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  1. It's over

    Volvo 244 with a Chevy 383 stroker swap. Change the suspension from coils to bags and drop it low with new Chrome Deep dish rims.
  2. It's over

    Well it's that time, after over 4 years of being here I no longer enjoy the place. The game is boring and RP just bores me to death, because honestly I'm all burnt out on it. I tried taking a break and coming back but nothing changed for me. Rolle did a great job providing a community for so many people to enjoy, me being one of those people, but I can't anymore. I made some cool ass friends here, and realized who the real ones are. @Dusty amazing group leader and staff member, you need that Admin rank. @Mexi even though we bicker a lot we can share some of the most interesting conversations. The best lad here @Dew Known this nibba for a long ass time, always chill to be around @Tom A new friend, we always got BF3 to chill and relax playing for times to come @Pep The flame lord @William Fellow American lad, play that flute @Odap the Corruptor A total meme, come by for that Mexican and Margeritas @Macbrine You too @Shane Hash Master, thanks for the TS to chill in @evanm23 You meme, made great friends as we got to know each other @Keira My daughters future mother in law, keep it high @Dom If this the right man, good man since the beginning Those I missed, oh well. Time for me to go spend time working on my new project car, and continue watching my daughter grow. Deuces
  3. Raspad Vosstaniye

    Go ahead and throw me off the roster, no drive. Plus I would much rather worry about life, a lot more important. Y'know my daughter.
  4. When I get my Volvo


  5. Real life picture Thread

    Banana Bread my dude
  6. Real life picture Thread

    Teaching my daughter how to cook.
  7. The Legion

    I am here
  8. bye staff.

  9. Urrrrrrm Hello ^_^

  10. Seiceps the Deceiver


    1. Western


      YWW HAW

    • Keira
    • Seiceps the Deceiver

    Wtf is this shit. Where is Cardi B?

    1. Seiceps the Deceiver

      Seiceps the Deceiver

      She is taking a break, she's a hard working woman.

    2. Keira


      She dont dance now she make money moves

    3. Seiceps the Deceiver

      Seiceps the Deceiver

      Dese is red bottoms, dese is bloody shoes

  11. Endeavour's Farm

    *looks at roster*
  12. I am sorry I failed you. 

    1. Seiceps the Deceiver

      Seiceps the Deceiver


  13. Seiceps the Deceiver

    Please keep Florida in your prayers, the eye of Irma is supposed to pass directly over my hometown. Most of my family has evacuated but some could not.

    1. Major


      Will do bro.

  14. Do people still care?

    Honestly these little small events have no real affect on anything, maybe a small side story but those never really stick in the long run. Now an event I would live to see is as someone stated, the UN and Lore Factions going on a recruiting spree(not group wise) to get militias to either defend certain areas or carry out tasks. Maybe even push into Kamensk military and try to scavenge anything that would help with the efforts of finding a cure or what started this all. My character kind of plays away from anything military or wanting to help the government but I wouldn't mind making an alt, that could become my main because of these events, just to take part in a server changing experience. Just remember to those making events, you have a very diverse audience watching and wanting to take part so yy have to do or find something that can attract the majority.