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  1. Escobar

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Please reset my GUID + PID, cant use my donation skins -Snip- // Levi //Khardia: GUID reset. Re-enter it in the Whitelist tab. PID reset. Re-enter it in the Donation Exchange.
  2. Hey guys, for me the items are not working and they told me I need to get a Reset of my PID... could you please do that?
  3. If donating is a reason I´ll do it... I thought it might be better being whitelistet before donate any money...
  4. Jo guys... there is a whitelist status now and I checked it... yesterday it said 574... today it sais 586... how does that count work?? I applied one week ago or so...
  5. Hey, I´m hopeing I´ll be a part of your crowd soon. Apllied some days ago and keep watching some old dayzrp youtubes so far. hope to see you guys soon in some live actions