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  1. thanks man still needs some work before we start officially
  2. thanks for the feedback will try to create some better goals nah man he change his character name and thank you
  3. well last time i spoke to him he said he would join , didnt just add a randy
  4. thought u was having ago that's all like saying we are whitenames
  5. just cos where white names doesn't mean we can't rp , been a white name for two years now
  6. The Faceless 'Damage was done to those who are falling behind' Beliefs of the Faceless Organization The Laws of The Faceless Organization: We as a group strive for everybody to follow the laws in our territories, if not this will be solved by the retaliation of their brothers of the Faceless Organization. It all began in England where groups of young men would rebel against the government and wanted to strive for a strong and honest government. This started with riots then ended up in violence and hatred all over the nation towards Mp's. These men where always mysterious and known for the black bandana used as a face mask and a purple armband. It became a large organization and branched out to America and other countries around the world. The Faceless organization were secretive and would target leaders of many political parties to assassinate. This would be done by ordinary men with normal lives that would meet up at night. These men moved to eastern Europe due to military reasons and found themselves in chernarus. Some of these men formed groups previously that failed, they wanted to make a difference this time in the way society was run. They gathered new members and started to grow there organization There are not many people left that have the courage and power to stand up to those who think they own everything in chernarus. Power and justice will be brought to these individuals quietly and quickly. The Faceless are known by the people of chernarus as a group of individuals that are anonymous to the public and whatever they do they shall never be seen or caught for there actions. The conflict between the faceless and the rest of chernarus began when many members decided to raid a nearby camp in lopatino and ending up losing a member in a hostage situation, William Bilski was shot dead by two riflemen on a northern hill. This made Willy springer now the owner of The Faceless Organization (TF0). The rest of the group searched for the men and found them in a nearby building, Willy and Amir questioned the men before executing them both and leaving a note behind in the man's jacket saying 'TFO'. The note was later found the next day and as they found their men were brutally murdered a bounty was set on every single member of the faceless's head. There was one problem no one knew who there were. Willy and amir went into Gorka and went undercover and talked to the leaders of the group who killed William, they had no idea. This made it easier for The Faceless to get away. But they didn't go far they just kept a close distance tricking the men as if they had gone far. IC Goals Goal One: Serve justice to Organizations that believe in nationalism. Goal Two: Forge a sense of understanding between groups that agree with our beliefs. Goal Three: Discipline organizations or individuals that fail to follow the changes that The Faceless withhold. Goal Four: Form Alliances with groups and individuals that believe in our views on how society should be run. Goal Five: Regain ownership of Myshkino. Goal Six: To recruit more strong members willing to die for there brothers. OOC Goals Goal One: Accept peoples feedback and use it to improve the roleplay. Goal Two: Have hostile and peaceful experiences to balance the roleplay in the group. Goal Three: Organize events/meeting with other groups with the same ideas. Goal Provide some of the best hostile RP. The Roster Council Leader-Willy Springer @WillyM Co-Leader-Amir Gani @CoryInTheHouse Members john Blaze @John Blaze Jax Webb @Jay8eezy Shawn Mason @KaiJ Frank Lloyd @Lloydy2015
  7. WillyM


    @CoryInTheHouse @Jay8eezy @LeoPlaysDayz
  8. he was dead when this happend john blaze and frank lyod where dead when this happend
  9. i dont know i gathered them up and my friend took them as i had to go and the two people who i said where my friends died it was another guy who we met and did it with but i dont know his name
  10. Frank Lloyd and John blaze I gave him above 15 secounds and I had to repeat myself twice
  11. I had to go as I had serious family issue that night. I knew it was the wrong thing to do but I was needed.
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