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  1. MY POV: basically what you see in Wilkinsons video. I understand it's a bit of a shitty situation because of the desync, the thing that I find regretful though is that this had all could've been prevented if the attackers showed any refrain from immediately turning violent. There is barely a 30 second window from meeting the victim to him lying dead on the floor. Which is very quick considering you guys just arrived at the camp, not knowing anything about the situation in the camp at all. You don't know whether he's robbing, just a random person looking around or part of the camp. And you could say that "bandits with white armbands" robbed the camp yesterday but on the other hand, our group who also wears white armbands, is allied with the camp so on that side you should also show refrain and not risk killing an ally for nothing. And since he was desyncing he wasn't showing to be violent by trying to attack in response, he was just non-compliant and running around, not even sprinting so there was little risk for the 3 of you give this 1 person a little more time to reply to your hollow threat/accusation of him being a robber, yet you chose to just kill him and end the RP right there, while me and William literally arrived 2 seconds later and could've explained it.
  2. [video=youtube] [video=youtube]
  3. Jimmy Carr and Frankie Boyle!
  4. For anyone who doesn't have a key. They are giving away 3000 keys at eurogamer, all you have to do is log in with facebook or something and check "yes". http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-10-21-hearthstone-heroes-of-warcraft-beta-key-giveaway
  5. I wonder if it works like this in real life...
  6. Asqui

    Any computer wizards who could rate this setup I'm thinking about ordering?

    Just like Hofer said, the Noctua DH14 is a beast and keeps my 3770k well below 40 degrees under load while still being quite. Should save u some cash over a water cooling set.
  7. Hey thanks for the enthusiasm! I indeed got accepted on Saturday and doled around a bit on my own but I didn't have time to play on Sunday so I haven't had much time to play yet. Gonna play some today though!
  8. [[OOC]] Since this is my first time RP'ing I decided to start with posting my background story for the white-list app. I really don't know if it's any good but since I got accepted today I guess it's not half bad. Since I'm kind of rusty with my typing I was hoping to get some feedback, preferably on the story itself and how I portrayed it through my writing. My main concerns are: -length of text versus amount of actual content -bland/boring writing -over usage of stereo-types etc. -mixing up viewpoints, perspectives and time Also let me know if I'm WAY over thinking this... Thank you [[===]] ====BIO=== Name: Johnnie Walker Age: 25 Height: 185cm / 6'1" Weight: 89kg / 196lbs Hair: dark brown Eyes: blue Pre-outbreak profession: Investor Demeanor in three words: determined, calm, cunning ========== Johnnie Walker was born in the city of Eindhoven,NL. His parents married at an early age to get out of their homes and move in together to escape the abuse they both suffered from living with their dysfunctional working class families. While both not having much of an education they were both quite smart and quickly started to make a better living for themselves. Johnnie was born, a small but nice house was bought so he could grow up in a nicer neighborhood. Johnnie grew up being loved and getting all he deserved as a young child. Even at a young age he was an intelligent child, he liked to create and his obsession was Lego’s, the only thing he ever asked for was more Lego’s. He liked to create worlds and other things because to him the normal world seemed kind of boring. He was also a very curious boy and would be very invested in learning everything about whatever he was interested in at that time. While his friends where out playing football he usually just stayed inside recreating what he learned or saw with his Lego’s. It’s not that he had problems making contact with people and making friends it’s just that he didn't really want to make lots of friends, he was just a bit of a loner. Having had a taste of the better life, his parents took an opportunity to take over a local business from a retiring friend. It was a nice business and after they took over the business they soon found out that the retiring family had somewhat neglected their work in recent years and by making small adjustments and improvements it could increase their revenue significantly. In a few years they improved the business and they making increasingly more money. They bought a nice house, two cars and all the luxury items to make their lives even better. Johnnie is around 15-16 now and just enjoying his life. Johnnie is under the illusion that everything is going perfectly fine while things are not going as well as they may seem. He doesn't really notice that he and his parents aren't really spending that much time together. When they do spent time together though it seems as if everything is fine while in truth his parents are struggling with the stress their business provides. They have to work hard and while they were very motivated to improve their living conditions, now that they are pretty much living the life they both struggle with their feelings for each other. They don’t really need to rely on each other anymore as they think they can take care of their own. They start to fall into old habits and being abused by his father his whole life, Johnnie’s dad starts to abuse Johnnie’s mother while also succumbing to other temptations that his better status brought him. He starts going out more often to play tennis and undergo other activities. Being away from home more often and often, he’s sleeping around with other women and Johnnie’s mom finds out about this. He abuses her even more and threatens to make it even worse if she talks about it to anybody. A year goes by and he’s still sleeping around without even trying to cover it anymore since he figured it is easier to just abuse his wife afterwards to make her shut up. She has now been very depressed for a long time and it’s hard to keep going for her. Her driving force is her son and knowing she can’t keep up much longer she’s holding on and has not been living but surviving for a long time now. Her son is now 18 and she has been preparing to take her life for a while now. She has set up some contracts to make sure when she passes away most of her possessions go to Johnnie. And since he’s 18 now he can go and live on his own now. She really is at her end of her ropes and finally committed suicide by overdosing. Devastated by this unexpected event he believes his dad who tells him she died of an acute heart attack. Having only recently finished college he decides not to go and study for now but take a break. Unlike him, his dad seems to be less effected by the sudden death. He’s soon out to his old habits again to going around and meeting new ladies. Johnnie is quite devastated and has problems coping with the loss. He’s locked up in his room even more often and becomes even more of a loner. A year has passed and Johnnie and his dad decide to sell the house and move into something smaller. It was an enormous house even when only three people lived there. Ever since his mom passed the business has also been passed on to someone else since his dad, who in the first place had no heart to keep it going when his wife was around, certainly had no intentions to keep it going now. While looking around in the attic of the house which is stuffed with stored goods and old memories, Johnnie finds an old box. It’s filled with photo albums and other stuff from his mother’s youth. He finds the diary and starts reading. At first he doesn't recognize whose diary it is, it’s very old and could be his grandmother’s. The reading seems weird and he can’t seem to fit the stories with a person from his family. He soon finds out the horrible truth and learns what his mother has gone through over the past years. Being totally lost in the stories he forgets track of time and spends hours reading in the attic. It’s late and it’s not until he receives a call from his dad that he finds out its three in the morning. His dad who’s calling from his crashed car is asking for Johnnie to come and help him. He crashed his car into a big tree on the road home from the tennis courts where he goes every Tuesday to play and get drunk. This time gotten too drunk to drive he crashed into a tree trying to make a corner. By hearing the vague words of help through his phone and struck with adrenaline from the sudden call he jumps in his car and rushes to the crash site. Arriving at the scene he immediately notices the smell of alcohol. His dad hit the tree right on and the whole front is crushed, the tree still standing firmly in place where the engine block used to be. He is stuck in the driving position with the steering wheel firmly crushing on his ribcage, he is in critical condition. While standing outside of the car the cold night wind finally blows away his adrenaline rush and Johnnie finally relaxes a bit. He is then reminded of what he read earlier and goes to the other side of the car. He opens the door and sits down besides his dad. He tells him he read his mother’s diary and asks if it’s true what he read. It doesn't take long for his dad to realise he’s in a bad condition and tells him they both had a hard life. It’s not always as easy as it seems and he has made many mistakes. He hopes he can forgive him. Johnnie is particularly calm and doesn't respond. He can’t forgive his dad for what he has done but also doesn't know what to do. Even though he’s not a religious person, he decides to let fate take over. He steps out of the car and goes to the other side of the car and leans into the smashed driver’s seat window, “Dad, I’m going home now, if I get a call from the hospital I will see you again, if the cops are at my door tomorrow morning then this is goodbye, goodbye dad.”. Johnnie takes his car and goes home. The next morning the police ring the doorbell. In the months after, Johnnie continued the plan to sell the house and decided to move to London as he always had a great interest in the city and could use a change of scenery. He bought an apartment in the center of London and starts to explore the city. One night he ends up in a small local pub that is quite empty and gets into a conversation with the bartender. The bartender asks what brought him to his pub and Johnnie answered with a simple: “life”. He hands over his credit card and tells the bartender to just give him a drink suited to his mood. The bartender looks at the credit card and nods with a faint laugh “you could've just told me!” and pours him a Johnnie Walker Black. He liked it a lot. Johnnie never really drank whiskey and had actually never had any of the Johnnie Walker whiskeys, the bartender did not believe him. He spent the next few weeks returning and talking to the bartender about life and learning about his new found love of whiskey. Johnnie turned 21 and started living life again slowly. His independence from money really helped him just do whatever he liked to do in the coming years. His curiosity and interest really flourished into activity and he was wildly pursuing a variety of them. He soon learned a lot about himself and that life can be exciting as long as you try to make it exciting yourself. He goes around traveling and visiting various places of interest. Being interested in design and technology he was quite surprised to find out he did not mind being in the wilderness and camping was actually quite soothing and relaxing to his busy mind. On top of that, hunting and shooting guns was quite fun as well. He sets up some investments to make sure his fortune lasts him for a long while. He finds out that he can combine this with his newfound love for whiskey and sets up small investments in whiskey breweries all over the world. He makes a small profit from the investments and it gives him an excuse to visit breweries and travel around the world. His latest investment brings him to the area of Chernarus, where a local brewery, Black Mountain Distillery, is making a locally famous single malt called “Black Mountain Dew” that has caught his attention. While traveling through Chernarus the outbreak happened. After an encounter with the infested he crashed his car and is now trying to survive and desperately trying to remember what he learned from camping in the wilderness. Fully aware that this could be the end he has focused all his will power into finding that brewery and at least getting a taste of that lovely brew before his demise.
  9. Name: Johnnie Walker Age: 25 Height: 185cm / 6'1" Weight: 89kg / 196lbs Hair: dark brown Eyes: blue Pre-outbreak profession: Investor Demeanor in three words: determined, calm, cunning
  10. I've finally filed in my application. I ended up using pastebin because it was hard to cut up the story. Thank you for the tip
  11. First of all thank you for all the nice welcome messages. Secondly I have a problem! I just finished typing my application and found out with submitting that there is a max amount o 2500 words on the bio page, I’m at 3000 words, did I overdo it and cut some words out or is there another way to solve this? Thank you
  12. Hello everybody, After finding out about this other way to experience DayZ, I can't wait to join this community and join in on some great adventures! I'll be applying with my whitelist application shortly.