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  1. Rorke Weissman, grew up in the cold of Denmark, had a relatively easy childhood, but had some rough times growing up, often had to worry about being able to pay the bills and getting food on the table, things quickly changed when he grew abit older, he got his life in check and decided to try out hunting. he later joined the army, but quit after a few years. He travelled the world to get new experiences and practice in hunting different creatures in different enviroments. He became quite good and had alot of fun doing so. He ended up in chernaurus and decided to stay. even before the outbreak. He had a wife and an unborn child back in Denmark, he does not know wether they are alive or dead. And the thought is boing drving him mad and keeping him alive. Now he does what he can to help others so they maybe can rest easy and survive one more day.
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