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  1. A Reformed BorisRP

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    real o7 hours

  2. Or after a character dies however many times they have to perma
  3. Puncture

    Chernarus Rally Racing!

    Saviors @MoodyOG - driver @Puncture - navigator
  4. Puncture

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    Give it 4 days moody, everything is fine
  5. Same We dont need a rail, just throw some duck tape on that shit and you're good to goooo
  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/92780-server-1-stary-sobor-trollrpruleplayabuse-of-game-mechanic-bug-19112018-2330-gmt/ Why the verdict is not fair: I did not ruleplay the OP. Our group gave him multiple RP scenarios, that did not involve outright killing him.. before eventually killing him due to non-compliance. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Firstly: The OP and his friends initiate on a member of my dynamic, thus granting me instant kill rights on the OP. We did not instantly kill him when we left the car, probably because we didn't know for sure that he was involved. But I digress, Just saying.. Kill rights gained: X1 Next: In the OPs video, at 15:00 you can see him in the house shooting at our allies during the rescue of Joffrey. He hits our ally, and thus reveals himself to our team that 100% he is a hostile on their team. Kill rights: X2 Then: We tell the OP "Hands up or die". He says he is putting his hands up, and he surrenders to us. We take him to the nearby building to RP with him. We DID NOT instantly kill him, we did not use our Kill Rights X2 and chose the roleplay route. Also, we then ROLEPLAY with the OP for an additional 12 minutes from the beginning.. to the end of his surrender.. we had Kill rights X2 but we instead take him to the house, and roleplay with him for 12 minutes. I feel that any reasonable person would find that a significant amount of hostile roleplay. Let us break down what happened in the house. Firstly let's look at what was said in the verdict. @Sleepyhead says: In this situation, you took Ryan Shepherd as your hostage. You told him to kiss your boot, and when he refused you shot him dead. You knew you technically had kill rights and used them in a situation where you could have further progressed the roleplay. Instead of straight up gassing him, you could have resorted to other methods of RP including beating the hell out of him, torturing him etc. For this, we'll be issuing you a punishment for ruleplay. Let's break this down bit by bit. You knew you technically had kill rights. There was no "Technically had Kill Rights".. I had SOOO many kill rights.. that kill rights were coming out my ears. And used them in a situation where you could have further progressed the roleplay. Instead of straight up gassing him. This is demonstrably wrong. I, nor my group even came close to "Straight up gassing" this dude. We gave him 12 minutes of roleplay. He got to see the entire situation from beginning to end, and it was a full RP scenario. We even offered him a way out. He could have "begged for forgiveness and kiss my boot". And his life would have been spared. Instead of straight up gassing him, you could have resorted to other methods of RP including beating the hell out of him, torturing him etc. We've established that I did not "straight up gas him" because he lived for an addition 12 minutes of roleplay. But lets break down what happened in those 12 minutes. You mention "We could have beaten the hell out of him." And " Torturing him ect." Turns out, we did. If you'll look at the video at 22:50 we threaten to knife him, (Psychological torture). At 23:00 we physically beat him. then 30 seconds later threaten his life.. At 23:47 I shoot him in the legs, he didn't die, and it added to the torture roleplay. We then bandage him up, so he doesn't bleed out, and continue the torture roleplay. We beat him unconscious at 27:50. We then ask him to beg for forgiveness.. to humiliate the man who was literally just minutes ago was trying to kill me and my friends. I shoot a round over his head to spook him more, through all of this he does not beg for forgiveness. So I think Fuck it.. imma humiliate that man more. At 28:45 I ask repeatedly through text for him to kiss my boot, to which he does not respond. I then in Voip ask him to kiss my boot.. he refuses.. noncompliance. I point my gun, and say "yes you are!" he responded, "I ain't kissing no boot." I STILL DO NOT KILL HIM. I instead repeat "Yes you are.. do you want me to shoot you? He responds "Do you not have dignity around here?" I respond "Yes you are! Do you want to die?" He finally responds.. "I am not kissing your boot.. I kill him.. I could have shot the guy to kill him several times throughout this encounter.. but I didn't I gave him 3 additional chances to kiss my boot.. 3 times he refuses, after the third refusal.. I shoot him in the head, and ended the roleplay. I had KOS x5 on this dude.. and did not use my rights until we hit #5.. 12 minutes later. We literally performed every action that the verdict recommended to avoid getting hit by ruleplay.. literally every action. Beat him. psychological torture.. physical torture.. humiliation tactics.. over the course of 12 minutes.. and somehow this was deemed as "instantly gassing him right off the bat". No way man, literally no way. We gave the OP good roleplay, it was not a 10 second execution, but a full scenario. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: These appeals usually take more than 5 days to solve.. so I probably won't be unbanned. I would however like my points removed. What could you have done better?: I mean.. I honestly think we provided the OP with a solid RP scenario. Maybe we could have held a trial, found him guilty.. then executed him? That would have added an addition 5 minutes of roleplay bringing our 12, to 17.
  7. It's a yes from me chief @JimRP make it happen
  8. Puncture

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    Take my name off the list, I won't be able to attend
  9. Puncture

    Top 5 DayZRP PVPers

    .63 made pvp way toooo easy
  10. Puncture

    Top 5 DayZRP PVPers

    Don't worry, you'll go on my top 5 rpers list [email protected] 2. @ExoticRP 3. @LukeRP 4. @Roland 5. @Scar
  11. Puncture

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    Joey Phillips - iff
  12. Old puncture would have hit that shot....
  13. Puncture

    This Is What Is Going To Happen [46.8Hz]

    *Joey picks up the radio and presses down on the PTT* "Oh you sons of bitches are really going to make me come back to south zagoria" *Joey would cough* "I heard you fella's have been putting a damper on my friends business" *Joey would look to his left and watch as Tracy and Leo play a board game* "Harrison you are to cancel these plans or I shall make my way back to South Zagoria, and you will not like the outcome of that"
  14. Puncture

    The House

    Looking good bois
  15. Puncture

    S1: Invalid Kills 15-11-2018 22:15 ish

    Since it has been nearly a week since anyone has responded to this report does the OP ( @Solo) wish to talk this out in TS/Discord?