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    Joe Appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: No Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Hello, it is I Joe. Here to give my POV for the report. POV So we're going to back in time, this might take a while. So there I was roleplaying in the streets of noveya minding my own business while I roleplayed with @RiZ and @PhoenyxxRP I let them drive in my car, the cars name was Leeroy. I loved Leeroy. We then came along a group of... strange and interesting individuals. There names you might ask? @Nik @Bobby and someone else. We were having a good time enjoying life walking around sharing stories only meant to be spoke near a campfire. Then... the person that goes by the name @Nik hops in Leeroy and starts driving away. I began screaming, NIK, NIKKKKK, DONTTT DO ITT STOPPP. Nik did not stop... This is what happened because NIK didn't stop. I killed Nik Bobby and another unknown person to save Leeroy so that me @RiZ and @PhoenyxxRP could continue our journey, but as I was running to another town to get a new radiator, I took a shot to the back. Joe was down I then recovered from my injuries and a while later, I was told that @PhoenyxxRP was the one that shot me. Joe felt betrayed So I told Phoenyxx that one day I would get my revenge when she least expected it. 5 Months later..... I met some nice individual who goes by the name of @Squillium, ok guy.. he's weird but I trusted him. I told him to find me a long range weapon. Squillium found that weapon I then found @PhoenyxxRP and @RiZ at the soup kitchen, I gave riz a couple of chest bumps to let him know what was going to happen. I found a hill that gave me perfect sight on @PhoenyxxRP and I lined it up and took the shot. But before I did that I said to myself "for Leeroy" The end What would you like to achieve with this appeal: no temp ban What could you have done better?: responded
  2. -User has been warned for this post-
  3. couldnt agree more @Diamond +1
  4. Joseph Smith POV Austin Maverick and myself were driving around when we spotted dead infected in the road and as we were driving past it we heard voices coming from inside of a cabin, We parked the car in the middle of the road I began walking up to it while Austin Maverick went around, As I was walking up to the front door @kranen lean peaks around a corner and yells something something hands up now or die so I kill him. I am very confused on what exactly you're trying to report me for here, could you please explain more.
  5. Got sniped while robbing two guys, woke up and @chief_mello was looking at me. I go to bandage and as I get the 2nd bandage off I die instantly, thought I bled out at the time because I never heard a shot but it was a grenade. Apparently @chief_mello was close enough that he also was killed by the grenade. I couldn't see him when I died.
  6. Joe

    DayZRP 19.12.2

    It's a tent and and two broken down trucks.
  7. You were both in the room and for whatever @YAKMOUTH is trying to accuse me of, No
  8. The 1st one was Everybody in the compound put your hands up now or you will be killed, this is Joseph Smith. (Before they climbed the the ladder) The 2nd time after someone said "you guys are fucking with the wrong guy, it's about to be a .308 bullet in your head" I called him some sort of name and then said put your hands up now. The 3rd initiation is when when they got to the top of the ladder I said "Put your hands up now"
  9. Which initiation the 1st 2nd or 3rd one?
  10. Joseph Smith POV Me and some of the A&J's associates initiated on everyone in the compound at green mountain. I myself initiated multiple times from the top of the tower. @YAKMOUTH climbed the ladder with his friend Neo. As they were in the room at the top of the ladder I then initiated again, Neo complies and @YAKMOUTH decides to take his time and then gets behind his friend who has his hands up so I peak around his friend and kill him.
  11. *Joseph Smith holds down the PTT* "Hello, we just took a man from wolfpack known as Domino hostage, he said that wolf pack is no more" *Joseph releases the PTT*
  12. Hello! No, I was responding to something dusty said
  13. *Joseph picks up his radio and presses down on the PTT* "Hello, this is Joseph Smith with A & J's humane human trading organization. We're currently selling Two Police officers, one is a woman and one is a male. They are both healthy and we can get them to you wherever you would like them" *Joseph sneezes* "Please respond to this radio broadcast if you're interested" "Oh yeah if no one is interested within an hour they will be killed" *Joseph releases the PTT*
  14. Joe

    you ok?

    1. Bobby



    2. Blake




    3. Bobby


      @Blake stop dropping this, Im getting tired of picking this up for you


    4. PhoenyxxRP



      also you got anime christmas music playing in the background and im pretty sure i just heard "please dont call the cops on me"

      i refreshed and now its a cover of mans not hot...

  15. *Holds down PTT* "Meet at wolf pack base" *releases PTT*
  16. *Joseph picks up his radio and holds down on the PTT* "Hello, my name is Joseph Smith. We have captured a man by the name of Hector, He says he is the leader of the organization known as the Cartel. If you would like to purchase him contact me" *Joseph sets down the radio*
  17. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Mainly because it seems very unnecessary to give a 3 day ban for forcing someone to see something. A warning could of worked. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Hello, I have just purchased diamond the other day and decided to use the Radio Broadcast feature. I put in "[RADIO BROADCAST]: You would see multiple helicopters with U.N symbols flying above you, behind them a full black apache helicopter" and @Rover the cute moderator he is jumped right onto it and ended up giving me a 3 day ban for it.. I was hurt, I'll be honest. I was just letting everyone know ICLY that the UN was here. As they are thanks to @JewRP the new leader of the U.N after @YNW Jasper stepped down. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like the points to stay but the ban to be taken away, because in the past it's been said by loremasters that the U.N has helicopters, so I thought it would make sense that after we said we left via helicopters when we last archived the group we returned via helicopters. What could you have done better?: Could of just said "Hello this is the U.N we're back, don't ask us how we arrived, it's classified."
  18. man fuck bullets, where are my cars at
  19. Hello, was wondering if car spawns were decreased or is someone just hoarding all of them
  20. Joe

    Men for hire

    *Joseph picks up his radio and holds down the PTT* "Any where is fine, give us a location and we'll be there soon" *Joseph lets go of the PTT*
  21. Joe

    Men for hire

    *Joseph holds down on the PTT* "For sure, where would you like to meet. If you don't feel safe saying it on this frequency you can contact me on my private. " *Joseph releases the PTT*
  22. Joe

    Men for hire

    *Joseph presses down on the PTT* "We do a lot of things, finding specific things is one of them, I am experienced in building but Ricky could use some training." *Releases PTT*
  23. Joe

    Men for hire

    *Joseph picks up his radio and presses down on the PTT* Hello, my name is Joseph Smith and me and my buddy Ricky are currently for sale. If you need something done no matter what it is, and I mean anything you can contact me and we'll work out a deal. *Joseph releases the PTT*
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