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  1. SweetJoe


    So I guess now they do not moderate the group pages, as it seems others are just flinging insults and salt on them now.


    Staff, your moderation sucks donkey nuts. Yeah Moderators, I'm looking at you, take the &^*%&*^&%*^&*^*%&*&^%^&%* and start reading the forums like your supposed to.

    1. SweetJoe


      The other day they were doing logs in mere minutes. I really think it all depends on if the 2 active GMS are doing their jobs.


      Now, they say report, 80% or more of my reported posts are genuine. my numbers are a bit skewed cause I don't report that often, been increasing the amount of times however, as each time I point out flame wars I'm told its my duty to report it or deal with it.


      Truth is, I think they are afraid to make decisions. they feel the need to do things by committee perhaps so they don't take blame if its wrong. either way, what happened to the staff members with backbone?

      Did I like the point happy days over pointless harmless memes? no that was dumb as fuck too, but I remember the days when staff was mostly on point. flame wars happened but didn't go on for hours before noticed, they used to give points or verbal warning on the thread, if a verbal you knew 1 more thing and people were getting points. they used to close and archive posts all the time.


      So much hate. the sun so rarely shines here Brandon. Most people I talk to love the community but they all share concerns over how staff behaves and how their fellow community behaves.  I hear the term sinking ship thrown about a lot. I feel that's a stretch, but unless dayz releases a patch that brings players back to it, it is indeed a sinking ship in terms of total player count across all of dayz.  Sure this community is large, and can last all the way until servers are no longer available, but its starting to feel less likely that will happen unless something changes.

      Oh and if having a huge beard and the ability to eat spicy foods that would kill other humans is a testament to ones manliness than I am the Biggest manliest man in the whole fuckin galaxy.