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  1. Species

    War Goals/Attritation

    Yeah it would be a way to keep track and would even have the logs to further enforce someone being truthful about their tallies.
  2. Species

    War Goals/Attritation

    Well of course it's just a ROUGH rough draft, but everything would be up to grabs depending on certain aspects. I feel the lives should only be docked when dealing with PvP and not glitches/infected like @Brayces stated for another type of solution.
  3. Species

    War Goals/Attritation

    The issue is people are too full of pride they don't want to accept defeat IRL or in a game. They want to be the victor so they will just keep fighting no matter what, so they just keep fighting till someone gets bored and finally disbands their group. This happens time and time again and will continue to happen within DayZRP. There should be a life system, if over the course of the war Group A loses 20 lives(player deaths) they would lose forces able to fight in said war. This would limit firefights as well as give an end goal of stopping wars before said group hits that number of lives lost. However, if you are at 5 lives left and make it 3 weeks before that number drops your lives would replenish back to full to put into affect that more people join your cause.
  4. Species

    The Remnants [Recruitment - Selective]

    Hi guys!
  5. Species

    2018 Midterm Election Thread

    Didn't vote because I wasn't registered in my State. That and I could give a fuck less, I'm stuck with whoever and they never stay true to their word either way
  6. Species

    Real life picture Thread

    Damn was hoping to see more of your tats I got married while I was away from the community
  7. Species

    TS Permaban - Species

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: It is fair, I was banned when on the TS during the validation of my Amnesty payment. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: No. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Ability to use Team Speak again. What could you have done better?: Not been banned originally.
  8. Species

    Well hello there

    So uh it's been about 7 months now since I've been around, glad to be back.
  9. Species

    I cant find the passphrase

    It's randomly generated for every individual, just read slowly when going through the rules.
  10. Species

    Official Unofficial DayZRP Minecraft Server

    Damn wish I still had MC
  11. Species

    The Mountain Men

    If you ask around there are some great artists that could probably make some titles for you!
  12. Species

    Real life picture Thread

    Time off work and a beer:
  13. Species

    Adieu for now, Staff.

    Have a good one @Chewy , you were a great Staff member but most importantly a great community member. Do good for yourself and keep that head up!
  14. Species

    Solntsevskaya Bratva(Actively Recruiting)

  15. Species

    If you didn't play on DayZRP, would you still play DayZ?

    Not really, the only reason I ever found any edition of DayZ fun was because of DayZRP.