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  1. Coming home.

    Wild Dog? I think this is a sign lads. Welcome back mate!
  2. [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    Forum Game Addict 8/8
  3. Look out at the ruins of my homeland and cry a little.
  4. Character picture annotations?

    Why not? Don't have any problem with it myself - It's only a small change and should hopefully be easy to implement.
  5. [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    Probably semi-famous 7/10
  6. Best Line when approaching players

  7. [GAME] Ban the person above you!

    Banned for that Liam Nesson Obsession.
  8. Lore Concerns

    I guess I'll throw my two cents in here. I'll be dead honest - there are good pro's and cons for both an well fleshed out lore, and a vague lore that lets the players create and drive the story of the world - The former because it provides a good springboard and understanding for players to know what their place in the world is, and how to fit into a niche that isn't too crazy, but is satisfying enough to fit in. And for the latter - it provides an unrestricted sandbox for people to grow and expand the roleplay in a more natural format, letting people just knowing the basics and little else is both a blessing and a curse - It does give you a vague idea on how the world is and what's going on - BUT it leaves you also open to imagination, and many people from different corners of the world showing up by circumstance to give conflicting tales? Yeah, that'd happen a lot - People, when telling stories tend to exaggerate things or downplay them as the situation warrants. Some people blatantly lie to instil a sense of false hope, others tell the truth, no matter how horrid. Who knows what is going on outside of Chernarus? There's no way you're going out there yourself anytime soon, so what does it matter - take them at their word or don't, it won't make a difference in the end. However. The issue with having such a sparce and open setting is prone to both abuse and is also pretty poor at telling a good, overarching story. Sure, it follows -your- story, it lets you define the world as you see it, take liberties with facts you know next to nothing about, speculate and tell stories - yes, it practically makes the game one big sandbox of stories for people to experience and interject into one another - it makes it more about a loose confederation of survivors, desperately fighting amongst eachother while the hordes of undead chew through the land. But - the main problem with any decent apocalypse story, is maintaining two factors. A) The End is Nigh, and B) The End never comes. I just think a loose story would just make the whole tale more about a bunch of people in a lawless environment that happened to have zombies shambling about, rather than the be all and end all world plunged into chaos. It makes it much harder for there to be any cohesive, overarching story and universe in which the player is just one tiny speck, caught up in a raging storm. I will agree that having a strong lore and universe can stifle Roleplaying potential to some extent, it also gives you more of an insight into what kind of character you are going to be, what happened to this man/woman, and how to best adhere to the common factors surrounding each of their nationalities. It provides a knowledge-base that many - especially Chernarussian characters like myself - need to very much fit their characters into how they lived, and what their lives were like prior to the outbreak. A simple lore, especially surrounding a fictitious environment such as Chernarus - would be very difficult to gauge your character's behaviour and how they might act were they Chernarussian born. However, I digress - Because there are both good reasons for and against a complex universe surrounding the lore - as yes, I shall have to agree with Kat that people come here to create their own stories, their own niche and their own little band of friends trying to weather the storm of a ravenous Zombie apocalypse. Very Old Mod OG's like myself would remember similar criticism that Tomeran and SumoS got during the Council Storyline during the DayZRP Mod days - where some players felt railroaded to a series of events beyond their control with a number of diverging and set pathways that could be taken, and not subverted. This stifled the roleplay potential surrounding the council, created a diverging dilemma and effected characters to some extent, because it was people reacting to a series of set in stone events, not a constantly diverse sandbox in which you create your own story. TL;DR - Let the Loremasters do their thing, and we'll go from there. This is no democracy, and not everyone will be happy by the decisions made - but give them time and see what the outcome is, before criticising their every move prior to knowing what the substance will be.
  9. Personally - I would welcome a group of scientists, doctors, virologists and the like come the lore wipe. However - I would only support the WHO being the namesake - and not the CDC itself. Primarily because the WHO is a global organisation - the CDC is an american national service, and therefore would lack a mandate to walk into what would be a literal war zone, unless under a WHO rubber stamp - of which the situation would default to. Still, I welcome the posibility of new and interesting RP with actual scientists - Only if it's done right with some research surrounding it. CDC - no, but more doctors and scientists? I'll second it, will certainly diversify the RP.
  10. The Game

    Here's my evil return lads. The Game is afoot once again.
  11. [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    Probably Famous. 7/10
  12. Exploiting 3rd Person

    Personally - my two cents is that It's hard to argue to punish someone for using a game mechanic that has not been disabled. While i will agree it's able to be abused in PVP scenarios - I also find it very difficult how someone would gather any viable evidence for reporting someone for Abusing 3rd Person - unless the offender recorded and uploaded that video - and you by chance come across it and use it in the report. -1 from me.
  13. IM ALIVE! Well, maybe, not quite dead to be sure. Any of you DayZRP Mod OG's may remember me - So it seems my curiosity has gotten the better of me and i'm poking my nose back into the community - seeing what's going on - though I'm not entirely sure if I'll be on the server - prolly just milling about on the forums and all that. Besides, It's been a long time lads - how's everyone been?
  14. Loremaster Position

    Good luck to all, I'm so tempted to try it out.
  15. Returning to the server

    Welcome back to the madness