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  1. I am so glad you recorded this... I was kicking myself cause I didn't
  2. So whoever it was that was with me on server 1 in the Elektro church you know what I mean.. Quick recap, I met up with 2 Imperial Dragons and some other survivors in Elektro and we all banded together in the church. After much hilariousness insued from the Dragons, they decided they wanted to give one of the other survivors a massage with a baseball bat. Obviously said survivor did not want a baseball bat massage so he was chased around the church for about 10 minutes being yelled at by their hilarious voices to get a massage. After he ran away from the church they recaptured him and he finally agreed to be massaged. That's when he said if the Dragons kill him to kill them for him. After the Imperial asked if we would do anything (no one responded) he was about to "massage" him when the other survivor in the room decided to kill the Dragon. Then everything went out of control and a firefight began ending up with everyone dying except me and the man who was going to be "massaged" (the second Imperial ran away severely bleeding so I'm not sure if he is alive or not). Anyway it was a very funny situation (kind of had to be there) but if you can imagine what it was like I'm sure you would get a good laugh. Just wanted to share the story as it made my night for sure!
  3. Personal information __________________________________________________________________________ Name: Kurt Age(IRL): 19 Nationality: Canadian What kind of person are you?: Trustworthy and honest person. Easily able to follow orders, but can also give them if necessary. Time Zone: Atlantic time zone In game information __________________________________________________________________________ IGN: Cpl. Kurt Smith Character Background Story: My name is Corporal Kurt Smith. I am a Canadian Special Forces Operator for the Joint Task Force - 2 (JTF2). Combat is nothing new to me, there is not much I have not seen. My squad was deployed to Chernarus 4 months before the outbreak began to work on a then Top Secret Mission. The goal was to extract a high value target and bring them back to Canada. Upon successfully extracting said target from a hidden insurgent camp, my squad and I got an evac from a convoy of vehicles. Unfortunately our convoy was attacked a couple of miles from base, and as far as I know I am the only survivor from my team. I managed to make it to an abandoned building where I spent the next couple of days trying to survive, and upon waking up one morning I had my first encounter with the living dead. Ever since then I have been on Chernarus looking for anyone that may be left. DayZ Experience: Began playing DayZ back in January, and have been playing consistently for the past couple of months. How familiar are you with the rules of the server? Very familiar, no issues with rules so far. How much role play experience have you had on the server? And for how long have you actively been playing on DayZRP? I have had many role play encounters since I have been on the server, which has only been about a week now. I've had the pleasure of meeting many diverse clans and survivors and feel I've learned a lot. On what times are you usually online? Usually on either in the afternoons, if not in the evening and night time. Do you have any trouble following orders? Absolutely not. Do you have any hostilities towards any of our allied or trusted clans? None so far. What made you interested in R.S.M? I became interested in R.S.M because of what the clan does and is about. I like the idea of being a "mercenary" and the contracts you guys seem to do is intriguing. What role suits you better? Sniper, Rifleman or Machine-gunner? Rifleman would be my primary role, but would like to be a sniper as well. How would your role play story fit into the R.S.M background? I believe it fits in quite well with R.S.M, due to the fact past military experience is required and my character is well versed in that field. I feel I could RP many tips and tricks to the clan. How is your overall experience of navigating. Locating towns, cities, landmarks etc, in Chernarus? Fairly experienced with landmarks and navigating around Chernarus. How is your patience with other people? (Trolls, hostiles, etc) Patience is not an issue, I have a lot of it. When you see someone, do you avoid them or do you initiate role play? Usually always initiate role play. I came to the server to interact with people, not run around alone. When you are alone/bored, what do you do? Usually scavenge for items, weapons, vehicles etc. or try and head to popular destinations for some interaction. Do you understand that when you're under the banner of R.S.M, you are not allowed under any circumstances to perform any types robberies or other bandit actions unless provoked or dealing with contracts? Understood
  4. Got it working! Thanks a lot for the help!
  5. Kk awesome, Ill let you know if it works!
  6. I just posted in that thread, I took my GUID from the whitelist page and my PID from in game is that all I needed to do?
  7. CookedMonkey

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Please reset mine: -Snip- // Levi //Khardia: GUID reset. Re-enter it in the Whitelist tab. PID reset. Re-enter it in the Donation Exchange.
  8. Thanks Hofer, I am having trouble now getting my skin to work, it wont show up at all and I've tried activating it in the lobby and offline
  9. Got it working!! Thanks so much for the help guys
  10. I dont know if i have it.. I've never seen the launcher
  11. Tried that but it still won't work... Is the arma2oa supposed to be gone from the beta folder? Because I have it still there than an arma2oa(2) in the main folder
  12. Hi guys I'm having trouble being able to connect to the servers via steam. Every time I try to it says "Bad version". I know this means I need the beta patch which I have already installed. If I launch ArmA through a "Launch ArmA 2 CO with beta patch" shortcut I can connect to the server but through steam I cannot. It will also not let me activate my skin when I go through the beta patch shortcut. Any suggestions would be great!