of his lineage. He was a socially outgoing father who took God and family above all else. But, with the recent events that unfolded he is now without a family or God. Frankie had always been told by his father, "The day in which we are truly tested shows what kind of man we are, not the amount of guns on your shelf." Frankie was sure that his father was long dead by now, along with any hope he had for a bearable existence. However, Frankie marched out of his house that day, without turning the rifle on himself; for he knew that he had to survive for the sake of his family. With a family picture in his pocket and rifle in hand, along with various supplies stuffed into a crude rucksack, Frankie begun his journey.
  2. Once again I bean myself. Thanks for the assistance guys!
  3. Hello, I am having some trouble trying to connect to the US 2 server due to this error. I have tried locking my character to the server, but it was all in vain. If anyone could possibly give me some guidance it'd be greatly appreciated.
  4. ok good so the guy couldnt kill us making that RDM since there was no warning and he wasnt involved in anything that happend in the last 2 hours. While on the other hand your were not knocked out you were crouching not speaking and having your head down and the entire time we beat you your RP was terrible I honestly didnt want to torture you because you didnt scream or anything you just sat there signing some Argentinian song. In a whole your RP was terrible and the guy that shot us wasnt your friend like you said which means he had no reason to kill us at all My pov video will be up tomorrow The moment you swung a punch I screamed like it really hurt, I was knocked out, I woke up and you told me to get up against a tree, you were in the process of cutting my fingers off, your friend was shot, simple as that. (If you would like to talk in teamspeak I am open to)
  5. On the count of me supposedly waiting for someone to kill my captors, I simply couldn't. All of my friends were at this point dead, and I had no radio. After beating me I fell unconscious and when I woke up you were counting down to shoot me in the head (my entire attitude was this is happening and there is nothing I can do about it, i was not going to beg for my life, I even screamed when I was punched) . From there I leaned back up against the tree to which you asked to cut off my finger, to which I replied yes in OOC. Right when you were about to cut my fingers off a shot rang out and Jack tanked, I had nothing to do with Jack or Lucius being killed at all. As soon as Jack was shot in the back of the head I boosted it out of there. All of my friends were killed in the town long before you took me to the tree. That is all I have to say about that.
  6. [Open Frequency] Lyca My Love

    *Frankie sits down, clicking on his radio* Well it seems like this transmission has gotten out of hand *Frankie's laugh is heard as he turns off his radio
  7. *frankie sits down in a nearby chair and flicks on his radio* Hello my friends, my name is Frankie Zulani and I am a medical professional in Novogorsk. If anyone is injured I am willing to assist you. This may seem like an elaborate scheme to some, but if you have faith that there is still some good in this world, come to Novogorsk. *Frankie sighs and leans back in his chair*
  8. *Frankie leans against a wall of the mayor's office and switches his radio back on* Eh, is anyone even out there? I feel like I am simply chatting to myself on this damn thing. *frankie sets down his radio and sighs, hoping for some sort of reply*
  9. *Frankie slumps against a torched car and turns on his radio* Eh, hello. I am a medical professional willing to help anyone in need. I am in Novogorsk and my name is Frankie Zulani. If anyone can hear this please respond if you need help.
  10. Can't find server 1

    try this SUCCESS! My problem is solved thank you for such a quick reply everyone, much love!
  11. Can't find server 1

    Perhaps you can help us help you and provide a screenshot of your filters ?
  12. Can't find server 1

    I have tried both methods with no results of the servers
  13. Can't find server 1

    I can't seem to find S1 or S2 only S3, can anyone explain why?
  14. What does your username mean?

    I love tacos and I was pretty cringe worthy back then
  15. Carry on the One Word Story thread