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  1. Did either of you initiate on Liam?, or did you just hear him saying he was going to do something then killed him? He was telling Landon about his plan, and Landon told him "No" and that he wasn't going to help kill me. This is when Liam went into the road and fired shots to try and draw me in. At that point, after hearing him say he was gonna kill me and then firing into the air, I figured that he clearly posed a threat to my life, so I shot him. This is being twisted against my favour.. Landon initially DID say no, im not disagreeing to that, we were up top the police station and i then said "i think we should go execute him, he isnt who you think he is, hes talking badly about you" and THEN landon said OK... he NEVER said he wasnt going to help me "kill" him or would i really have stood in the middle of the street asking (in the vid) "where is he" ...if my intent was to randomly attack someone, dont you think i would have taken some sort of cover? like cmon?
  2. This is frusterating. 1.) If youll notice from my video im randomly shot, i merely ASSUMED that the shot came from behind as i was unable to see anything to my front. SORRY, that dusnt mean my details are wrong, it only means i was unaware of if the shot came from either the front or back. 2.) secondly, the unfortunate part comes down to 2 against 1.. its my word against 2, yet i DO have video evidence to verify my claims, do either Landon Tyler or Dylan tyler have evidence to their claims? 3.) its quite clear with you both being "tylers" that you were in fact playing together communicating outside of game... now i was on top of the police station, and landon was quite talkative... only got extremely quiet seconds before i was shot... coincidental? i dont think so... 4.) look.. im not insisting you get banned dude, its a report and a report so that YOU can learn the proper rules of the game.. so it truly was false initiation actions against me as i NEVER said i was going to kill you, i merely said execute as part of role play and the mayor agreed... if i was making a clear intent to kill you, would i be standing beside your friend in the middle of the street shooting shots so that you would hear and come back to us? ....im really annoyed by your way to handle this, look... you screwed up, so admit it, face whatever consequence you get and move on and most importantly LEARN from it..
  3. this isnt edited, i merely had to render it to a "youtube" quality so i could upload it.. as far as before unfortunately no... typically i dont record when im wandering aimlessly singing to myself lol so when i got to the town i noticed i hadnt hit record and started as soon as i clued in..
  4. Server and location: server 2 us Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2:00PM ish(MDT) Daytime or Night-time: daytime Your in game name: Liam Alexandre Names of allies involved: N/A Name/Skin of suspect/ Unknown Suspects weapon/AK? Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed Description: Not sure WHO was involved. sometime around 2PM (MDT) I don't know what town, I sorta got lost.. anyways I had moved onto a little town when I came across a guy and his "mayor". They took me in as part of their communist nation, so I agreed to join, shortly after I started hinting at people who do not wish to join us should be executed and they were too friendly to go along with that. I was wearing all red to uniform myself as a bandit and wanted to make my presence threatening in their town so I notice the mayor up top the police station and decide to RP with him that his friend is not who we think he is and that we should execute him...the mayor then agrees.. so we leave the building and I shoot off some bullets to the air to try and get his friends attention to come back... thinking we could RP him and make him seem like the guilty one to this communist city... anyways as were standing there he literally just shoots me in the back, I noticed the mayor was being very quiet aswell so I assume they have some sort of comms with eachother out of game. Anyways, he didn't know I was going to be a threat to him as he took off a while before myself and the mayors chat. The mayor id like to actually report for baiting me into it aswell since he made it seem like he was willing to RP this too.... you don't just shoot someone without being threatened or initiated on... I never made a hostile action towards any of them, only spoke to the mayor about his friend not being trustworthy and that we should confront him and execute him... if by CHANCE they say that the mayors friend supposedly HEARD us in game... then the MAYOR himself should have been shot too... since the mayor said "yeah lets go get him".......
  5. arrogantus905

    S1 - Killed while spawning in

    i was chambering my AK with 1 round, because for whatever reason it was allowing me to shoot 5-6 shots per 1 round so i thought it was pretty cool, i did this multiple times, i dont know how long you had spawned in for but it was ongoing for about 5 minutes, i thought it was weird but pretty cool too, and yeah dude i was spinning and shooting, didnt expect someone to be around me, anyways.. i admitted im sorry, it was an accident and you dont want to accept it and i get it, id be pissed too. the fact is, im telling the truth and its up to the admins from here out, why would i ruin 3 years of gaming on a server for an AK mag? does that really make sense? anyways, it is what it is, im done explaining it, i really am sorry dude.
  6. arrogantus905

    S1 - Killed while spawning in

    no. as **** as it is, no i dont..
  7. arrogantus905

    S1 - Killed while spawning in

    nobody was there, so yeah actually i was hoping ppl would hear gunshots. look, believe what u want, an accidents an accident. id be mad too but wat else am i supposed to say? it was just as shocking to me
  8. arrogantus905

    S1 - Killed while spawning in

    no legit you randomly appeared at the doorway, i get it, its pretty hard to believe but why would i randomly kill you? i didnt even SEE you man... its up to admins and i get that but theres no way to really explain it, it sounds like a load of crap and i get it
  9. arrogantus905

    S1 - Killed while spawning in

    soooooooo from the bottom of my heart to @jibblez... i sincerely apologize. now this may sound like COMPLETE bull**** but i dont know how else to say it but than to vow on my life.. If u heard the game while spawning in, maybe u heard random shot after shot?? my game was being glitchy, and anyways after id chamber 1 round in my AK as i didnt have a magazine, it would allow me to shoot 5-6 bullets out of my gun before it registered as out of ammo... so anyways i was intrigued and shooting alot... turns out i literally was being dumb and shooting off ammo, and outta the blue i guess you spawned right in crossfire and took a blow... im not joking, i know its ironic as **** but i was equally shocked and knew this would be coming down shortly after it happened. ive been on this server since DayZ mod, in 2013... so ive always played by the rules etc. again i apologize but the most random thing happened. sorry
  10. I think coloured spray paints for a slight tweak to gun customization would be interesting... getting shot by a cheetah coloured gun would be pretty sweet aha... or is it just me? im talking all the colours of the rainbow, not just green and black
  11. arrogantus905

    The object on your right is now your weapon against zombies, how screwed are you?

    an empty coffee mug leggoo ahahaha I died laughing! too funny
  12. arrogantus905

    The object on your right is now your weapon against zombies, how screwed are you?

    girlfriend beside me also playing DayZ... pretty screwed lel
  13. thanks all, finally got it working. the solution was to delete the files it said was causing the issue.
  14. tried everything you guys said, still running into the same issues! only thing i havnt tried was... "overwrite the in line dayZ commander" ...not sure how to do that ...any other ideas?
  15. when i go to play on the server.. this message keeps popping up files "C:\program files (x86\steam\steam apps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead\@dayz\addons\dayz.pbo", "C:\program files (x86\steam\steam apps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead\@dayz\addons\dayz_anim.pbo", "C:\program files (x86\steam\steam apps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead\@dayz\addons\dayz_code.pbo", "C:\program files (x86\steam\steam apps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead\@dayz\addons\dayz_community assets.pbo", "C:\program files (x86\steam\steam apps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead\@dayz\addons\dayz_equip.pbo", ...are not signed by a key accepted by this server. To play on this server, remove listed files or install additional accepted keys. HELP..i just want to play DayZ