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  1. E'hem... hes the one on the right. Looking good dude.
  2. Exactly, just remember that this is an improve game. Someone throws out some bullshit----just roll with it and make it work. And remember not to shout at potential enemies if you cant stop them from killing everyone.
  3. Just so you know, i know nothing about your specific situation. What you want to do, is start a camp that people can go to in hopes that it becomes a hot spot. This is a good thing, but remember that its alot of work, and its hardly ever fun. its work. Power to you, but i havent seen it work for very long since mod. Not well anyhow, and those who argue it dont understand why the mod settlements worked. We could modify the map and had buildable objects. We had actual adaptable settlements, the hotspots were more like Prud lake which would always have people passing through it and hanging out. Noone laid claim unless they had the force to control it. Settlements got attacked all the time and it was good for most all, until they made rule armour for settlements and the settlement owners began initiating and killing people for food who came to visit, i was a victim myself and played a pacifist. They were so afraid to leave cause they acting tough and killed people so people waited outside to get revenge. Rule armour only hinders progress. In Standalone ive seen many towns that lasted a month or two untill raiders show up constantly and people get tired of fighting for it. Rule armour without the tools however complicates things even worse as things becomes difficult to prove. You need allies to found a town today, either bully allies or pacifist allies who will turn over for the badguys and do their bidding. If you need it to work take the hit against your pride or run the town like louie did, kill anyone who causes trouble. Mine and Kpops first version of the IRA, We lived in a town, more specifically a barn, we worked for a scotsmen doing small jobs and taking care of people who caused problems so long as they didnt question or protest our methods. We lived there for two months before the towns police force arrested psysindicate, which caused a flood of whitenames to attempt to kill cops for the next 3 months even after the town dissolved. We were not the police, there was an actual uniformed police force and it was wonderful. We were more like the hitman for the mayor, as well as farmers, trackers, and roofers.
  4. Hot spots are seldom succesfully "set up" . Hot spots are areas that are just that, Hot with human activity. The problem here is that there are two ways to control a hotspot, one is with force and manpower, the other is by diplomacy. well there is a third, however i dont think OOC rules should be made because you arent winning. Whiners should never be catered to, it causes a bad rule set with lots of loopholes and ban holes. People in the past have set up towns with thier groups and trade zones, and bases, but those are not hot spots. they can turn into hotspots if people flock there however and then you run into the that old "whiner baby" problem of crying cause some asshole characters came into the zone and the whiner babies dont like them. I've seen that lack of roleplay from camp leaders that leads to wars. The camp leaders then complain and say its cause they are bad men, but really people need to ask themselves one vital question, "Did you roleplay to them as if you were trying to not make them your enemies." talking to them briefly and treating them like they dont belong does not yield good results. Of course there are those who play just to fight or cause a fight. I am not talking about those sorts as even when i was a bandit i didnt do that, camp leaders still treated me like a dog, some even telling me to literally "Fuck off away from the camp" as soon as i made it to the entrance. those camp leaders complained when we sacked thier village. Perhaps you should treat people as you want to be treated. Im not mentioning names as it doesnt matter. just pointing out the lack of understanding and logic out here. Its kinda hypocritical i have noticed that the "Civilians" can treat people like shit and expect not to be murdered for it.
  5. We should pick a day and have the entire hemisphere light off fireworks. that would be lit to see from space.
  6. yeah, you should petition american fireworks companies to allow you to blow stuff up for both holidays. It would work.
  7. Wish you guys would blow stuff up there as well just for the sake of blowing stuff up. Fireworks are pretty.
  8. if wales lost 58000 you would have no more people.
  9. tumblr_mgq85rB0al1r1rbwco5_500.gif

    1. Zero


      I ask myself the same thing every morning.

    2. Vrtra


      ... what happened?

  10. Fight the Good Fight.

  11. sounds to me like he is being taken advantage of. Again whats wrong with it? Cali is listing American currency, take into consideration that you need 1500 pounds which is equal to 1981.05 as of my posting this. You should price out the parts yourself and attempt repairs or buy a new bike.
  12. You could buy a new bike for that price, Whats wrong with it? Im sure you can get the parts and fix it yourself for much cheaper.
  13. Its a safer and easier way to get desired results. anyway good interview i guess? he brings a good point though, perhaps the thread name should be changed to interview a staff volunteer?
  14. Dear Winter, I miss the comfort of your temperature.  

    1. Anouk


      I’m right there with you. 

    2. SweetJoe


      at least you dont grow fur on your face. ugh.

    3. Elmo


      Muggy as shit over here too, give me a crisp autumn’s evening please and thanks

    4. Anouk


      That is very true.. 

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