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  1. My character's name is Tim Lancaster. Tim is of average stature, standing around 5’10, and weighing about 140 pounds. Fleet footed and agile, he excels more at getting out of difficult situations and sneaking around then attacking foes head on. He was born on December 21st, 2002. The son of an American man and a Chernarussian woman, Tim was bullied or ostracized by other children for his American heritage, often out of jealousy since his family was a bit wealthier than the rest of the kids at the school he went to. His father worked as a soldier at one of the few NATO bases in Chernarus at the time of the outbreak, and was prepared with weapons and survival items for him, his wife, and his only son when the outbreak struck. Tim's family holed up at the Kirovograd base, and when the fleet of NATO reinforcements to help combat the outbreak landed, Tim's father had to leave his family and join his fellow NATO members. Before he left, he told Tim and his mother to take the car and drive to Chernogorsk as fast as they could. They made the drive to the city safely, without happening upon any infected. The US Army was stationed in Chernogorsk, and Tim and his mother were unwisely expecting a quick and easy evacuation process when they arrived. Their stay there was short lived, however, as the city was overrun within a day of their arrival. As chaos ensued and order began to break down, Tim lost his mother to a group of infected and was barely able to make it out of Chernogorsk himself. He had lost his mother, and had no contact with his father or the outside world. He was on his own. Tim survived on his own for months. He lived in the forest, going from hunting stand to hunting stand, scavenging what he could from them. He restrained himself from going to cities and towns, instead choosing to hunt deer and chickens. But after a while, his curiosity became too great and he went to investigate some of the smaller villages and hamlets in search of signs of other uninfected. He was surprised to find only a couple infected in each village, expecting the entire population of the settlement to have turned and stayed where they were. But he found no people, and began moving from town to town, even going to some of the cities to see if anyone was out there. It was over a year, and Tim had yet to see anyone. He was prepared to take his own life, concluding that a life of living on scraps and ruminating to one’s self in solitude was worse than death. A few days ago, he finally saw his first uninfected, a group of people who were armed and travelling together. Even though he didn’t try to interact with them out of fear that they might react aggressively, his faith was finally restored. If that small group could survive, surely there were others, he thought to himself. Now, Tim searches for a group to call his own, and to secure a future for himself in the hellhole of Chernarus.
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