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  1. tyty I like roleplaying
  2. The Bandeetoes strike again thanks for the RP Marry Poppins, Chance, Joe, Earl, Stevie, ellen
  3. Joe

    Death Match

    @YNW Law vs @dawsonpark
  4. Joe

    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    Well, for the 9th time, Oh yes I have been counting. It.Was.Not.For.Your.Gear
  5. Joe

    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    No. Oxen got initiated/killed near Bash for being UN and Jackfish saw the people who did it run towards Noveya. He didn't chase them however and waited for me and Zombru who were at South barracks to come over and help. We then begin running towards Noveya and see two individuals one having a FAL. Oxen also had a FAL and it wasn't at his body when Jackfish looked at him. So I assumed it was the people who did it and initiate. Don't know who you heard it from but yea, It was either the people who killed Oxen or they got unlucky.
  6. I enjoyed the RP 


    1. JackZRP


      Hahahahahahahha was funny as fuck


  7. Joe

    S1 Airfield wall Powergaming 2019-05-10 Unsure of time

    Joseph Harrison POV @YNW Dusty was being robbed at NW so I went over and talked to a guy and he pointed me in the direction of where exactly he was being robbed, after getting eyes on Dusty who was restrained I shot @bugexe then got behind a wall and shot killed the second one. I then run up to the third one and notices he only has a carbine so I give him a chance to give himself up. He doesn't and I kill him as well.
  8. giphy.gif

    Best GM dont @ me

    1. Osku



      Best president

  9. Joe

    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

  10. Hey, OG name Joe here. Should people who were on final be allowed to join the staff team Answer above or if you have a different opinion post below. Btw if you dont know, currently if you were ever on final you cannot join staff team.
  11. *Corporal Joseph Harrison picks up his radio and presses down the PTT* Hello Ladies and gentlemen, This is Corporal Harrison with the United Nations announcing that James Black is currently wanted for Attempted Murder and Kidnapping, any help leading to the arrest of James Black will result in a reward. *Corporal Joseph Harrison releases the PTT*
  12. Joe

    Tag the Member in the Scene

  13. Joe

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    • Mademoiselle

    Jon Snow Dies 

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      Big oof

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