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  1. I saw this the other day and facepalmed...
  2. Best vid I've seen on dayzRP. The Joyce's are my favourite group by a long shot!
  3. Thanks for confirming that!
  4. Has the ability to craft them been taken away? I have metal and pliers but it’s only offering me a banner mount option. Thanks in advance
  5. Wouldn't make a dent! I build them to last!!!
  6. Ah right I was just hoping to recoup some resources thanks anyway!
  7. Ok so I know how to dismantle a fence or gate and recoup some of the resources however with the shed it seems there is no option? I have emptied the shed and no option to dismantle was given? I tried it with a hammer, hatchet, saw and sledgehammer in my hands but to no avail. Could anyone please confirm or not whether they can actually be dismantled? thanks in advance.
  8. can’t just gas people haha but yeh as the others have stated, irrelevant of who or what you are the same right apply to everyone.
  9. Makes no odds to me. Whether the servers are full or empty I still play. I’ll still be here supporting the servers and I enjoy it regardless of whether or not the servers are highly populated because there’s so much to do imo.
  10. ‘’You need nails... I have nails. find me a barbecue so I can cook for my new friends and then maybe we can talk. Over”
  11. another perfect example of people offering awful hostile RP with no actual point to it seeing as the OP and his group were offering help to those around them.
  12. Agreed 100%. I see so many reports made because people just want to pew pew and bait people into initiating. I am not against hostile RP but I am against groups who go around holding people up for their gear and just want firefights with other groups. Its cringe to watch some of the situations play out and in all honesty I don't think some of your peoples roleplay is as good as you believe it to be and that's coming from me! A lot of these groups seem to grasp at the chance to hold someone up if they can see the victim has something on them which they want I.,e M4. If people don't hold others up for gear then why take their stuff? How many times to people get held up for RP and then leave with everything they had before the hold up took place? None. You people are not being completely honest if you try telling others you don't roll around in a 4/5 man strong group to have the upper hand and inflict your dominance on smaller groups. We are all entitled to play the game how we want I guess for me dayzRP is more than shooting people and loot. I could play battlefield or MW if I wanted to do that. I guess what I am saying is everybody is way too trigger happy... you cant say one bad thing to someone in a group without hearing 'put your ****** hands up or die.. as they then proceed to give you a 3 count which lasts a whole 2 seconds then bam your dead. Great RP guys.
  13. Really?! I never knew that! That’s abit of a game breaker if you’re hunting with a friend or two...
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