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  1. I need this, for business reasons
  2. Now that’s a beautiful thread and roster
  3. So no perma ban please YES! Approval! "I ImSpecies (Johnny Bridgewater), Give PK rights to Kase or any of the Lieutenants if my character ever breaks the IC group rules or betrays the group as long as it’s still up."
  5. Bridgewater Boys Johnny wasn’t one for farm work when it came to the family business, he much preferred gathering his own supplies and hunting animals for the family. He felt it was more a man’s obligation to take on the harder jobs when it came to providing. From a young age he spent anytime he could get away from the farm to spend in the woods learning basic survival skills like shelter crafting and hunting tricks. Not much of an intellectual with the struggles he held in school, Johnny dropped out of high school as soon as he could. There was no need to really pursue a job when everything he could need to live was available on the family land. However, Johnny was an older brother so the things he learned were something he would need to pass along to the younger ones. Shortly after the death of the Bridgewater’s parents Beau being the senior brother wanted to take a cross continental trip to ease the brother’s minds. They started in Western Europe slowly moving across into the Eastern European region, arriving in South Zagoria in February of 2020. The country was shortly after closed from any movement across borders, leaving the brothers stuck in unknown territory. After a family decision everyone decided to return to the family business purchasing land and continuing farming. This of course forced Johnny back into his normal way of life hunting animals to give the brothers their thirst for meat quenched. Chernarus was a much different style of land from Tennessee meaning Johnny had to develop a whole new means of hunting and trapping. After months of following the herding and migration of animals in the land he became a very proficient hunter.
  6. People autorun now without the key, might as well put it in... +1
  7. Being known to be a slightly hostile group, I feel like wherever I go if we don't get the jump on people they run away. Half the time were just trying to find RP that isn't internal or pushed by Staggs.
  8. ImSpecies


    Thank you for the kind words Lore Whore, we appreciate the time you put forward to help further the story lines of every character on the server. It's good to see the Lore team having these little pop-ups. This for sure helped us mold as a group with catching our #1 Most Wanted, a Russian. Now just hoping we can continue it with the information we were provided by the old man
  9. Bring it back with reasonable means to break in ?
  10. Thank you @Stagsview for that little bit of Russian Hostile RP today, was great fun! Wish more hostages acted the way you do in the face of death.
  11. Apologies I read your post on the other thread incorrectly. As much as it seems like a good idea initiating is easier, because as stated above someone is just going to sit outside their base and kill anyone who even looks at it wrong. When thinking about suggesting rules its always best to go in with the mindset of "How can this be abused"
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