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    1. Joe


      I've been payed to un retire

  2. Joe

    DayZ Standalone

    I think adding a DayZ Standalone server would be great for the community.
  3. *You would hear the sounds of gunfire coming from Joseph Smith shooting at ranged targets up to 1000 meters* *You would also hear nickelback in the backround* *Joseph Smith sets down his rifle and lets out a loud cough, blood would come from that cough* *Joseph picks up his radio and presses down on the PTT* "This is Joseph Smith, former Bila Ruka Police Department, I don't know what's wrong with me but I fear I will not last long. I'm asking the people of South Zagoria to equip me with all necessary supplies so that I can lead the fight on Anarchy. As a former officer of Bila Ruka this saddens me, but police work will not solve this problem. I do not plan on coming back to where I am right now. If you would like to assist me feel free to respond to this broadcast or my private frequency that I have given to hundreds of people you may. I have a couple of people that will be coming with me. Their names will remain classified. " *Joseph Smith falls asleep*
  4. I'm retiring, good bye

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      sad lilo and stitch GIF

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      Sorry to see you go, best of luck Puncture

    5. SquirtleKitty


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      Who will I bother with @PhoenyxxRP about stealing your cars

    6. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      I'm glad we got to fill you with led before your depature, have a good one.

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      take it easy Puncture.

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      cya in a month

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      God Bless

  5. Joe

    S1 Invalid Execution/Rule play/BadRP Near Vybor? around Server time (UTC): 2019-10-04, 22:04

    yeah aight
  6. Joe

    ...Bunny ears

    Nah remove them
  7. Joe

    Waiting for the guys to show them who is boss.jpg

    We sure showed them
  8. *Joey coughs and presses down on the PTT* "Welp.. I'll refrain from taking you people hostage and running you over with a truck, but you still have to turn yourselves in for labor work." *Joey releases the PTT and would begin throwing garbage bags full of assault rifles in to the back of his truck
  9. Joe

    S1 Invalid Execution/Rule play/BadRP Near Vybor? around Server time (UTC): 2019-10-04, 22:04

    Hello, It is I. Joey. We found a man running in the field and we took im captive.I asked for his name and he said Jack....... Ray. Didn't believe him and I then asked what group he was apart of because he was wearing a black armband. He said none, and I didn't believe him so that's when I said " we had just a ran a guy over with a truck for lying, if you lie I'll make your death a little bit better and run you over with a BMW". He stayed with his story and said he wasn't lying so I told him again that if you lie you will die. Then @DK_Major walked up and said isn't that the guy from the tower at green mountain. (Yesterday @Masonn and his friends initiated on us from the tower at green mountain and shot at us a few times.) I started questioning him on his involvement and he said that he heard about that and that he was in the area listening to it. We then told him that we knew he was up there and the one calling us pussies and a lot of other shit. He continued to deny it. I then again told him lying will get you killed. I then took him to kab barn and said that he would entertain people we met. So I told him to prepare some tricks and jokes before we get there. I then took him to Anarchys checkpoint and roleplayed for a bit and then I told him to do some tricks or tell some jokes. He said he didn't have any tricks or jokes. I was done trying to bargain with him so I took him to the top of the tower and punched him off. we told you atleast four times that if you lied you would be killed. We said you're the guy from green mountain that was in the tower within 3 minutes of the initiation and even asked you multiple questions on your involvement. Would like to counter report for MetaGaming and Lying in a report @Masonn was unmuted in discord after we took his radio Will check to see if we have evidence
  10. Joe

    S1: KoS 2X in Cherno + attempted VDM 4X - 04/10/2016 21:02

    Joey Phillips POV Came across a vehicle coming into cherno. I blocked it's path and we initiated. The Driver hops out and begins spraying at the inside of my trucks engine. I take a while to get out so I wrap around the back of my truck and re-initate on @Isaiah Rinkasonn . I give him 15 seconds to comply before he raises his gun and begins opening fire again on all 3 of us and gets gunned down for it. -------- Would like to counter report @Isaiah Rinkasonn for NVFL. He had three guys in front of him and no where to run and was also given 15 second to comply and then tried shooting his way out and was killed
  11. *Joey picks up his radio and holds down on the PTT* Ok, since you people are so confident. The next time I take one of you hostage I'm going to run you over with a truck. *Pauses Or BMW your choice, me personally I would recommend getting hit by a BMW. *releases PTT
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