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  1. I was looking forward to this though
  2. I prefer fun over "realism" -1
  3. Hello there, currently deployed with the Navy. I will be home and active soon.
  4. Soon I’ll be able to be on that roster again
  5. @Masonwas good finally getting to be in-game with you again after so long, missed you bud!
  6. Overly authoritarian government force that causes people to either fear and fall in line or fear and avoid them at all costs. With recent events in-game I feel like PLIKT should be doing waht @DrBrainsaid above, be desperate to show that they are indeed the governing force of the city. I know before this was a bit difficult because people were just fishing for an initiation so they could get a quick firefight and some frags in, but I feel like people have finally gotten away from the new map hype and will try and play to the lore now. I would love to see them doing random searches of civilians, and this of course would not grant Defender Rights for that persons friends. Honestly, if it did people will just act in a way that ruins the current RP events with the random searches and detaining of individuals who are causing problems. Me and @Deathwingwere going around as mock cops planting drugs on people we were detaining to add in some RP and people were playing along quite well with slight protests towards out actions claiming brutality. I'm ready to get harassed in the city again like before, I honestly want to be targeted by PLIKT for being an asshole.
  7. @MasonWhy you refuse an offer you've always wanted?
  8. This right here is what made me play those servers, because with the factions that are provided it's something new RP wise every time I venture towards their hubs. Each faction is different enough that it doesn't feel like I'm into the same group every single time like it has been on here, where each group just feels cookie cutter even though they are claimed to be something different. Hostile groups are just hostile groups, and some groups are just the same thing reworded to SEEM different. I was never around for the one Lore wipe with RAC and that lot, but I remember when stalking the forums the factions were swinging and being backed up by Staff causing the server pop to have crazy numbers, and that time lasted for longer than a week like it is now.
  9. If anything the new players will get the break they want because we all gonna be fighting each other instead lol
  10. Everything just seems stale to me recently, the only people I’ve only got to RP with are those that live near the West Community Center. I’ve even tried to venture outside of the city and find maybe a new settlement that players have created, but nothing. It’s just back to the way it was before of people leaving because the community can’t come to some type of compromise without one side crying.
  11. The person I quoted spoke about a size limit for those about to commit a Hostile Interaction, hence why I said what I said. If you limit group sizes for people attempting to be Hostile, groups will just form mass zergs so they essentially won't ever be initiated on.
  12. Yeah and that varying degree is a huge thing, because what happens is Group A and Group B will just constantly stick together to give them big numbers. Then Group C that wants to further the HostileRP with Group A but can't because only say 8 of their numbers can assault the 20+ between the other 2.
  13. I’ll make it easy from my point of view, also being active duty I don’t get a ton of time to play when others are on. Most of the time I have to run by myself and my friends will be in at a later time, now I made sure to have a plan as soon as the new map launched. Claim an area as my “hood”, start to get my name out there, dress a way that would be easily indentifiable by those who know me already. This so far has worked amazingly for me, everyone knows me in the city and I ha e no quarrels. Im an actively hostile RPer however, the only time I ever initiate on someone is if they either Big Dick, act hard, or refuse to listen to my calm and nice requests to put their guns on their back. If they decide they know better than me in my own place, they get what’s coming to them... -edit- I will also add this little note in, there are no safe places. Most people expect with an RP server for there to be no Hostile RP at all and honestly these guys are right. The server used to have a shit ton more Hostile RP than it does now. Shit if anything there’s really only 2-3 groups on the server that actively HostileRP.
  14. I mean I do the same thing, I literally only go by "Big D" in-game and have a bullshit last name just so my character doesn't get deleted by staff and I have to start all over. People only ever know me as Big D and when they ask what it means I literally say "It means my name, Big D. And nothing to it homie" Shit I have a friend IRL who is of Native American decent and his government name is literally "White Hawk"
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