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  1. Rifleman

    Any Survivors - Open Freq

    *Flustered and tired after a long few hours of scavenging, Kara would seat herself with a heavy thump onto one of the chairs in the Hospital, withdrawing her scratched old shortwave radio, and depressing the PTT button, which made a slight *snick* sound as the transmission began, her Chernarussian accent piercing the dull airwaves* "I wouldn't say Sverograd is a ghost town - people still come and go as they please, though I and several others are still around Sverograd - I've been trying to get the hospital up and running as well. I'm thinking most people are either, like me - out scavenging - or otherwise are sleeping through the day. And I would be cautious with heading to Lopatino - I have heard some not so gleaming tales about it - so be careful if you head down that way, ano? Otherwise, it just depends on the time of day when people decide to turn up and or wake up - much like with other places. Stay safe." *And with that, she would release the PTT button, sighing heavily as she leant back in her chair, catching a brief moment of solace*
  2. Rifleman

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Yep, that's me
  3. Rifleman

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had a great session today Including but not limited to: @Oisin - Nice meeting your character again, hope to keep rping to get the hospital up and running @Jman14102 - Nice meeting and great RP from Ian- and you've certainly impressed Kara. Hope to be seeing you again some time soon @SpaceManTim - New volunteer, yay! had a great time with you mate and keep up the good work! I wish i knew the forum names of everyone i ran into today, but all in all, a great session.
  4. Rifleman

    Sverograd Hospital [117.95MhZ - Open Frequency]

    *Sitting down at one of the desks at the Hospital, Kara would withdraw her scratched old Short Wave Radio, and depressed the PTT button as to begin speaking* "Good Evening, South Zagoria. I wish I could be speaking of the hospital being in full operation, but sadly it is not so just yet. We are still working on getting power restored, however - the plans for now are to utilise gas lanterns and other means of lighting for now, so any donations of such kind would be highly appreciated. I have also noticed people helping themselves to the medical supplies stored within one of the tents - often times after long days of having scavenged for such items - saline, blood testing kits, hell, even whole swathes of bandages have gone missing in a single day. I do not mind people helping themselves to what they need, however it is making my job all the harder to perform while the hospital is thin on supplies as it is. As a rule of thumb, please only take what you need and leave something in return - and I would be most grateful. Secondly, I am also proud to announce I have managed to secure the aid of three volunteers at the hospital - and while I am entirely thankful for the aid they have provided thus far - I can always do with more help, and furthermore, any donations would be greatly appreciated. Furthermore - anyone with engineering expertise would also be of great help with a few of my ideas to restore power to the hospital in a more permanent manner. And that Is all for today...well, i can't really think of much else to say other than stay safe out there guys - and don't be afraid to drop in - I try and be around as often as I can, yet I can only be at one place at any one time. Take care all." *And with that, the radio fell silent once more*
  5. Rifleman

    The Kingdome* of Severograd

    And lo, did Quinn run into two other women, one was staring at her with a shotgun, while the other longingly stared at a rooftop - thinking they would undoubtedly fall from it again due to lag.
  6. Rifleman

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had a great session over today including but not limited to: @Josei @Oisin @Blackfyre and last but not least @Jadeboat - had great fun meeting with you all again, and hope to run into you guys sometime soon! All in all, a great day.
  7. Rifleman

    Sverograd Hospital [117.95MhZ - Open Frequency]

    *The distant twittering of birds accompanied by the chirps of insects could be heard as the evening was gradually drawing in, Kara would lean back against an old chestnut tree, before eventually removing her radio from her pack, and depressing the PTT button with a light *snick* sound, she would begin speaking* "I apologise for not responding to you all sooner, however you caught me mid-scavving run, seeking fresh supplies and the like. Doctor Grieves - I would be especially grateful of any expertise you might grant me, and will be sure to be in touch as soon as humanly possible - as I will be around Sverograd for the next few days - but it's only a matter of time between when I will be here, or elsewhere - looking for supplies and the such. I suppose it is something we should have to organise - Ano? Syg - it is good to hear your voice again and I pray your journey has been swift and uneventful - But thank you so much for keeping an eye out for a Generator for me- and I'll do what I can to get it to the Hospital as soon as possible - though thank you for the tips about fortifications and construction - like water gatherers on the roof - however, purification tablets are a good temporary solution and HEPA filters - if we could get our hands on a few of them in good condition - could easily provide a means of water purification too. Thank you for the wish of luck though, Be safe ano? And to Mr Benny, Ano - I will be around Sverograd tonight. Hopefully see you soon, I'll be around the Hospital" *And with that, the radio would fall silent as Kara hauled herself to her feet, continuing on her journey back towards town*
  8. Rifleman

    Sverograd Hospital [117.95MhZ - Open Frequency]

    *Slumping down against the wall in one of the hospital's consultant offices, Kara would depress the PTT, having just arrived back from a scavenging run - her voice somewhat flustered, as if still catching her breath* "It is good to hear that there are fellow survivors who think for others rather than just themselves - In all honesty, I cannot really give you a list, as I am requiring anything and everything, Especially broad spectrum Antibiotics such as Tetracycline and even basic painkillers like Ibuprofen or Paracetamol that would help keep swelling down. Morphine, bandages, Gauze...honestly you cannot really have enough of any. I am also tempted to utilise Gas powered lanterns to supplement any liquid fuel generator - however - there is a Hydroelectric dam in Svergino I believe - Anyone with engineering experience or expertise would be much appreciated - as, while it couldn't give us much more than emergency lighting - it is certainly more than nothing." "And in all honesty Sir, Any help is appreciated, even a few words of wisdom, gathering supplies or just assisting in reconstruction" "And to you Mr Benny, I would gladly like to meet with you, potentially discussing a trading contract or something that would encourage a constant delivery of medical supplies to the Hospital - or even a one off delivery is better than nothing, Ano? And it's good to hear from you too Quinn! Hopefully we'll all be seeing eachother soon - Take care all" *And with that, she would release the PTT button, with a slight *snick* sound, and the radio would fall silent once again*
  9. Rifleman

    Sverograd Hospital [117.95MhZ - Open Frequency]

    *The frequency would be filled with near endless static - before a slight *Snick* sound would be heard, and the silence broken by a soft spoken Chernarussian accent. The crackling of a campfire could be heard, along with the twittering of birds behind the woman's voice* "Ajoy, South Zagoria - and..well, i'm not too used to speaking like this, openly on the radio, so don't expect a too long rant about some group or one another. I am instead hoping to use this broadcast as a plea for assistance of sorts...and hopefully, to convince others to simply leave the place alone - but I digress. My name is Kara, and I am trying to get the Hospital in Sverograd up and running in some way, shape or form as to provide more advanced treatment to needing survivors - outside of simply stitches or bandaging superficial wounds. Those few of you out there that know me personally, are quite aware that it's going to be one hell of a challenge to even get power restored. Let alone staff such a place with what few medical professionals we have left in the country, and have enough supplies to tend to the sick and wounded competently - but, I know for a fact things aren't going to get any better if we just keep shooting at each other. While the hospital is not in a truly serviceable state - I can certainly operate out of it to perform more simple procedures - so that means no forms of advanced open surgery, without significant risk of infection. But I will say this - I care not what cause you fight for, nor what group you side with. If you are in need, and have not wronged me - you will be welcome to seek treatment here. However I am just one woman, and I am only a nurse myself - any volunteers or donations of supplies and equipment would be a godsend to getting this place on it's feet once more. I hope to hear from people soon. Be safe, and take care Survivors." *And with that, the radio would fall silent, into background static once more*
  10. Rifleman

    New Lore with Beta

    In my opinion? Give the new lore a while to run it's course. Beta or no Beta, it hasn;t had enough time to evolve into a wide spanning story that we all hold our little piece of.
  11. Rifleman

    To Kara it's Robin...

    *Kara would have sat her back against an old oak tree, having received the message, however being unable to respond to it. Withdrawing a scratched and battered Short wave radio from her pack, she would depress the PTT button and would begin speaking, her Chernarussian accent home to a lighthearted tone* "Ajoy Robin, It's good to hear your voice again. I hope you have been well in the past day since we last seen eachother. AndThank you so much for keeping an eye out for a set of glasses for me, I'll be sure to try and bump into you again - as I have found a new pair, but i'll happily try them on. With luck, we'll see eachother again soon - Take care and be safe, Ano?" *She would release the PTT with a slight sigh, adjusting her pack on her shoulders after sliding the radio back into it neatly*
  12. Rifleman

    S1: No Time to Comply, RDM Vybor, 09/03/2018 21:00 GMT

    Right, Had a nice chat with Kyle and sorted this whole thing out as a simple misunderstanding and DayZ being DayZ. This report can be closed.
  13. Rifleman

    S1: No Time to Comply, RDM Vybor, 09/03/2018 21:00 GMT

    I am more than happy to discuss over Teamspeak. I will wait in the open comms of your group's TS room.
  14. Rifleman

    S1: No Time to Comply, RDM Vybor, 09/03/2018 21:00 GMT

    Server and location: S1, Vybor Main road Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21:00 GMT 09/03/2018 Your in game name: Kara Kratochvil Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Not Known Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None from my POV as I was not recording at the time Detailed description of the events: Simply put, I just entered Vybor town from Kamensk Military base, hoping to gather supplies and maybe meet with people - having heard only periodic gunshots - thinking it might have been a few players shooting at zombies. I enter the town, and notice a backpack on the ground of the main road before going about my looting. As all is now quiet, - I get out my pistol to shoot a zombie where this guy runs up to me with an assault rifle from the main road after I had shot aformentioned zombie. He screams "PUT YOUR HANDS UP NOW" with his weapon raised - In no less than 2 seconds I am mid animation to surrender, in which he decides to unload his assault rifle into me, and killing me instantly. Now, Granted I still had my pistol in my hands, however it was lowered and I was granted no time to comply to his initiation.
  15. Rifleman

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    Pretty famous 8/10