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  1. Oh lord do you remember this? All this planning just for there to be 4 people :trolle:

  2. Factions and Settlements?

    I'm not sure if I'm the only one who misses this, but I miss have a specific goal with my group and leading up to becoming a faction, I also loved being able to have my own settlements. I can't remember why it was removed but just curious if anyone else wants them back.
  3. DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    I feel 0.63 will make DayZ Great again. Bring it back to one of the top Steam games
  4. Testing new report form

    It's a lot easier to follow especially for the newer members.
  5. I miss the days when I was actually scared to go on DayZRP, when @Dusty and his group - Akrasia would force us to give them gear within a certain amount of time and if not we were killed. DayZRP just doesn't feel the same anymore :(. 

    Someone please do something like that again.....!

    1. Nihoolious


      There's no fear anymore thanks to really harsh tactics used by bandits like the one you mentioned being heavily frowned upon by rolle now. Real shame, Akrasia times were dope

    2. JoshuaKav


      It was only acception for playing the victim card for me. The RP was so good I enjoyed getting held up. 

    3. Hebee


      Can never do anything like Acrasia again because of the massive Ooc hate that we got and all the unfair PM's Rolle was sent. He wouldn't allow it. I would actually get in game if we could play groups like that again but they are basically forbidden to be played now because of standards people that don't even get In game are setting.

    4. JoshuaKav


      Well that was made made DayZRP so great for me. 

    5. BrianM


      100% agree with this!!! RP just isn't as scary anymore...

  6. Is it bad that i'm proud to be on the "Hall of Shame"?

    1. Saints


      Think of it this way.... you have a higher chance of being nominated for the wooden spoon comp.


  7. Boi you still playin? We should catch up again, maybe liberate that prison island again?

    1. JoshuaKav


      im down dawg 

    2. Yung Shade

      Yung Shade

      ayy It's lit! Do you still have me on steam? I think I accidentally removed you when I was cleaning up my friendslist.

    3. JoshuaKav


      My name is JoshuaKav on steam bruh

  8. the server is so fuckin laggy. 

  9. Safe Zone Trial

    Safe zones are kinda what put me off most RP servers, I mean it's nice addition but it kinda ruins the immersion and survival experience.
    • Eddie
    • JoshuaKav

    Damn bro, did u fall off the map? Na, you're stuck on Pubg :trolle:

  10. Promotion

    @Rolle my boy @Eddie Sorella streams DayZRP for a lot of hours most days. He usually gets around 10 viewers on average, does he get points for that?
  11. Joshua Kav

    January 10th 2011, I, Joshua Lie Kav lived in London England with my wife. We had been married for almost a year by then. We were living in a single bedroom flat as I was working in a restaurant with little pay. We eventually were kicked out and inevitable became homeless. After weeks of poverty we found a place bordered between Takistan and Russia, Chernarus. From what we heard it was an unusual country, a little behind in time too. Regardless of the conflict going on there we had no choice but to migrate. Once we had arrived we almost instantly regretted the decision. The country looked bleak and old. We found a property in a town along the coast Солнечный - translated to Solnichniy. Our house was quite large considering the price and compared to the others. We settled in quite nicely. Neighbors seemed odd but were nice, I guess. Months past and we considered ourselves very lucky to be where we were, we appreciated what we had and prospered. March 19th 2014, me and my wife had been living in Solnichniy for over 2 years. I had been working at the construction site at Solnichniy Factory. We made very few friends, and even the friends we had were mildly strange. I could say we were generally enjoying life. We stayed in the town virtually the entire stay. The town seemed so silent most of the time nothing but the waves and wind were heard. Not much news was passed by. Not many cars had come past our town, it was as if we were the only people alive in the country. Our home didn't have much furniture, not even a TV or Radio. October 14th 2014, I was awoken by a loud beep of a truck. I went outside to see people packing up and getting into vehicles. I went straight to our neighbor Matthew. I asked "Whats going on?". He replied saying "Monsters are coming, we need to go now". It wasn't the entire town but at least have a dozen families were ready to head out of town. We stayed put for the following days. A week later we decided to pack our stuff and leave Solnichniy. We stole our neighbors Sedan and began to head north to get to Russia. We follow the signs and eventually got to a town called Gorka. As we drove through the town we saw what we were told, were the monsters. They swarmed the car like animals. They were reckless, smashing there heads against our windows in chance of breaking through. It became overwhelming. So much so we weren't even able to move the car. We were stuck, hopeless. I managed to get through but it was too late. My wife was bleeding out in the car. Within minutes she began to attack me. I didn't know what to do. I was scared, worried. I grabbed my gear and ran and didn't stop. September 18th 2015, Over a year had past, I have been drifting through the country, looking for any survivors. I avoided towns as much as I could. I was left alone. It was my 21st Birthday that day. Certainly didn't feel like it. I had lost almost everything. I am still in Search of Survivors. I won't stop till I find them. I know they're out there. I know i'm a shy person but I would do anything to find someone. My name is Joshua Lie Kav, but just call me Kav...
  12. S2, Cherno fire station, KOS (firefight), 18:00

    Well fuck. I guess you looked just like a CDF. That's my bad I guess, I hit the wrong guy. Apologies.
  13. S2, Cherno fire station, KOS (firefight), 18:00

    So my friend @RandyBiscuit told me through TS (Radio) that he might get initiated on, in front of firestation. So I got into position and when they inevitably initiated, I took a shot on one of the guys. It was clear that they were the CDF so anyone around where the hostage situation was going on and wearing a beret, must be hostile. So once I shot I left the building and moved locations. Around 10 minutes later I saw a guy on top of firestation, the initiation was right in front of Firestation. If I see a guy on the roof of firestation, with a green beret, not only looking at the hostages behind the school but aiming around the area. How is this not taken as hostile. I have learnt in the past that I should confirm my targets before shooting and if I see a CDF soldier aiming around overlooking my friend hostage then I assume they're hostile. I mean i'm not going to go around initiating on all of the CDF. Once I killed him, I got the fuck out of the Chernogorsk. Then I met up with my friend @RandyBiscuit and then I started getting shot at so we ran.
  14. Just A Quick Thank You

    We all love you