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  1. Species

    I cant find the passphrase

    It's randomly generated for every individual, just read slowly when going through the rules.
  2. Species

    Official Unofficial DayZRP Minecraft Server

    Damn wish I still had MC
  3. Species

    The Mountain Men

    If you ask around there are some great artists that could probably make some titles for you!
  4. Species

    Real life picture Thread

    Time off work and a beer:
  5. Species

    Adieu for now, Staff.

    Have a good one @Chewy , you were a great Staff member but most importantly a great community member. Do good for yourself and keep that head up!
  6. Species

    Solntsevskaya Bratva(Actively Recruiting)

  7. Species

    If you didn't play on DayZRP, would you still play DayZ?

    Not really, the only reason I ever found any edition of DayZ fun was because of DayZRP.
  8. Species

    Making good out of a bad situation (Anarchy Related)

    You forgot to put the option: Call both groups for possible negotiations on reasons why you or your group should be allowed to carry specific weapons. Apply for a permit Move north
  9. Species

    Anarchy And Their Total Domination

    Now taking hunting rifles I can understand, because even though they are lethal they are mostly used for hunting or clearing infected. I’ll talk to everyone and see about possibly changing the type of weapons taken, but of course if you’re an enemy of the state we will take any weapon you have(generalization not just you.)
  10. Species

    Anarchy And Their Total Domination

    Negotiations? It’s something that countries at war have always done. Russia and the US had a Cold War and hated each other’s guts but became allies because there were bigger threats out there? Also if you are someone that has never had an issue with either group why not just have talks IC or over the radio. We respect all of our civilians in our area of operations because they simply came and talked to us like human beings. They dealt with our “oppression” IC.
  11. Species

    Anarchy And Their Total Domination

    No it’s a proven fact that neither of our groups have a decided to enforce a weapons embargo for OOC reasons.
  12. Species

    Anarchy And Their Total Domination

    >Socialist and anarchy hate each other >War wages between two groups >Peace talks occur and things are agreed upon IN CHARACTER >People hear of embargo >Turn to forums(OOC) for solutions So if two groups that hated each other’s guts can go and talk PEACEFULLY and AGREE on something what makes you think some civilians who have never had an issue with either group can’t do the same? Always remember, common sense can’t be taught.
  13. Species

    Anarchy And Their Total Domination

    So we decide to push RP forward in any way and it’s shut down because of the loss of gear? This happened before when in VDV, we were told we would ruin the server for taking military weapons yet they won group of the year? Why can’t people just, I don’t know, set up a meeting IC with the leaders and talk about allowing specific weapons? Or maybe allowing weapons outside of the controlled areas? Think for once and do something IC, not OOC.
  14. Species

    Socialist State of Zagoria Armed Forces [SSZAF] (NA RECRUITMENT ONLY)

    Today was fun fam, even though it was short
  15. Species

    Planetside 2 | Why now is the time to play | DayZRP Outfit

    @Henning My name is HumanOrigins on there