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  1. I've been running into a problem with my skin. I recently donated, and got the Civilian 5 skin, and activated it and it was all good. But every time I die and respawn, I have a different skin, and I have to disconnect back to the lobby, go to the Donation Exchange section of the website and reactivate my skin to be able to use it. I have to do this everything, yet I know people who only had to activate their skin once and it stayed. What's going on?
  2. So I don't know exactly where to post this, so I'm gonna post it here. But basically the issue is this; I started out as 64 in the queue, and it's been about 3 days or so since I've submitted my application. Since then, I've gone up to 100 something in the queue, down to 79, up to 90, down to 80, up to 90 again, then back down to 84. I'm not complaining about the process or not getting my app accepted yet, I'm just wondering what's going on, and why my spot is seemingly being given away.
  3. Well I just donated cause I wanted the Civilian 5 skin, which was probably a dumb idea since i'm not even whitelisted yet but who cares. We'll see what happens.
  4. Oh so if you donate you get to play first basically, i see.
  5. My name is Jason Randal, I am a 35 year old CIA Intelligence Analyst, and lived in the United States with my wife Diane and 2 childen, James and Katy, prior to the zombie outbreak. I left for the Czech Republic on a semi-secret assignment on August the 3rd, 2013, and I had planned to be there for around 3 to 6 weeks, depending on how my assignment went. When I arrived at the airport, all seemed well. It was not until after 3 or so days that I was there that weird stuff began to occur. Strange illnesses were beginning to crop up here and there. I thought nothing of it, and figured this sort of thing must be common in countries like this. That night I called my wife, and talked to my kids, and they told me all is well at home. Life went on for a few more days, then all hell broke loose. Day 1: I was awoken by a loud commotion on the street at around 2:30 AM. As I peered out my window to the street below, I got a good look at all the chaos taking place. There were corpses strew across the streets, people running in all directions. Buildings and cars were on fire. Suddenly, there came a loud banging on my door. I went to cautiously open it, and it was my associate, Alex Stone, and he told me we have to go. There was only time enough for me to get dressed, grab my 9 millimeter, some clothes and go. Day 27: It's been almost 3 weeks since Z-Day, and I've been on the run the entire time. I have not made contact with my family, and I hope they are doing better than I am. Alex and I have met up with some fellow survivors, Alex Stone, who we call Reason, and Samuel Zetalmann, who nicknamed himself Esskay. We spend our days moving from town to town, looking for supplies and fellow survivors, and the nights we hunker down, stay quiet, and try to survive until morning. Day 60: I've been separated from my companions, got my supplies and weapons forcibly taken from me by a group of bandits, and left for dead in a city on the coast. The name of the City is in russian, but I'll just call it Elektro. I have had no contact with any of my friends, or my family. MY name is Jason Randal, and this is my story.
  6. New here, just postin to say what's up! Can't wait to get whitelisted and start playing!
  7. Yeah I'm like 94 in my queue. Good luck, hope you get in man!
  8. I'm at 94 right now, I was at 86, went to 84, back to 86, then went up to 94.
  9. Thanks man! Little bummed though, it's been 4 days and I went from 86 to 96 in the queue. But I'll just have to wait it out I guess!