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  1. People autorun now without the key, might as well put it in... +1
  2. Being known to be a slightly hostile group, I feel like wherever I go if we don't get the jump on people they run away. Half the time were just trying to find RP that isn't internal or pushed by Staggs.
  3. Thank you for the kind words Lore Whore, we appreciate the time you put forward to help further the story lines of every character on the server. It's good to see the Lore team having these little pop-ups. This for sure helped us mold as a group with catching our #1 Most Wanted, a Russian. Now just hoping we can continue it with the information we were provided by the old man
  4. Bring it back with reasonable means to break in
  5. Thank you @Stagsview for that little bit of Russian Hostile RP today, was great fun! Wish more hostages acted the way you do in the face of death.
  6. Apologies I read your post on the other thread incorrectly. As much as it seems like a good idea initiating is easier, because as stated above someone is just going to sit outside their base and kill anyone who even looks at it wrong. When thinking about suggesting rules its always best to go in with the mindset of "How can this be abused"
  7. Giving more rules that benefit those with bases is exactly what we don't need, if this was added as well as base building we would be at a total loss.
  8. Same answer as before, history proves me right. People make bases to separate themselves from other people for OOC reason, and the people outside can't do anything about it without initiating and attempting to break down a wall/door that takes 30 minutes. 1. Loot bases that ruin economy 2. People hide in them so they can RP with only people THEY want to RP with
  9. I think the consensus is pretty straight forward on base building, it's literally aids. Big buildings with nothing but people hiding behind them with half the servers loot, making sure no one can come near their precious belongings. Claiming it's a place of RP but turning away anyone who they don't know OOCly, ensuring that only the people they know are receiving any type of RP from them. Don't ever bring it back, or I will tear them all down.
  10. Went from 1-50 in a few hours, now is prime Alt leveling
  11. Eh this works in theory but not in practice. People will constantly rob/attack the store or traders, history shows this. Which in return causes that group to stop because they can’t be bothered with their efforts being ruined countless times. I don’t care for the AI traders, I visited once and haven’t wanted to go back since.
  12. Good looks @Final Dom I dig it
  13. YBN Species

    Chernarussian Meatball

    Dats a spicey meata ball
  14. Glad to finally have run into you lot in Novy, sorry if we spooked you. Keep doing Gods work
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