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  1. You forgot Rick Grimes' tale starts from Atlanta too. Also I believe there is some policy where you can't give dumb names to your characters, like Hugh G. Rection, etc.
  2. Huff. Anyway, I had a talk with several community helpers and other staff members (thanks by the way), and I completely re-wrote my whitelist application. But now I'm afraid I might miss out on something else or it might not be enough. I guess I'll just read absolutely everything all over and rewrite or add stuff if it's not enough. :c
  3. There is no-one available in the helpdesk channel. Would you like to appear on the helpdesk channel? I would love to talk to someone about this.
  4. My whitelisting application got rejected with the following reason: Frankly I am offended. I really do not know how I must explain how KoS-ing works in more than 500 letters. Shortly and precisely to the point, it means when you open fire on someone without a proper warning or having a good reason to do so. The game on a roleplay server shouldn't be played in a deathmatch mode, but that's just it. I'm not a fan of writing filler text. I cannot explain it in any better way. Now, if I'm going to be rejected just because I can't find the 'proper words' to explain this in more than 500 characters and that's the dealbreaker, and in the same time I see a lot worse roleplayers (and even people who do not even comprehend what roleplaying is) running around on the server, I do not believe I would belong on this server. If people are frightened that I would be running around and firing at people just because I want to do it (while Rolle does that - the owner of the server, breaking multiple rules while he should be something like an example for everyone else; I saw him on the stream, being drunk and doing whatever he pleases), let me tell them - my computer will not allow me to do so. My rig doesn't run the game quite smoothly. I'm coming here to ROLEPLAY, not to chase people and shoot at them like a hillbilly holding his moonshine. Sorry if this behavior is unacceptable, but this is how I feel about things. If I'm going to have to write another application, someone better write it FOR me, because I'll probably write similar (if not the same) text. And as far as I know, you only get two shots at it. If you believe it's more important to be able to explain what KoS and NLR is in more than 500 characters but to be a poor (role)player than the opposite - having people over who've had 7-8 years of roleplaying experience and know the rules but cannot put them in their own words better than they're already written and without copy/pasting them, then I apologize but I cannot improve something that's already written well enough. P.S: Don't treat this as some form of aggression or challenging the owners of the server or the administrators/GM's/mods how to rule their websites better. I was just showing an example how even the admins break their own rules, but expect everyone else to be understanding all of the rules, and to be able to explain them better than they're already written and follow them all of the time. Also please don't sue me.
  5. I wrote an IC thread in the forum where you could get a better idea of how my character is going to be. IC INFORMATION
  6. [align=justify]Whomever finds this, please return this to the latest trading post available. This book is personal and I would appreciate it if you kept it that way. Thank you kindly. I'm writing this journal to make note of the events that lead to my permanent grounding on Chernarus. In case if you ignored my pleas to not read this book and return it, I guess it cannot be helped. My name is Alyxis, and I'm 16 years old. I used to live back in Bulgaria with my parents. As a single child, I was usually never lacking any attention from my parents... that however doesn't mean we had a perfect life. My father often harassed me or my mother even when I was young and systematically drank alcohol... My mother would often put up with my dad, even though she wasn't particularly happy with his actions. I've always tried to be on top of my class, both grade and effort-wise. it happened on occasions that I would receive bad grades, but that usually was because my father was abusing me or my mother. I've very rarely skipped studying unless I wasn't feeling too well, both emotionally or healthily. Two months after my birthday, our family was invited to my aunt's home. She was also from Bulgaria, her husband was born Chernorussian, so she had moved in with him after they were married. Occasionally, they would visit us back in Bulgaria, most often during the summers. My aunt was what most people would refer to as a 'housewife', and her husband used to be a professor in linguistics, I believe. They had two daughters, both over 18 years of age, and they both had moved away from their homes, one is married and lives with her husband in Germany, while the other is still single, and I think she moved to Australia. So when we arrived, I had little to do but to take small walks occasionally around their house and enjoy the pine forests that were scattered around their small village. One of those days I was exactly taking a longer walk, I had packed in my bag a few sandwiches and a bottle of water, along with a map, because I didn't want to get lost in a foreign country. I didn't speak their language (even though I could comprehend it a little). On the trip back, I heard loud cries, of people in great pain. I kept quiet to myself, as I panicked. Carefully going down the hill, finding my way between the pine trees, I saw what was the source of those screams. That day was the most horrible event that I've ever witnessed - people were... eating... other people. I could not explain this to myself, I've always thought zombies were a work of fiction and not... real. I couldn't even dare go down into the village. I just stood there... frozen. I couldn't move. I just stayed there, slowly curled up until the cries went silent. After an hour or two I saw how a car drove off, being chased by a group of those things. I ran back to the house where we were staying at, only to see it was covered in blood, and the remains of my parents, as well as our relatives were scattered all over the living quarters. With nearly a broken heart and with so much on my mind, I just huddled into a corner... it felt like nothing mattered anymore. I found myself at a loss of words... literally. I couldn't say anything. I would open my mouth and try to emit a sound, but nothing would come out, except for the hot air... Ever since that, I've been alone for as much as I can remember, living up into the mountains. I managed to find a small tent in one of the abandoned houses, and on occasions I would go down to those villages, quietly and quickly, scavenging for supplies so I could continue on going... I just don't know how I'll get through the winter... I hope I find someone who's trustworthy and I can tag along with them. I hope... I hope... //OOC: I would like to apologize to whomever will have to read my whitelisting application. Please consider this to be somewhat of an apology and it would hopefully give you a better understanding of my writing abilities. I will expand this thread and keep adding more information whenever I can, if I get whitelisted, according to the chain of events that occur after I start roleplaying on the server. P.S: Any sort of insight or ideas how to improve this, as well as comments and opinions are quite welcome, positive OR negative. I see nothing wrong when people point out certain mistakes you make. I prefer to improve rather than be mediocre. :3 My joining thread
  7. Feel free to educate me if there's a way to add quotes quickly from a list or something instead of having to copy paste each quote seperately. u3u
  8. Was not sure how quotations worked on this forum. I used the quick reply feature. ;-;
  9. Oh dear, so many messages to reply to! I'll go from top to bottom. Of course I enjoy RP, otherwise I wouldn't be applying to play on the server! Certainly looking forward to doing so. :] Hello! :3 I hope to see you too. I love all the animu! Oh man, that's quite the post, umh, I did put some amount of effort in reading everything, rules, regulations, other topics relating to the server and how things go before writing that whitelist application, I hope things are going to work out well for me. It's a shame I decided to do it at 5 o'clock in the morning. :C Thanks for the welcome and the links. :3 Thanks, I'll try to - I'll also do an effort to make you enjoy my presence too, if we happen to cross our paths IC-ly. :3 Gracias! Hello to you too, thanks for the welcoming!. Already read the rules, but thanks anyway. You won't have much luck getting a successful hit via any search engine so let me help you out. Please consider the following link isn't of mature content, but some viewer's disgression is still advised: http://imgur.com/shpt0Vk
  10. ¿Hola, como estas? My name es... er... Alyxis, and no, I'm not Hispanic C: Anyhow, I recently applied to get whitelisted, and I'm looking forward to roleplaying on the server. I've been roleplaying for 7-8 years now and I believe I'll make a good addition to the server, especially because I'm gonna play a female character and there aren't many of those around. I'm a pretty open person, so if you have any questions or anything feel free to ask me anything. IC information