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  1. Brings back memories, great ones. First time meeting y'all Day One in that Little Bird y'all rocked so hard.
  2. Seiceps

    Uhm Hi?

    Oh hey dad, finally get that gallon of milk?
  3. I can get on board with this idea. You don't sit at your TV watching the same season over and over when there are more. I think this could bring a better mood to the community and the server.
  4. Seiceps

    The Free State of Zagoria

    It's lit
  5. I like cars, this is my Swedish beauty
  6. Seiceps

    Bullet stun lock

    This man puts it right, it's an extremely unnatural movement and puts the benefit into the side of the initiator. It gives those being initiated on a harder time to fight back or take action against others.
  7. Apologies if you were told about the rock before, it just didn't seem they knew when it was claimed the only way we could get in was ghosting into the base. Yes the DayZ developers need to change some values so it isn't like a 6 hit to take down a wall, that's extremely unrealistic and not something we can do ourselves(I'm no dev.) They might not be abusing it here, but if people notice "Hey that group wasn't told no for having backwards unbreakable walls I'll do the same thing" and it just becomes a line of abuse that could have been fixed the second this bug was found out.
  8. Sorry fam this is against the rules Refer to the last line underlined and bolded. Abuse of Game Mechanics literally means using a feature in-game that was not intended by the devs for an unfair advantage. Which is what we have when people build their walls backwards. Their walls can't be destroyed and blocks a whole section from player access, yes you can claim the rock was the way in but they most likely didn't know about it till we had said something.
  9. Yeah it would be a way to keep track and would even have the logs to further enforce someone being truthful about their tallies.
  10. Well of course it's just a ROUGH rough draft, but everything would be up to grabs depending on certain aspects. I feel the lives should only be docked when dealing with PvP and not glitches/infected like @Brayces stated for another type of solution.
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