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  1. @Xero where were you at when you were initiated on?
  2. Jayden Renolds POV Hello, Puncture here. I initiated on a group of people in front of double green after I believe two individuals complied and the other 3 all ran in to double green and after watching them attempt to flee I pushed into the bottom section and killed KAI, and then I put 20 bullets into Superman and I die The group I initiated on were all right in front of me and could see me clearly. wise move Also my mic cut out during the first initiation so I quickly repeated it immediately after.
  3. Puncture

    S1 - BadRP, Invalid Kill, 2019-01-28, 23:00

    i dont got video evidence
  4. I've been called in, do you want to see my 20 fps clips?
  5. *Dr Puncture Smith drops his 1911 and picks up the radio* THIS IS DR PUNCTURE SMITH RESPONDING TO FREQUENCY 69. I AM ON MY WAY, TELL ME YOUR LOCATION. *Dr puncture smith picks up his gas mask and runs out the door*
  6. Puncture

    S1 - BadRP, Invalid Kill, 2019-01-28, 23:00

    Don't know what character I was on POV We arrived at kab and were held up by young brandon, he rp'd with us then left us with Kermit and someone else, after watching them run back and fourth across the room for about a minute or two brandon comes back and takes us outside and tells his guys to "Beat these ""fellas"" ass". After they do that blunts walks up and executes @Jasper and @TommyGun_ then me.
  7. 1. Bila Ruka 2. Puncture and occasionally @Shroud
  8. I have enjoyed @GMAK roleplay recently.
  9. @MetalHeadPatriot Wasn't even my side that killed you, it was the Pamyeti/Savior side. I told you what was going on and you either ignored it or have your volume at 0 Any more replies are only at the request of staff.
  10. Jayden Renolds POV Our boy @Dusty get's taken hostage at sosnovka by PAMYETI so @Shroud @Dew and I circled the town, @Dew and @Dusty died while me and @Shroud entered the town, I saw @MetalHeadPatriot lurking around the town hiding behind road barriers and I told him to leave there's an active firefight, I then went on to the megaphone and said Hello, there is currently an active firefight. After all of this @Hollows shows up and we push the building PAMYETI were camping in and after killing one I die then hollows and shroud kills the rest. No Video evidence of me seeing @MetalHeadPatriot
  11. Well, I was about 5 meters behind you when I said it and you looked right at me after I said it. I then said it over the megaphone that there is currently an active firefight
  12. That's a false statement, I told you to leave there's an active firefight. You're lucky I didn't shoot you when I saw you crouching behind a barrier.
  13. Player #69 Dr Puncture Smith POV same I wasn't present when @JaMiiE024 was shooting at our guys, I was with squillium dealign with the hostage,
  14. Server and location: S1 Altar Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time: 2019-02-03 23:40 Your in game name: Jayden Renolds Names of allies involved: @Squillium @Viking Name of suspect/s: Green Dragons Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I was with new moon at the peace summit, along the side of every group that's apart of the "war". After a 30 minute talk everyone signed the agreement and we all agreed on leaving so we all started going in our separate directions, as I'm walking away up the hill from the radio building I get shot randomly in the back twice but was able to get away. I later find out that a member of the Green Dragons thought I was a member of The saviors because of the saviors leader @MoodyOG told people to stop calling him a pedo or he would shoot them after they called him a pedo multiple times during the actual meeting, and I wasn't even present when it was said. So in conclusion, A green dragon shoots me for moody telling them to stop calling him a pedo or he'll kill them maybe 10 minutes (would have to ask moody for exact time) after it was said and the peace had been resolved.
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