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  1. I understand I am in the wrong here I am truly sorry you were in the wrong place at the wrong time but I don't really understand how I am fully in fault here he clearly heard a massive amount of trade shots and still runs straight to the presence of the gunfire with his gun drawn...I am very sorry about your gear man But I am prepared for any consequence for my actions I 100% understand once again very sorry..
  2. My partner and I had just been involved in a robbery with 3 men. To give you and idea of what happened http://www.dayzrp.com/t-s1-bad-rp-possible-nlr-possible-kos My partner had just been killed after 2 men killed him 1 with a blue backpack and the other with a mp5 which was the shooter I had killed the man with the mp5 after taking shots and hiding behind a wall. This had been all in the period of 2/3mins of shooting. I had taken shots from my left and I hid into a tree I had seen a person crouch running with gun out and a blue backpack coming to my left which I then shot and ran away. I am so sorry you weren't involved in the robbery but what made you think it was a good idea to crouch run with your gun out towards shooting...
  3. Hello yes we did come across you and rob you I came across you asked how you were going and I asked if you were with anyone, you then pointed in a direction my friend and I had no idea what you were doing. We then both go into positions to announce our requests, I asked you to drop your weapon and backpack/melee you did this I told you to lay down you also did this. I took your rifle and ammo and some peaches, I told you I left 2 cans of food and 2 cans of drink in your backpack and I also am going to leave this weapon behind this tree and you are welcome to pick this up when we leave, to then which my friend said count to 20 and your free to take the gun. We then saw 2 men coming towards us from the field and left side of the prison to which we both fled into the tree's not wanting ww3 to start on the airfield. I am sorry if this felt like bad rp to you...We did our best not to harm you or get ourselves killed As I was leaving the airfield I lost vision of my friend I presumed he was following me, I radio commed him asking the his whereabouts and if he was ok. He didn't reply I ran back hugging the wall I spot my friend on the outside of a tree /next to a broken wall. I waited for a reply from him, 5 seconds later I see my friend mowed down by a automatic gun of some sort and then heard someone shout out "Thats what you get for robbing people!!" To which I fell back to the far back tree line.
  4. That looks amazing, there needs to be more of these small settlements, they create great RP.
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