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  1. JoshuaKav

    Endless road...

    holy shit bro some nice editing
  2. I did another video on how to fortify bases on dayz to hopefully stop people from breaking down the base with a sledgehammer. Or atleast make it harder.
  3. So there’s probably a lot behind the scenes that I don’t know about, and maybe things are in the process of getting fixed. I love the mods for dayzrp and the direction it’s going. However my problem is that, I feel we’ve maybe got our priorities slightly jumbled up. We have plans to release a campfire RP mod which is great... But at the moment I can’t even build a campfire on the server (yet I can on other servers). I’m yet to make a base on the server but as of a couple of nights ago I couldn’t craft a fence kit or even place one (yet I can on other servers). The VOIP issue we’re experiencing could just be DayZs problem, but if it’s dayzrp servers causing the problem, then imo this should be addressed and we should be putting our efforts into resolving that rather than additional content. Again maybe stuff like this is getting resolved or maybe it’s just more complicated. And I know it looks like I’m just trying to shit on dayzrp atm but I’m not. I genuinely just want what’s best for the server... Let me know if I’m just talking bs or I’m actually making a good point
  4. @AngimaLiterally the best Role Play I've had in years.
  5. JoshuaKav

    How to bind/rebind keys in 0.63 BETA

    It doesn't work for me atm. I think if you hold: >/. it should work
  6. JoshuaKav

    New Mod Collections Poll

    I voted campfire collection just for the sake of base building considering its the hot thing atm
  7. I think cars are good to have, but are so delicate. Takes so long to get the stuff together for it. too long
  8. dont give me any beans

  9. Thanks for the beans

    1. BrianM

      Unnecessarily giving you beans, is that allowed? 

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    3. BrianM

      Thought that.

  10. JoshuaKav

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    come back 😞 

  11. Key bindings 


    1. Phatal


      If you need there’s a guide to help you configure keybinds

  12. Is the PC running the server just not good enough??
  13. Server 1 is still on the old patch. Server 2 has updated tho, if you are getting bad version u might need to restart steam to get the update