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King of the Castle - Lopatino (Melee only - OOC Event)
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  1. DayZRP Bug Reports

    Make sure that the "@DayZRP" file is in your ARMA CO folder with all of the other mods that you've downloaded. Easy thing I do is try and get water bottles as they can be re-filled quicker than finding a drink. Done That Too Never Happened Before, Even Re-Downloading Didnt Work
  2. DayZRP Bug Reports

    I dont know why, but upon joining an error appears saying that i have certain files that arent supported by this server, and that my key is not signed to play on this server.
  3. Whitelist App

    Hey guys I Just had quick question I Made an app about 5 weeks ago now and not got accepted or declined. Now i know the whitelist is on hold, but a friend who i referred to this mod got his app answered depite applying weeks after me. If theres any way to tell if its a bug, or that theres a reason, an answer would be much appreciated Thanks again -Snuggly Sniper
  4. Hey Guys!!!

    Thanks For The Warm Welcome Guys Feels Like I'm A Part Of The Community Already Thanks For The Name Compliments Took A While To Come Up With.
  5. Hey Guys!!!

    Hey Guys! Really hope to get on the whitelist so i can play some of this amazing mod!!! Me and a friends story link together, so im interested to see what we both think of other players. Hope to see you in chernarus... that is unless your kidnapping or robbing me