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  1. We out here rushin all day every day GG @AidanVC

  2. We appreciate the feedback, the situation itself was a shit show as a whole, where people ran away from the initiation then came back and shot us but either way, I myself apologize for the level of RP given to you guys but we went to the base looking for a certain person and extracted that person when we deemed it was safe to do so. The comms were super unclear and confusing on what was being done with you guys and it was said that my boys who left were being followed and that they were around the heli pad/ramp area. At the end of the day though, whats done is done, I myself regret some of my actions but we look forward to RP'ing with you more and hopefully on better terms the next time we meet.
  3. Tyler Pearce’s POV: @MouseWB and I were split up from from Optic and Toss. We were at the bunkers just near the heli pads, we saw people down there so we ran up and considering we already shot someone and we knew that we dropped our initiation in which people started running away after we did so, we followed the people that ran and one of the boys kept a gun on the hostages that stayed there. I followed one of the guys who had his gun out and was running away but looping around one of the heli pads, considering he did not stop even after pot shots were taken at him and he heard the initial initiation, I shot him with my AWM. After this I retreated back to the heli back to help the boys with the hostages in which @Powerjake and @OpticVC initiated on a guy down in the trees, I covered them with the AWM from up on the heli pads, after that a random dude opened fire and killed powerjake then the hostage put his hands down and killed @OpticVC
  4. This situation as a whole was a shit show if i'm being honest, but after the hostages were released and we took Willow as we were looking for her, I was told over the radio that my boys who left with Willow were apparently being followed by the people who got released and were around/on the ramp, hence why I shot, should I have ID'ed my targets a bit better? probably but in the heat of the moment where you are told that people are following your friends as they have left and you ask them to double check where they are and they give you the same response, it's hard to tell who is who. Shortly after, I was up in one of the tisy towers and got launched off of it when I went to go down and then died from freezing to death because I was on low HP and didn't have any shelter. If I’m being honest though i'm not sure who exactly it was that followed them down the ramp but that seems kinda like NVFL in itself, but you can see in the video at 10:41 the unknown individual calls over the radio “Hey I got my radio back, they are heading down the ramp right now.” this individual is the individual that was seen following my boys down the ramp as they left with Willow.
  5. I was always the quiet kid who didn’t had much to say but whenever I did I’d make sure you heard me. Originally from Brooklyn, New York but later moved out to Nelson County, Virginia where I bought 20 acres of land, for about a year or so I was really back and forth as I was building my own house with the help of a handful of friends I met over the years but after about 2 years of building all construction was finally done and I could move everything from my old apartment to my new house. It was at about this time where I met my soon to be best friend Mason and was also around the time when I decided to buy a hunting dog as it was very lonely living in such rural area. I ended up buying a Weimaraner and named him Smokey, sort of a bland name but he had smokey grey hair so I felt the name fit him, plus I really liked the name so that’s all that matters to me. Soon after I really started to get into hunting so I bought myself a Remington Model 783 Hunting Rifle (Walnut Finish), I also got a Sig Sauer 1911 We The People and about a year later I bought myself a Remington Model 870 Express Tactical and a Small-Plot Smasher Ambush 300 Blackout for personal protection. I am just your ordinary person, Who has a passion for guns and hunting. One of the reasons I fell in love with hunting is because of the silence and peacefulness you experience as you lurk silently in the woods hunting your prey. Hunting also helped me develop a handful of skills that are useful in this barren wasteland we call Chernarus. I’d call myself more of an observer, I am constantly listening and paying attention to what is going on around me. Every weekend my friend Mason and I would go hunting, I would always bring Smokey with me on hunting trips, this dog was a man’s best friend, I seriously cannot count how many times this dog helped me track down my prey. A few years down the line, I never managed to get a job as I lived in a small county, and with no job I had no source of income, so I wasn’t able to play a taxes for a long time, Long story short after a so much time the government eventually took notice to that and I got in a lot of trouble. I really couldn’t afford to go to jail during this period of my life, it would have fucked everything up and I would probably be homeless for the rest of life. My first instinct was to run and get the fuck outta the country, wait a few years and then come back. Well I think now it’s safe to say I don’t think ill ever be going because of the shit that is going on here. Hey Smokey I know your watching down on me during this time, I miss you and hope to see you soon. I didn't think winter would hit so soon… In fact, nobody did I was in no way whatsoever prepared for such a cold winter. When it hit so suddenly I was out hunting deer and see now, I find it funny because I was confused about why I couldn’t find anything, not even a trail. As soon as I saw it start randomly snowing I was very confused and at first thought I was going crazy or something. Then out of nowhere, It got super cold and it was at that point where I rushed back to my cabin but it was snowing so hard I could not find it, I ended up passing out from hypothermia and got severe frostbite from me being face down in the snow for around 30 minutes. If it weren’t for Brock and Eddy I would’ve died. If I’m being honest we don’t really don’t like to talk about what happened during the winter… All I’ll say is bad things happened, things I regret doing but those very things are the reason I still stand here today and am able to write this journal about myself. This chapter is fairly short because like I said we don’t talk about that shit end of story.
  6. Before I was deployed out here into South Zagoria on my first tour, little did I know it would be my last. We were never warned that we would not have any contact outside of the country once we were boots on the ground. I haven't seen my squad since we got ambushed up by a group of angry and armed Chernarussians, it feels like its almost been over a year at this point if I am being honest. Ever since then I have been using my radio almost everyday and getting on our frequency everyday to see if anyone reads me. I never wanted to shoot anyone, I was just here to support my battalion, the 2nd Marine Raider Battalion. Once I got split off from everyone, I got out of there and have been spending my time isolated.
  7. LOL You a real one if you understand this reference.
  8. Not trying to go back and forth but it was midnight and you initiated on someone when you were 15-20m away. You say and I quote “North base feanie and fal, north face bean and fal put your hands up” in which he walks around looking to see what is going on and when he goes to run out of the way because he did not want to get caught in a gunfight and then gets shot. The initiation was so unclear and in the darkness of night without NVG’s how is someone suppose to know they are being initiated on when the person is 15-20m away, despite describing what they look like. Just out of curiosity what was the original reason for the holdup? @JackZRP
  9. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: When Joey Apples initially initiated on the people inside Camp Eden using a megaphone, there was one member of "the house" standing outside the camp in which after our initiation was dropped I screamed "PUT YOUR HANDS UP" multiple times at the individual outside. With that being said, I was properly initiated on the individuals and should not have received punishment. As you can also see in the POV that I posted I say and I quote "We roll up and I call over the radio that there is a guy outside. So Joey Apples initiated on them, I told the guy outside to put his hands up and he did so, I told him to walk towards me multiple times in the matter of 5 seconds" I was clearly validly initiated on the members of the house, so therefor me shooting at and hitting Jay Wong 3 times would not be attempted invalid kill. So I am confused on why I received points for Attempted invalid kill, if I was clearly initiated on them even though my whole group was not. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Pretty much everything I said above, including my POV from the report itself. I was validly initiated on the group as when we rolled up I told the hostage outside "PUT YOUR HANDS UP", so I believe shouldn't have received the points for Attempted Invalid Kill What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of punishment (Points and Ban) for "Attempted Invalid Kill" What could you have done better?: I think our group as a whole could've done better, this report was from my first night on the server so I was sort of new to this kind of rule set, which is by all means not an excuse whatsoever which is why I am not appealing the "Invalid Kill (Firefight)" because I am 100% guilty of that and have learned from my mistakes and will let it happen again. What I could have done better was making my initiation towards the group as a whole known but I was never able to get close enough to the walls to properly initiate on the individuals inside Camp Eden.
  10. No, Severson never attempted to make contact with me in or out of game asking permission to log out. @Mademoiselle
  11. Tyler Pearce's POV: I am sitting down on the wall just chilling in Stary talking to people. We were waiting for it to be day again so we could leave as I was the only one out of all of us that had NVG's. Everything was pretty chill, I did notice people running around with a gun out behind the wall I was sitting on but at the time I didn't think anything of it. Someone drops an initiation in which myself even with night vision goggles could not see, the individual says something about "something something--- Fal, hands up" in which PowerJake has no clue what is going on and walks around looking to see if they were talking to him because the initiation was so unclear. You can see he does not see anyone and is extremely confused so he goes to walk down the road and makes it about 10 steps only to get shot and killed by someone with an SVD out front of the supermarket on top of one of the Caravans, I believe this individual was ScarRP as he was talking earlier although it was super dark even with the NVG's and hard to tell if he is wearing the same stuff I saw him wearing earlier. After seeing that PowerJake was killed, I jump off the back off the back of the wall, and pull my gun out because it seemed like someone had beef with us for absolutely no reason. Pretty sure it was The House and co. although I cannot confirm, the logs will show who it was. My Video Evidence: https://plays.tv/video/5ce9c71968eaab90cf/wtf
  12. My POV: I spawned in mid gunfight after Buck Ryan was dead, and Aidan was still alive, I was so confused because I logged in after the gunfight because of a server crash. I ran away from the initial building that the initiation took place in, I took shots on the enemies and ended up running away because I was overwhelmed and confused as I had no clue what was going on along with all of that, all of my group was dead.
  13. My POV is basically the same as both Aidan and Optic’s. We were called in over the radio to come help people at camp eden as they were being taken hostage by the orange armbands. We attacked, we killed a few and all of us ended up dying. As for any griefing, we were not involved in that whatsoever and had no clue it was happening in the first place. Just to be clear we attacked the camp and were outside of the walls for pretty much the whole attack, we never moved inside the walls so any griefing that was done inside the walls of camp Eden did not have anything to do with us.
  14. POV: We were called in over the radio to come rescue people that were held up in camp Eden by orange armbands, the individual said he wanted the orange armbands dead, this radio call was about 20 minutes prior to this situation if I can remember correctly. We roll up and I call over the radio that there is a guy outside. So Joey Apples initiated on them, I told the guy outside to put his hands up and he did so, I told him to walk towards me multiple times in the matter of 5 seconds, I was on the side of the road and he continued to walk down the road towards me but never walked directly towards me. We started taking fire and I decided to execute the hostage as I didn't see anything wrong with it at the time, Although now I've realized that I am at fault here and it was generally shit RP to do.
  15. You know... It's funny how much one human being can hate a group of people, especially during the zombie apocalypse. Making me think about it really just makes me chuckle aha. Some of you might be asking "Who are you?" "What are you talking about?" or "What did you do?" before I explain that let me tell you a bit about myself before hand. As you already know the names Tyler got the nickname Dallas from my old group I used to spend most of my time with, Some of you might know who I am and some of you might have 0 clue who I am. Let me start by saying this I am in no way, shape, or form a good person.
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