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  1. Joss Trent lived in London, England with his parents up until the age of 17. He was working for a warehouse company during early 2017 and transferred to a shipment company called 'Treadstone International' doing similar work. Later on during June 2017 - the company Joss had worked for, requested for him to work as a crew member in exporting goods across sea. The job was accepted. One of his first transfer was to Greece, followed by Turkey. Upon the arrival to Antalya, the majority of the 'Treadstone International' all the crew members were immediately seized and captured by the Turkish Government. Josh and several others were released within a couple of hours, however the majority of the crew members were transported to a Turkish confinement in Istanbul. It had been apparent that the company Josh had worked for was running an drug trafficking, one of the biggest cartels in the Mediterranean sea. Josh and about 7 other members were left stranded in a foreign country with no money or transport. The remaining members were advised that the best option was to head towards Russia via the 'Black Sea'. They headed North of Turkey and smuggled themselves onto a local cargo, going towards Novigrad. Early July, 2017, Joss and 7 others had arrived at Novigrad, Chernarus. With the Chernarus transport, they were able to travel North East on the train towards Russian with minimal stops. Within 3 days they had made it to the furthest Northern East of Chernarus - 'South Zagoria'. Losing 3 out of the 7 other members, their train journeys had stopped at Chernogorsk. The Present Day Trent roams Chernarus to this day. He is young, but has adapted to the conditions. He was taught how to shoot and basic survival skills. Preparing him for the worst.
  2. JoshuaKav

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Official Discussion Thread

    Rank 347? That’s cute
  3. Maybe one day again bro ?
  4. Been playing on some other DayZ communities recently and it’s just made me appreciate the DayZRP Staff Team so much man...

    1. Mademoiselle


      Aw shucks! Thanks ? 

    2. BrianM


      Thanks buddy!

  5. How is the dayzrp Devs making more progress than the DayZ developers lmao

    1. AlanM


      The DayZ devs dipped right after 1.0 tbh. They don't even need to touch the game now.

    2. JoshuaKav


      I think they’re either too small of a team or just unqualified...

    3. AlanM


      Yeah probably why.

  6. JoshuaKav

    How to bind/rebind keys in 0.63 BETA

    It seems it’s an auto-run/walk button you want. They don’t officially have a button for this, but modders may have setup a script for it.
  7. I just want to say I did this trailer in about a week and had to rush a lot of it because of 1.0 releasing sooner than anticipated. If I had more time, I could release a much better trailer ?
  8. I use an offline editor. Here’s how to install it: https://youtu.be/xo3mK82QMCY
  9. So I know a lot of people didn’t like the new trailer for DayZ 1.0, so I made this trailer... Hope you enjoy ?
  10. Wouldn’t a chernarus snow map be insane for DayZ Christmas 

    1. Camo Coleman

      Camo Coleman

      you just earned yourself a can of bean. And yes it would

    2. JoshuaKav
    3. Camo Coleman

      Camo Coleman


    4. JoshuaKav



    5. Camo Coleman
    6. JoshuaKav
    7. Camo Coleman
  11. JoshuaKav

    Endless road...

    holy shit bro some nice editing
  12. I did another video on how to fortify bases on dayz to hopefully stop people from breaking down the base with a sledgehammer. Or atleast make it harder.
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