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  1. Change Support Back to Community Helper

    Its up to Rolle really. So you voted yes right?
  2. Change Support Back to Community Helper

    Noone cares about your gifs. I like CH better than S.
  3. I see you Jack, and I love you.
  4. @Elmo  heres a face palm for you. your gonna need it.

  5. Dear Dubliner,

      I am writing you today to request that you don't delete your profile status after it is posted. It saddens me deeply not to be able to read your hard written digital copy. Also that "content not found" page causes my eyes to form droplets of water that sting my retinas. So please, Dearest person from the Black City, please refrain from deletion of your hard earned content. Thanks.


      Sincerely yours, Some rude cunt. 07

    1. Infamous
    2. SweetJoe


      <3 don't get got. please.

      <3 these are balls btw.

  6. really? reporting someone for being on a different character yesterday? 


    Don't people have better things to do with themselves. 

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    2. Kevin

      On the real it's just a dayzrp

    3. SweetJoe


      you rite, you rite.

    4. Idole


      seriously reporting because of that. they have too much time on their hands if their making petty reports like that

  7. Tostitos Doritos and Enchiritos.

  8. TAP TAP. 

    1. SweetJoe


      knock knock.

  9. Donal OCoileain

    A long story this one, Perhaps one day ill tell it to you... Life has been hard, but Hard does not mean miserable. A troubled time we were born in, and still there are troubles ahead. Through out my life I have had to do some questionable things for the cause. I have seen friends and comrades die, I've seen innocent lives snuffed out, and most of it for naught. It is difficult to decide what is right and what is wrong when so much around you is wicked and those in society who are supposed to shed a shining example are as tarnished as a sunken vessel. Purpose...Is this what we seek? No. We fight for our forefathers, who bled so that we may take breath as free born men! I can recall a time when the great men of the past were called "Rebels" and "Insurgents", but today we stand tall and call them what they were, Heroes. But they did not achieve the goal set forward and many chose to grasp at what power "mother England" chose to give them, But there were those amongst us who refuse to except anything other than the 1916 proclamation democratically endorsed in 1918. We refuse to be labeled traitors. One day we will have a true nation, and the counties of Ulster will once again be Free. To the mountains we have gone, for the dead we have to mourn. Crying babies, weeping mothers, men maimed and mutilated--dieing. Yet the world continues turning, the Sun ever burning. The seasons change, and life keeps ever onward. There need be no reason for the chaos, no rhyme for the wickedness, no thesis for the tyrannical. Many times they have come and many times they will come--until we allow it no more. In every mans life time he must choose to endure, or to fight. I refuse to pass my struggle onto the next generation, I fight so that they might not. The lads and I like to sing songs from back home. This one always made me smile so I transcribed it for them. Bit of satire, yet it hides a deeper meaning. Jesus Christ and Jesse James Brian Moore Will you come and listen to the story going round How our Lord and Jesse James rode into Belfast Town They stopped for a drink they stopped for a meal Drinking whiskey, drinking wine they were feeling mighty fine As they rode into Belfast through the hills of Ligoniel Not a word was spoken as they travelled on their way Until the came to the Falls and Jesse he did say God I haven’t felt so good since I robbed the Glendale train Our Lord he raised his head turned to Jesse and he said I never thought I’d see the likes of Calvary again They rode past the burnt out motorcars and the tangle of barbed wire In a city built upon a swamp and baptised by fire Our Lord was going to bless the place but a bullet pierced his hand As the blood cam trickling down turned to Jesse with a frown Looks like the old stigmata is infectious in this land Our lord was riding a donkey; Jesse James was riding a mare And they rode past the army tanks and never showed a care Jesse on his fiddle played the victory at the Boyne Jesus put his guitar down turned to Jesse with a frown I don’t think you should play that tune when we’re passing through Ardoyne On the top of Divis Mountain there stands a lonely tree And children passing by there they stop and bend a knee And men with hidden guns they make a silent vow That the riots will stop the day the soldiers go away Leave our Lord on Calvary and Jesse hanging from the bough
  10. Is your avatar saying "Such a [email protected]?"  Honestly curious.


    I should do a bad lip reading video if im wrong.

    1. Shane


      he says "Locked away in" xD 


    How the session feels when I play with ya. sometimes.




    1. Infamous

      It's quite funny cuz its says this video is blocked in my country :D 

    2. SweetJoe


      RTE must be strict fuck.

  12. Son of a...

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    2. Elmo


      That's due to the excessive amount of drink and drugs you ploughed me with 

    3. SweetJoe


      pshhh, that wasn't what I ploughed you with...

    4. Oliv


      *checks rules*

      Nope, nothing against necrophilia...