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  1. Oh how i wish people knew what the meaning of "Not Caring about others opinions" really was...if i cared what other people said i would have asked...should i stay OR should i go, which i did not, i stated what i was going to do, stated MY opinion as to why, and yes, im stick around a bit to give some of my friends a chance to say Bye as i wont be playing this with them any more. Was busy making graphics for people on here lol shame we didnt get t meet
  2. I know man, i know, BUT people like to think they know me better then i know myself, and then the Trolls telling me how it "Really" is lol. Gonna miss ya buddy
  3. OH the joy of people telling me what i do and dont do, your an idiot, dont ever assume you know me better then i do, ok
  4. Well fine and dandy but i dont care about your opinion, i was stating mine, like it or not, its my opinion, so yea...i care less for yours. have a nice day
  5. Thanks guys and yea Skiller i will man, Re-Enlisted INDEF today lol
  6. Well, hate to say this but im done with this MOD, the player community has gone to Shit to people always finding some kind of reason to want to kill you, the RP has gone down hill and everyone tries to play the same character type for the most part, from what ive seen and the people ive encountered. Rules are not always upheld word for word verbatim of a rule and it goes ignored from the admins/mods not to mention ive seen favoritism by admins towards other players. Some people break rules get off scotch free because they "Assume" someone was doing something, but a simple accident, an honest mistake, theres the punishment because an Admin tells you what your intentions where because they know you better then you know yourself i guess. BY NO MEANS IS MY BAN REFLECTING ME LEAVING **But im sure some will tell me why it is im leaving since they know better then I do.** To all those i have met in game and have had some good RP and the friends i made good luck with the new incoming community, It was great playing with everyone i had made friends with. Maybe one day the purpose of this MOD will come back and be enjoyable again, and mind you im not the only who thinks this, ive read on the forums and heard it on TS that other people feel the same way. BTW if people still need any Sigs or logos made i will have a site for all your graphical needs http://gaminggraphix.proboards.com/
  7. Just curious here, i know on S1 they have a few camps/settlements but i was wondering if there is any thing significant on S2, i know about the free medics camp, but thats about it, i never really see any talk about other camps/settlements that players can go to for trading RP'n ect ect can anyone share any insight with me please?
  8. group that went to ravens nest? with 2 buses?
  9. I use PS CS6 myself, but a monthly contest with some sort of prize, that would be pretty cool, and i think it would get alot of the gfx designers out there to show off some of their work
  10. Believe me we will settle this, the only difference between us, i dont need any back up for you honor less IMPS
  11. Luck will play no part in your downfall, its my skill from my training, my prowess in combat that is superior to any others, and it is you who made the wrong choice, i was the worst person to have messed with and harassed for no cause, and this wont be the last time the japs fall at the hands of an american soldier, remeber this, on the day of a big mistake ever made "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." - Isoroku Yamamoto
  12. Nothing to big, just my truck, only had it for a year
  13. The only amount of suicide being committed here is fucking with the wrong man, should have killed me when you had a fair chance, i promise you, *cuts the palm of hand* this blood promise i give you, you will all suffer.