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  1. Jayden Renolds

    Jayden Renolds was raised in a bad neighborhood on the west side of chicago. His family never had the money to buy nice things so he had to steal some times to get what he wanted, but after stealing so much without being caught, Jayden's luck ran out. Jayden tried stealing an Iphone from an off duty cop. Jayden was walking home from school one day when he saw a man walking down the street with a brand new Iphone. So jayden nonchalantly walked passed the man and snatched it from the man and began to run down the street, but before young jayden could make his escape the off duty cop pulled out his pistol and shot two bullets in the direction of Jayden, one of the bullets hit a tree next to him and the other hit him right in the tip of his middle finger. Knowing if Jayden went to the hospital to get his finger fixed up he would be caught so he went home and had his mom clean it up. Then a few years later On Jayden's 15th birthday his mother was shot in an alley trying to sell drugs to pay for Jayden's first car. Jayden started rethinking life and decided he wanted something different so he waited a few years and on his 18th birthday he grabbed all of belongings and moved off to chernarus to start a new life.
  2. Report PoV

    I don't believe that meme's should be kept out of reports as long as they are not abusive.
  3. Quality Video my dude

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      yes it is a joke 

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  4. Failed Robberies Thread

  5. Hey man we said sing your favorite song.
  6. Currently deaf in my left ear :o

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      all those initiations made you deaf

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      Hello there.

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  7. I think you've had 1 to many

  8. Našinec Media Thread

    Didn't say it matter'd if he put it in