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  1. Yeah. I may be 355 but at least now I have a better idea of when I *may* get whitelisted.
  2. I know I won't be automatically whitelisted for donating, but according to the whitelist page, donating will at least get them to acknowledge my application. Also, it's alright if I donate and get denied. I've seen many videos on youtube now of people playing on the server and they all talk about how they're really enjoying themselves on there. If me donating helps keep the server up and the videos coming and the people on the server happy, I'll be happy to donate. Maybe that's dumb, but that's what I'm thinking.
  3. So I've applied to the whitelist and I *am* eligible to get on but new people aren't currently getting on the server unless you are a donor, active community member, and those who write an exceptional application will be handled. I believe I may have written a good enough story on my app, but I couldn't quite figure out a good way to describe KoS and NLR (Don't get me wrong, I understand the rules though). Now I think the server is totally worth a donation and I wouldn't mind getting on before they start accepting people again. My question is, how much should I donate? I should mention, I don't have a lot of money to donate. I was thinking about donating 10 or 15 dollars. Do any of you think that'd be a good amount? And, if any admins are reading, would that be a good amount to help with paying for the server(s)? If I'm wasting my time with this post, do let me know. I was just curious.