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  1. Points question for staff

    I...do not think you read the op... It was likely an error as stated that was fixed.
  2. Cya

    shouldn't of made a leaving thread TBH. but you right. Pop on the TeamSpeak every now and again, that way we don't have to wait 4 years to see you.
  3. Hmm, since we have such in depth rules, i guess i figured wrong. Although perhaps its just something i heard. Either way, your right kat, im too busy to be bothered.
  4. @LouieRP isnt there a rule that the radio chatter must be done on an active character? Swore i read that somewhere...
  5. After browsing and seeing that Anarchy has a radio thread for excepting paper work, not to mention all the people who threaten and then avoid---or shit talk after they lost a battle (total loss) id say alter or do away with it.
  6. It's baseball season!

    Dgaf about the socks if i am honest.
  7. It's baseball season!

    You jinxed the yanks bud.
  8. He transmits. "Perhaps this is his way of commiting suicide. One of you who knows be a dear and give to us this mans full name, any known Aliases, what he looks like, and places he frequents. These sort of things dont drag on forever." He would stop transmitting.
  9. Howdy, another RP question!

    yeah, Ive been there many times. Never had them die when I hit them cause I don't just beat them for no reason. Ive had friends get pointless bans when a guy talks shit and gets hit. To me that shouldn't be a ban if a video of the non-compliance is available. If you could see the shit talking followed by threats for them to stop followed by more shit talk. One hits do happen, but I'm not going to emote something I can actually do in game. I am with rolle on this. Harming someone with good reason is not against the rules, and I don't feel like Emoting because of Ruleplay and Just as rolle said, I don't want to stand around emoting a fight, that is the lamest thing. I'm going to abandon thread now. We all have preferences, and we shouldn't be forced into a corner that we don't want to be in. If you want to be a bad guy in game, or you want to harm people, make sure you have the rights to harm them. If this is taken care of the entire post is a non-issue. If you are taken captive don't drag your feet and refuse to interact unless your "Pre-requisites are fulfilled". And if your medical RP isn't to your standards suck it up and move on.
  10. Howdy, another RP question!

    When you are hurting someone you risk injuring them. Why pretend to injure them? If the situation calls for it in game, than surely you already have rights? Why would you beat your hostage if they are compliant? I actually agree with @Rolle for once here. However---I don't think emoting injures is against the rules as he said ( See his post) However if we look at the actual situation that happened...I agree with Rolle on this in regards to the injury.
  11. Donator IC Clothing Kits

    I was actually thinking about how I missed the Character resets today. The second thing you need to do is fix the loot table. And I was right! it was in 2012 when you used to handle all the reports. Moje uprawnienia. Proszę. Przywróć je. Zostało to źle przetłumaczone dzięki Tłumaczowi Google. @Rolle
  12. Donator IC Clothing Kits

    Don't meme me, That never existed. unless it was in 2012 when you were handing out 5 word report verdicts. (I joke but you did alright) @Rolle Proszę. Zwróć moją moc.
  13. Donator IC Clothing Kits

    No you didn't. You sold only cosmetic skins that were activated from the forums. You were the only one allowed to spawn in the Military Jets and Tanks and even then it was only for you. The Admins were allowed to spawn special things for events, be it planned or on the whim, And some Admins were allowed to Spawn in weapons for people outside the normal Loot Table (for events), However All those gun were deleted from the tools afterwards (mostly, as trade post Guards who were staff sometimes kept the rare gun for their guard duties.). Any GM or admin could check for abuses, and we kept the loot tables perfect. I miss how much stuff you had for your Mod Rolle. (tools)
  14. I'm nobody, However I would say that No, you do not. This being said an attempt is always appreciated. Now that I've got that out of the way, here is a warning. People may not believe you if you say your American and speak like your from south London. Any attempt at all would alleviate this, IE people see your attempting an accent and will assume you are playing what ever character you tell them. For example I once met a man from Sweden with a this Swedish accent. I was with two Canadians at the time and the Swede told us he was Canadian as well. We all hesitated and then pretended he was Canadian. He made no attempt at an accent. Had he made any attempt at all we would of been less hesitant to believe him. Play what you want how you want, just remember that some people might initially be weird around you.