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  1. [GAME] Continue the Story

    Or is this just fantasy
  2. Restoring Chernarus [OPEN]

    *Tone raises an eyebrow at what is being said and lifts his radio to his mouth, pressing the PTT* I understand your frustration but let's keep civilians out of harms way, considering what happened with your involvement the other day just outside of our Pub. This isn't my war so you can expect my help by not getting involved as long as you don't pull me and my coworkers into it. *silence*
  3. I enjoyed our Ghillie exchange today
  4. Man RPing with everyone at the Winking Chernarussian was amazing today, waking up to a full house and being put straight to work learning how to serve drinks was amazing. I can't wait to see where the bar goes and what events we might plan for it later! @Phoenix - For teaching me the drinks and the bar @Kyle_Jones - For constantly forgetting I work at the bar @Keira - Per usual were always together All of the CDF, and the guy playing guitar out front!
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  5. Species

    After the discovery of a new rapper I have made a switch of profiles.

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      It's lit

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  6. Change Support Back to Community Helper

    Give us Oldies at least one thing to remind us of the good days, bring back CHs
  7. Forever known as Swamp Monster of Cherno
  8. No religious group ?

    I was thinking of playing a Pastor who believes the rapture did occur, but those who were taken to heaven only had their souls taken and their bodies were left. With empty shells this gave the Devil the ability to order demons into the bodies and that's why they are turned. And the only thing left for people to do were atone for their sins, where then the pastor(with permission and multiple RP encounters to build a sorry) would execute you with a silver bullet. Sending you to heaven and purifying your body so no demon could take control. And for those who wish to continue their character instead of ending it at that can become a mouth of the church, or a Pastor themselves. Of course the reason the pastor wasn't raptures was because he was left to help the sinners convert back Also, if your going to use this idea or do something like it at least let me know first.
  9. Disaster At The Market [ 39.3 Hz]

    *Tone sitting is in the pub drinking his gin and juice, he picks up the hand held radio and holds it to his mouth* Havent had an issue with the CDF once in my time in THEIR country. They've been nothing but welcoming to all us foreign people into their lands, protecting us because they choose to, and because of their efforts I will continue to support them at our Pub. *silence*
  10. RPing with @Keira and pulling off some sneaky plans, as well as chilling in the tree making sure you were good when discussing matters with @Taryn #BushWookieLife
  11. Roots

    Ahh just wondering! Good luck my dudes and dudettes, this looks promising and i can't wait to see it take off!
  12. Roots

    Can someone explain this further for me When reading it it comes across as a conrtadiction.