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  3. Jayden Renolds POV I hear that my boys need assistance in noveya so I hop on and run over to help rescue my boy @Cody Husky who is a hostage. They let him go so I give him my m4 to go kill them, he runs in gats four then I trade with a guy on top of school
  4. I would also like to note yesterday @Javoo and I talked about the report (mediated by @Jade) Javoo said "I never once ran threw town during the encounter" multiple times, but if you were to watch the beginning of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4UOCByQiDo You can clearly see a half ghillie without the head piece running behind buildings.
  5. I would also like to point out in @TommyGun_ video @Taryn is heard meta gaming the entire time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=180&v=v4UOCByQiDo She can clearly be heard giving away our positions in team speak to her friends without saying anything in game while she was standing next to @Boston and @Coreena and all of the hostages. And if you go to @MatthewFC video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ye7LnV60mU you can see @Taryn standing next to all of us. And just in case you can't see her in @MatthewFC video. I would like to also state that @Taryn showed up around 15-20 minutes prior to the beginning of @TommyGun_ video and she said very little during her time standing there which gives me the idea that she was metagaming even more. Time Stamps of @Taryn meta-gaming 0:28 - 0:48 1:54 2:26 3:01 - 3:50 4:07 4:17 - 4:45 5:12 5:24
  6. Jayden Renolds POV So @Boston offers @evanm23 and I some weapons and ammunition to go help them capture the queen of severograd(at the time I didn't know the queen was @LadyInBlue), at the time we didn't have a lot of ammunition so we accepted his offer. So we all start surrounding everyone at the pub and I get in to the double green down the street from the pub and I over watch the initiation, @Boston then voip initiates and @evanm23 text initiates after to make sure everyone got it. Every single person complies so me and @evanm23 move away from the situation to over watch everyone and make sure our guys are safe. Then @Coreena starts initiating on everyone walking by telling them to join the other group of hostages., she then finds a naked man walking around so she tells him to put his hands up as well and to join the group. @Boston then has everyone drop there bags, vests , and any weapons that can hurt us on the floor. I then move in to tell someone to give the naked man a pair of pants and then move back and let @Boston and @Coreena hired us to do. Around five minutes after that the server starts getting ddosed then boston and coreena and several of the hostages had to relog, then I got trapped in a corner of my building because the server was lagging so much. Once I stopped lagging I then moved down to hostages and began talking to them until everyone got back in and once they did I started walking back to my building when I saw a ghillie running down from the hill so me and evan chased him towards the hospital when we lost him so I started searching the hills for snipers and saw three people hiding behind a tree aiming at everyone in front of the pub so I yell in game saying snipers on the hill and I retreat to my building when I see a guy on top of the hospital. I then get @evanm23 to come help me check it out and make sure there not a hostile but the second we open the door on the roof a guy peeks out and initiates on evan and they trade. After that I hear atleast 8-10 different people shooting so I sprint away when I see someone zig zagging threw the streets so I kill him and run up to the church on the north hill to try and find more of the snipers. I then flank all the way around the city to the south hill where I find the man in the ghillie suit I was chasing earlier so I kill him too.
  7. So I did have KOS rights on you. And this is a false report.
  8. So you indeed were with the bounty hunters?
  9. I already answer'd that question in my POV.
  10. Jayden Renolds POV So me and my boys @Boston @Cody Husky @evanm23 and one of my friends who happens to be a woman @Coreena were holding some people up in Sevreograd. Around 15-40 minutes into the robbery I saw a guy in a full ghillie suit running around trying to over look our position, I then lost sight of him and started looking for more snipers. I then saw a man on top of the south hill next to a tree aiming his weapon at my friends, he then ran off once he saw me. Evan and I then go in to hospital where we get initiated on by an unknown man. Evan trades with him then I hear around ten diffrent people shooting all around me and either Boston or Cody says we are being shot at. I then run in to a triple blue door building and shoot a man sprinting around doing the bandit dance and move locations when I meet up with @Boston. We then start searching for the people who shot at our friends but find no one. We then split up and I begin looking for them on my own. I then find the same man in a ghillie suit that was running around earlier and I also heard this guy yesterday planning how he is gonna take me down and kill me, so I spray him down. I would like to note that @Javoo was also in the dynamic of the group that killed @Coreena.