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  1. http://www.dayzrp.com/t-work-in-progress-recruitment-open-tbm-the-blood-hound-mercenaries thank yew!!
  2. http://www.dayzrp.com/t-work-in-progress-tbm-the-blood-hound-mercenaries Please comment and let me know what changes should be made and so on. Thank you!! <3
  3. Nobody really knew my character in depth, or at least never asked or read it
  4. I have officially changed my name from Felix Wolfhausen to Misha Tergenov, and my backstory along with it.
  5. Yeah it said to back it up (save it in text or microsoft word)
  6. You spelled requirement wrong:P
  7. I'd just like to say that i am extremely excited to join the community. Hopefully i can stay for a long time! Hope i see you guys in game (My name is Felix W.) i have a sername, but i don't feel like typing it ^.^!
  8. I haven't even been whitelisted yet, but the fact of DayZ and Rp coming together is just to epic for my wallet. I did not donate for a faster whitelist. I donated because this is a really cool mod for a mod. (Note i have never donated to a server before)
  9. I am buying a new copy, because my CD key got stolen and my buddy who is on summer vacation is letting me barrow his. (Using Darkey Key Changer)
  10. Ok cool, cus i am going to donate. Hopefully get accepted, and then get my guid and char code reset
  11. HEY i'll be changing my cd key soon so my BE thing will change as will my character code. (new copy of arma) so when i do get my new computer in like 2 days, i will be needing an admin to re accept my application on my new account. ill post about it on my new comp. Pretty much i will just need someone to add my new BE and char code. I will be donating once my comp arrives! Thanks! -Cole
  12. This is just based on videos i have watched. If you see a group of people.. hide because they could easily rob you. If it's just one person, i would totally go up to them and try to converse
  13. Hey i'm Cole! My ingame name is Felix! I'd like to introduce myself and tell everyone that i am extremely excited to join DayZRP!!! I've been waiting to find something this in depth and cool for a while! Hopefully my whitelist app with be approved soon:) So hello again! and i hope to see you in game.
  14. [video=youtube] I just saw the first tab of this post and it was HOGNI as well, good music taste!!!!!!!