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  1. Puncture

    Implement Flare guns?

    Would be cool if it could be done, also want the taser to be added
  2. Puncture

    Tally Your Bans

    95/30= 3 + a final warning
  3. Dr Puncture Smith POV Bobby and Shoud wanted to initiate on some guys in Noveya so I rolled up we initiated, 2 people ran into the green and we killed them. I walked outside of the house and I see two other people running and I manage to shoot one and the other one escaped. Am willing to talk this report out with the OP
  4. @FireDude @RyanOG @MrPanda Enjoyed the RP today at Camp Hope
  5. Puncture

    Shroud's Clipperino's

    tyty much appreciated
  6. Puncture

    S1, South of Tisy Summer Camp - Invalid initiation

    Also the people I killed in the fight south of tisy summer camp were apart of the robbery on myself and @Jasper at northwest airfield.
  7. Puncture

    S1 Komarovo industrial No time to comply 2019-04-09, 00:29

    Dr Puncture POV Was walking to balota to log out because my headphones suck and I can only hear from one ear when I heard we got initiated on, I pulled out my winchester and shot @Kai from 517 meters. I then flanked all the way around to prison island side and sat there for about 20-30 minutes. I got bored so I pushed up and traded with one.
  8. *Dr Puncture Smith picks up his radio holds down the PTT* "This is Dr Puncture Smith with the 4 corner hustlers, We have taken Komarovo Industrial from Potious Craas who have been stealing blood from the people of chernarus. We will be reforming this place into a trading post. *Dr Puncture Smith sets down his radio and picks up his fal*
  9. Puncture

    S1, South of Tisy Summer Camp - Invalid initiation

    Dr Puncture POV I heard john moody tell me there was fight above noveya, So I came to assist the saviors. When I got there I got shot at so I flanked around and sniped someone laying down behind a haybale, I then ran to the body grabbed a fal and as I was trying to run away with my new fal I got shot at by a bambi and I killed him and got shot in the back. I had rights from previous hostilities against the 24th
  10. Puncture

    Death = PK

    3 deaths from a ""player"" should result in a PK, would make things more interesting.
  11. Puncture

    Jasper's Media Thread

  12. Puncture

    4 Corners Hustlers Media Thread

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