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  1. Thomas DeWeese was born May 5, 2050, to a family of traveling merchants, so he does not know exactly where he was born his the area was harsh with radiation, so he was become used to wearing a gas mask and does not like to take it off often which sometimes can make it hard to talk to people he lived a fun life with his family learning many skills such as hunting sewing locking picking Driving mainly automatic cars, at the age of 12 he had his first experience with the infected him and his father as hunting and ran into a small camping ground where some survivors were getting attacked father said we should he them we yelled out to them if that we are there to help it was and intense moment after a few hours they repealed the infected horde after the fighting was done Thomas and his father went to go meet the survivors it was man rugged looking with a brown cowboy hat and a pregnant woman my father and the man started talking after a little bit of time the man started talking to Thomas thanking him and gave him his hat which Thomas was supper happy about Thomas's father decided to ask the group if they wanted to join our caravan which they accepted thomas learned a lot from the man such as gun handling and learning how to drive a manual car but at the age of 15 he decided to leave his family tired of being held down and wanted to explore the world and find a place for himself a few months pass, and he meet up with a group of people while getting robbed by bandits they all after getting beaten for their supplies and of course started talking to each other and laughing with each other he meet a man named Henryk he was a very friendly guy, and they start traveling together after a few years at the age of 19 the group gets into and incident and Thomas get injured on his left arm and hits his head in the confusion and get separated from the group and hopes he can reunite with them during that time he started learning how to treat wounds, so he can be more sufficient in healing and he started earning extra supplies doing fist fights with people which he was pretty good at least average he also started working at the clinic helping people which made him good money he stayed there for a bit earned him enough supplies to travel he meet some interesting people traveling like a one legged man with a blind dog or a person going around with a tank screaming profanities at tress a traveling trader with a lot of filters for his gas mask or a place with a goat slit open and a weird symbols near it or a bear fight a group of wolves from a tower he's now at his destination where he can now search for his lost friends.
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