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  1. What are you even talking about? I was talking to other people in those rooms, the only room I joined was 11. I realized my mic was doing shit so I switched to channel 8. I have people who will verify that I was talking to them in the channels.
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): It was in teamspeak, I have no link. Why the verdict is not fair: I wasn't treated fairly or given a chance to explain myself. I was instantly banned. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I had something playing through my mic as I was trying to go to my friends channel, and I accidentally joined someone else's channel. They got triggered and pulled me back and banned me after calling me a cunt. I wasn't given any time to explain myself or to give my side. Also, insulting someone in a situation like this is highly unprofessional. I didn't deserve this What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Be unbanned from the teamspeak? What could you have done better?: It was a mistake, I hadn't realized the shit I had playing was still going on in my mic. I could've been more careful, I suppose.
  3. Roach_tm just played a song I made for him in his stream! I'm so happy!

  4. Since Beta is removing Gama Goggles, I'm gonna have to rely on torches and flares. Perhaps a feature to duel wield a lightsource and a weapon https://media.moddb.com/images/games/1/12/11147/cof4.png
  5. I dun' fucking know. Probably call a hooker and replace me with them in bed to spook you. Unless of course you like that kind of thing, which I would be doing you a favor.
  6. Indeed. Perhaps the ability to wear your baseball cap backwards?
  7. Christopher was sitting next to a campfire above an industrial area, radio in hand. He raises it to his mouth and speaks 'Hello, whoever is listening. Could you spare a few kind words? Any sayings you were taught as a kid or learned over the years, perhaps some you thought of yourself. Thank you.' Christopher lowers the radio and closes his eyes, awaiting a response or two.
  8. Christopher had moved to Chernarus before the outbreak with his friend, Roy Kalo. Roy and Chris were always close, like brothers even. Chris was originally from Stockholm, Sweden and moved to Brooklyn with his Sister when their Mother and Father had passed away. Chris was close with his sister, he loved her with all his heart. Chris left her behind in the states when he came to Chernarus with Roy. Roy and Chris lost contact for several months after the outbreak, but have recently found each other. Christopher is now a recruit in The Pack. Update: Christopher had embraced his new family, The Pack. He has killed for him and those they protect, they are his life now. He lives by their morals
  9. You shit yourself when you die.

    Enjoy that fact

    1. Hebee


      What if you die of starvation

    2. TateRinefield


      You'd piss yourself.

      When you die you let go of everything so it just flows out

    3. Hebee


      Aight what if you are catheterized and have a bowel blockage, what then

      And your cause of death was starvation / dehydration

    4. TateRinefield


      Fuck me.


      Your nipples leak piss.

    5. Hebee


      What if said person has had a double mastectomy

    6. TateRinefield


      You'd vomit shit.

    7. Hebee


      Impossible, the digestive system does not flow backwards like that. Check and mate. 

    8. TateRinefield


      I was bested, damn.

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