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  1. Unknown Chernarussian Frequency [Open Frequency]

    *Having been monitoring multitudes of frequencies, Luka could have only helped but come across this one. With the words being said, his heart could only sink, and a thinly veiled boiling rage built behind a stoic mask. Depressing the PTT, the erstwhile Captain would speak, slowly, his voice clear, concise, and strained with effort to maintain it's civility* "A teď se rozhodnete vrátit? Vy, Chedaki - ti, kteří otřásli mým otcem, porazili nevinné civilisty - to vše ve jménu slavné revoluce? Jak jste si mysleli, že by břidlice byla očistěná a vaše činy byly skryty za závojem lží a dekretů. Jen málo z nás zůstává, že víte, kdo jste a co jste udělali během občanské války 2009 ... ale ... ale ... to bylo včera bojiště. CDF je napjatě tenký a zbývá jen málo, aby zastavil příliv chaosu, který napadá náš společný domov ... tak. Váš vůdce, já ... musím s ním mluvit - Podívej, jestli bychom mohli vyléčit staré rány ... a možná pracovat společně na obnovení pořádku - pro dobro každého, kdo ještě dýchá v jižním Zagoriji. Kontaktujte mě na frekvenci 127.25MhZ. Kapitán Kratocvhil ven." *And with that, Luka would have released the PTT button with a hefty sigh, shoulders tensed as he stood once more, his rifle clad in his hands as be began to walk. First a new enemy, and now an old one has chosen to make it's presence known.*
  2. Denouncing themselves [Open]

    *Luka could only sigh as he depressed the PTT of his radio* "Next time, perhaps explain how you pretty much force this petty shit onto myself, holding a gun to their head unless I say precisely what you want. You leave us with no choice at all, ano? Perhaps you will soon understand just what happens when you try to play war with so called monsters." *And with that, the radio would fall dead silent yet again*
  3. Had a nice run in with @Mademoiselle, @DustyRP and all the Anarchy chums today - amazing and quality hostile RP, hope to run into you guys in the future!
  4. [22. CDF] 22nd CDF Phantoms [Recruiting]

    Everyone please welcome Allen Storm to the group, Welcome mate!
  5. [22. CDF] 22nd CDF Phantoms [Recruiting]

    Everyone please welcome our newest member, @Retro - Welcome to the CDF.
  6. Government Fucked Us [Open Frequency]

    *Listening into the broadcast, a long sigh could be heard over the radio, as Luka would depress the PTT button and begin speaking. His thick Chernarussian voice calm and collected* "You people, judging us by the deeds of a few. Why do you hate us? We did all we could for you. For them. For Chernarus...We bled for you, died for you by the thousands so you lucky civilians could escape the carnage mostly intact. My men...men...I hesitate to even use that word now - Eighteen year old boys died for all of you. And now you act as an ungrateful, forgetful bunch who simply ignore the wandering corpses of my fellow brothers in arms in the many installations now abandoned around Chernarus as if we had done nothing - or as if every single one of us has done something horrible - as if they deserve such a horrid fate. I am sorry for your friends, Truly, I am sorry - and I know my words do not mean much - an old soldier trying to show condolences is rare and far between. The CDF didn't abandon you all by choice, that much is certain. And I am trying my hardest to help here in South Zagoria - but when it is just me, and a handful of others, trying to stem the tide and needs of hundreds, or even thousands of survivors within South Zagoria? That is when things tend to not happen fast, or often for that matter. You want to punish the CDF for what they did to your friends, your comrades, your family, so you look at the few men left here who are trying to do right by everyone, and say "we must show them consequences" - punish how? A bullet to the brain? Or something more heinous as torture for daring to fight for our country, to fight to protect others - to fight for you - and then having the gall to survive the outbreak, and continue following our oaths of service? If what you say is true - I cannot blame you for wishing for retribution against us - yet I speak from experience when I say that Retribution, once complete - leaves you a hollow and cold shell, almost disgusted in the end. The CDF did horrible things during the early days of the outbreak - that I will not deny. But do not simply condemn all of us for the actions of a few - especially those few of us that remain who are trying to help. Captain Kratochvil Out." *And with that, the Radio would fall silent yet again*
  7. Our Home of Severograd [Open Freq.]

    *Upon hearing the the broad frequency transmission, and the following threats towards such people - Luka would pick up his old, battered and scratched Short Wave radio - before raising it as to speak into it. The crackling of a campfire and somewhat distant, indiscernible chatter is going on in the background, as his Chernarussian voice filled the airwaves as he depressed the PTT button* "Really? You care so much about a meaningless title that someone calls themselves, or others refer to them as - going so far as to threaten them? I swear to god, just what kind of people are you? The world is in enough of a mess as it is. Seems like you're just giving yourself an excuse to fuck with a group of people, over something as meaningless as a small title that means sweet fuck all in this day and age. To the people running the town - I applaud you, truly I do - And I will be sure to be stopping by, hell, perhaps myself and my men can assist in such an effort - we have several weapons, food, ammo, and other general supplies in a surplus that we would be more than happy to hand out to yourselves and anyone you manage to have around the town ... even a good few smoked Wolf steaks if you wish for a delicacy. And if you require our assistance - 127.25MhZ is the frequency you'll need to contact us. Consider it an act of good faith on the 22nd's part - Captain Kratochvil Out." *With that, he would release the PTT button, and would half expect a hail of abuse as he sat idly by the campfire, resuming in the discussion with his men*
  8. Is anybody alive out there? [Public frequency]

    *Having been scanning through multiple frequencies, Luka would reach this one, and - naturally being concerned, he would respond, depressing the PTT button that left a slight *snick* sound over the radio before he began speaking - his Chernarussian accent filling the void and white noise* "There is indeed people out here. You tend to find people congregate in small clumps - strength in numbers and all that. In all honesty, It's a matter of chance that you run into others. Regardless, Pulkovo seems to be the place to be - a group of people set up a bar there. Head there though watch yourself on the way. There's plenty of opportunists around there too. Stay safe Survivor" *And with that, the radio would fall silent yet again*
  9. Hello everyone!

    Another soul lassoed into Rolle's burgeoning bag o' souls. Welcome to the community though mate, hope to be seeing you in game soon!
  10. The Sojourners

    Congrats on approval guys, hope to run into you lot sometime soon
  11. [22. CDF] 22nd CDF Phantoms [Recruiting]

    Everyone please welcome our newest member - Shazzzam aka Hans Konig, Hope to meet up with you soon.
  12. S.M.A.R.T. Goals Aren't Really Working

    I would have preferred that you also contact myself and the other group leaders about problems with our goals - because, like I stated in my thread, please let me know if you have any criticism, as I and others can't fix something that we don't perceive as a problem. I can understand you were using them to make a point, and I would have happily helped to clear up any questions or misgivings you have about them, and adapt them accordingly. I will work on the group page in Ernest to try and improve this after getting back from work, and would love your feedback and/or suggestions over TS.
  13. [22. CDF] 22nd CDF Phantoms [Recruiting]

    An extra addition to the Civilian Millitia: - Albert Bazek Welcome to the group, everyone please welcome him
  14. Anarchy [Recruitment Open] [Active]

    I think we're going to be best friends. It's just a shame that you want to kill us when our goals are very similar. Good luck with this guys.
  15. Tower Warming Celebration


    Prolly gunno bring a bottle of Stas, sound good?