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  1. I'm trying to log in the game on the server and i keep getting this is not an active character
  2. Hi All, i have just started playing again after a few weeks and all of a sudden i am getting Authentication timeout errorr. What is it? and how do i prevent it?
  3. bless you thank you i'll do that now i may have to download it though
  4. YEA STRANGE HUH, thanks for reply though
  5. hi there umm, I have just got on the server and it's saying that I'm not whitelisted, I was and have been in the game every day this week? any ideas why its now kicking me
  6. Tobias was alway a keen traveller who'd love nothing more than to go hiking along a mountain trial or set up camp in a large wooded area to shelter from the rain, Tobias Aka, Toby had no real friends just those he met whilst hiking so he was often classed as a loner though when he did meet people he had a way of befriending them, Toby was also a keen writer he'd kepp logs of what he say daily where he'd been and how far he travelled so in later years he can look back and remember the good time he had.
  7. looks as though i have to redo it all its saying something about the paasphrase whats this? i understand it but is it obvious as i've read the rules and its not standing out is in written in different font underlined, or caps?
  8. Hi All, I previously played on this server and was once whitelisted can i just go ahead and carry on playing or would i need to go through the process of an interveiw and so on?
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