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  1. SweetJoe

    Stupid Rule???

    To be fair, Europe is sleeping. well, waking up.
  2. SweetJoe

    Stupid Rule???

    yeah no, All must know that me and Cali here are good decent pleasant people.
  3. SweetJoe

    Stupid Rule???

    you need prior hostilities for a greenie.
  4. SweetJoe

    Stupid Rule???

    i would say hunting the people who killed you in the fashion you described...if it all happened that way...was unfair play.
  5. SweetJoe

    Stupid Rule???

    Fear not my man, your ok. You brought up a valid point. Actually lemon is kind correct, what colour was his name?
  6. SweetJoe

    Stupid Rule???

    why? i mean why is that important? Genuinely asking.
  7. SweetJoe

    Stupid Rule???

    Aint it obvious Aiko? You should lose all execution rights for a situation you died in. Is that not obvious? Insanely obvious?
  8. SweetJoe

    Stupid Rule???

    All it seems to accomplish is a culture of shit talking your hostage taker and then looking for revenge in your next life. And staff giving people special permission to break rules? that should result in removal from staff. That sort of behavior is corrupt and of course it turned into a mess. In the past, You needed to survive to use execution rights. It forced people to value their lives. This Partial new life rule does not encourage survival, it encourages revenge.
  9. SweetJoe

    Stupid Rule???

    For once we agree. its a situation thats totally within the rules. new life rule was better than the partial new life rule. we even have people trying to revive people in front of the people that just shot them, then reporting the agressor for not letting them "revive" the man they shot dead. rules are broken and cater towards impractical interaction.
  10. SweetJoe


    shooting a corpse is powergaming? i would argue that pretending a corpse is still alive after he is shot dead in front of everyone is powergaming, cause its.forcing on us a mechanic that is not in game.

    ::shrugs:: im interested how this turns out and i hope the dead guy didnt break nlr.

    1. Para


      I would honestly argue differently,

      In my eyes if people are performing medical RP on their 'friend' because he's just been shot, and you walk up and argue he's dead, it's powergamey in itself.

      If you then walk up and spray the body head to toe to emphasise he's 'dead' then in a sense you're trying to force a permakill onto that character ergo powergaming as it's forcing a condition onto somebody. 

      Generally speaking, I hate when people spray up bodies etc. to prove a point as it, in itself, just feels powergamey. The only time it becomes a rulebreak is when somebody starts roleplaying out in a manner that makes that person dead, i.e: basically forcing the 'dead' aspect onto a character that is not dead by shooting it repeatedly.

      My stance on it

    2. Eagle


      Maybe he should have just IDK surrendered instead of getting himself killed?
      For that time being, he is dead in those peoples eyes as there is no vitals or response from that character. Once he returns sure, then you can make up your mind up and he can get the excuse ''Ow that bullet only left a flesh wound'' even though he was shot in the head ya know?

    3. SweetJoe


      yeah, but para, if you just shot that man and they argue he wasnt shot dead, that causes a problem. proper etiquette is to not bring it up. why wouldnt the people who just shot him try to stop you?  Does this mean the aggressor party isnt allowed to stop them from doing "medical rp" on  a corpse of a man they just shot? seems like powergaming from the medical side to me, and seems like a dick move from louie, but its immersion breaking when you shoot someone dead and your told "they aint dead, they are unconscious" why would the agressor try to shoot him dead at that moment? and technically louie had kos rights on the corpse still right lmao

    4. Oisin


      You should be able to say they are dead all you want, just cause you say it doesnt make it true. 

      But if you shoot the body then go oh yeah look hes dead see? And shoot it more and more to reiterate that point then yeah thats powergaming imo

    5. SweetJoe


      why wouldnt***

      id argue he was baited into shooting the corpse by the people telling hom the man he shot wasnt dead. honestly seema like bad rp all around.

    6. Para


      @SweetJoe you're entirely correct about proper etiquette, I'd have said doing medical RP is fine IF the situation where that person died had ended, like it it's IG death staright into medical RP, yea it makes sense to try stop em. However, IMO the way to stop them isn't to repeatedly shoot the guy as that kinda forced the death. I actually agree with that entirely. 

    7. Eagle


      Force death? never did I see anything // he's dead now, which is the only way for someone to get PKed as words and bullets really don't matter at all.

    8. Vrtra


      There was once a time when a man shot his cheating girlfriend with a .22 on live video. She cheated but when confronted on it she also was being bold back to him. being bold is a risk.
      He shot maybe 5 rounds - most in her head. She was mutilated.

      In my opinion - when a situation like this happens - the two people, the shooter and the shootee, need to have a chill ooc 1-1 discussion together on what is best and where to go from there. He doesn't have to die... but he also most accept the other persons pov and then judge himself… as he would ask the same from someone else.

    9. Eagle


      Sorry what?

    10. Vrtra


      eh... was pointless example I suppose.
       to the point - the two involved should discuss what they both think is best and come to an agreement. if it makes sense that his character would die from whatever they decide happened then his character is dead.... or y'kno.. whatever they decide.

    11. SweetJoe


      i agree vtra. example was extreme, which i like.  

      para, its all about the time and place. i hope there is a video, i might agree or disagree after i see it.

  11. SweetJoe


    Hey Jacob. its been a while.
  12. Kordruga

    • Kordruga
    • SweetJoe

    You're amazing, wonderful and to be honest all I ever dreamed of in a man. You are not only my lover but my king. Come home to me soon.

    p.s don't wear socks

    1. Shane Is Dead
    2. G19RP



    3. SweetJoe


      how ive missed you.

  13. SweetJoe

    It's Been A While...

    Beapers anyone? Welcome back.
  14. SweetJoe

    Sheeps Back or Lukes Back

    never met ya in game. do yourself a favor before you get in game and take a gander at what they have done to the rules.
  15. Life aint been easy, and it feels like its been a long life. I've done alot of fightin with some lulls in between. Been married once, broke her heart I did, ended up remarrying to a black fella in Lancaster. Since then I've been through alot of holes and never once like her. But a warrior I am and so it goes. At the time of the Agreement, I was to old to enlist again and too long a record besides. Thats how I ended up in Europe, Conflicts were a plenty in the 90's with the fall of the soviets and local despots and mafioso's taking regional controls and carving out territories. Unfortunately for me i missed the boat on that one and soon found myself in Libya and Palestine. just two years in and some fuckin monkey in Afghanistan decided to fly airplanes into some fuckin yankee buildings, the deserts were going to rife with conflicts and not the good kind if the yanks show up. So away i went to South America. eight years of living in that jungle hell hole of a continent , all the countries began blending into one as often we crossed borders without even knowing. Work was good and the women---the women. All good things end, and off to fight some Islamic state yahoos. These fuckers actually declared war on all who aint like him, uses our tactics against all western countries. Putting a damper on my business, couldn't let that happen. Now im not the kind of man to brag about killing, but ive got a K C of 83 and I'm damned proud of that hey. Earned a name for myself so much so that they were hunting me, posting vidyas on the internets about "killing" me. Was a good laugh but these are guys who force thier 5 year olds to kill captives who are tied up against playground equipment. I started on home when i heard the news of outbreaks, experienced it first hand when i stopped of on a russian boarder town. Dont feel bad killing them infected, except for maybe the children and pretty birds. Either way, the last group of russians I met told me that further south is a place they call "Bandit Country" The name alone reminded me of home, so Im heading south. Might be a bit of fun hey?