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  1. Faading

    If I make a RP Machinima, would people help?

    If this is still going ahead, I'll gladly help. Editing, creating most things, I can do.
  2. Don't forget, this is a common problem after you've download the DayZRP Client, download the launcher after the client is installed and run as administrator if the launcher fails. (Make sure you're Whitelisted)
  3. I wanted to join a role playing game type for a while but couldn't find the right website for role playing by being Whitelisted. I came across PsiSyndicate by browsing hi latest videos in my subbox and found he posted DayZRP - Finding Pandi - Part 1. It was really entertaining ad made me want to really, I mean really want to join this sort of ~Role playing (Actual Role Playing). -Just wanted to share and even break the chain that people only want to play to find Psi. Although some may want to find Psi, they would more want to just play the Role Playing side of DayZ and along the way run into him.
  4. "Juggs" is by far the most enjoyable character in DayZRP. Although I've not yet met, he definitely sounds like an original character, just as DayZRP should be full of.