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  1. You're still playing these days bro?

    1. HEARTLSS21

      yeah dude, i got back into it.


    2. JoshuaKav


      Nice to hear my guy, haven't spoke in ages lol

  2. DayZ | 0.63 8/4 | my prediction 

    1. Eddie


      Months not weeks right xD


    2. JoshuaKav


      ye dude


    3. Mattsxo


      Where have you been hiding

    4. Camo Coleman

      Camo Coleman

      he has been hiding under in his cave

      in his cave*

  3. DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    Lets hope everyone follows this rule from here on... You MUST be a nice community member, play fair when in game, focus on role play and be respectful towards other players on the forums and TS.
  4. Why can't I see who's on the server on the Server Status page?

    1. SweetJoe


      cause people think that someone will see their name and log on to kill them.

    2. JoshuaKav


      Rip dude

      Why are not many people playing DayZRP either these days?

    3. SweetJoe



      Might I recommend Kingdom Come: Deliverance ?

    4. Finn


      @JoshuaKav I believe it's actually because the DayZ Devs took away your ability to view it


    5. JoshuaKav


      Thanks bro!!

    • JoshuaKav
    • Eddie

    Wow big man Eddie over here joining the staff team!! :D 

    1. Brady


      Name change was my idea just saying

    2. JoshuaKav


      He is the only damn Eddie around I'm pretty sure...!

    3. Brady


      Well now he is thanks to me

    4. JoshuaKav


      Alright super man

    • JoshuaKav
    • BrianM

    Why don't you play RP anymore?

    1. BrianM


      I haven't been on my PC for around a month now, I'm going to start getting back into it though. What about you?

  5. Oh lord do you remember this? All this planning just for there to be 4 people :trolle:

  6. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who misses this, but I miss have a specific goal with my group and leading up to becoming a faction, I also loved being able to have my own settlements. I can't remember why it was removed but just curious if anyone else wants them back.
  7. I feel 0.63 will make DayZ Great again. Bring it back to one of the top Steam games
  8. Testing new report form

    It's a lot easier to follow especially for the newer members.
  9. I miss the days when I was actually scared to go on DayZRP, when @Dusty and his group - Akrasia would force us to give them gear within a certain amount of time and if not we were killed. DayZRP just doesn't feel the same anymore :(. 

    Someone please do something like that again.....!

    1. Nihoolious


      There's no fear anymore thanks to really harsh tactics used by bandits like the one you mentioned being heavily frowned upon by rolle now. Real shame, Akrasia times were dope

    2. JoshuaKav


      It was only acception for playing the victim card for me. The RP was so good I enjoyed getting held up. 

    3. Hebee


      Can never do anything like Acrasia again because of the massive Ooc hate that we got and all the unfair PM's Rolle was sent. He wouldn't allow it. I would actually get in game if we could play groups like that again but they are basically forbidden to be played now because of standards people that don't even get In game are setting.

    4. JoshuaKav


      Well that was made made DayZRP so great for me. 

    5. BrianM


      100% agree with this!!! RP just isn't as scary anymore...

  10. Is it bad that i'm proud to be on the "Hall of Shame"?

    1. Saints


      Think of it this way.... you have a higher chance of being nominated for the wooden spoon comp.


  11. Boi you still playin? We should catch up again, maybe liberate that prison island again?

    1. JoshuaKav


      im down dawg 

    2. Yung Shade

      Yung Shade

      ayy It's lit! Do you still have me on steam? I think I accidentally removed you when I was cleaning up my friendslist.

    3. JoshuaKav


      My name is JoshuaKav on steam bruh