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  1. Yeah this is G19. I'm NozzyRP obviously
  2. All my donations were on the mod, none currently
  3. I actually enjoyed the first time I ran into one by accident, it gave me a lot of RP potential being a doctor and helping those out who potentially get caught in said Toxic Zone. We've even began RP mapping out the movements of said zones. It for sure adds RP value to the server.
  4. *once again a man in his mid 20s can be heard across the waves* This is the Doc once again, letting those know that I am taking patients at this time. Come in and get your medicine or a physical done. *silence*
  5. I don't see how the rules favor the attackers at all. 1. Have to initiate before hostilities can be done 2. Have to ask permission to perma-scar or execute(unless previous encounters) 3. If you comply you gain kill rights and they don't, which can be used at any time within the 2 hour timer. 4. Attackers can't just attack you for no reason, they have to have an RP. 5. Attackers have to use their own supplies to keep the victim healthy and safe. So no, the rules don't favor attackers at all.
  6. So I was taking a gander at THIS thread here and read some of the things stated by @Roland and wanted some clarification. Does this mean if I have a friend(not in approved group) who is taken hostage and complying, if I start firing onto the hostage takers without attempting to negotiate they can't kill the hostage at all? Roland states that allies can only be other approved groups, so in my situation the hostage takers could never kill my friend unless he doesn't comply.
  7. *the frequency would come to life with an American sounding man's voice* Hello to those it concerns this is Jeremiah White, or Doc for those who have met me. I was a traveling medic in the past but have found a home to setup my clinic. *a patient could be heard talking in the background* I have setup within the Green Mountain Charity walls as a place where I can be found indefinitely. If anyone needs medicine, checkups, or bullet wounds stitched up and cauterized this is where I can be found. As my practice requires I am that of a neutral party and will treat anyone who requires my service. No fighting or bickering will take place in my clinic or you will be asked to leave. *transmission dies*
  8. Honda

    I'm back innit

    Good to see you Dr. Matt, I thought that was you I ran into in Vybor. You crazy Historian
  9. The only people I could find and RP with at all today for my first day back. Appreciate the RP boys.
  10. Since the start of Standalone the Infected have never really been and issue, they've always been more of an annoyance. So i'm glad someone made a suggestion to get these things to become and actual problem.
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