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  1. Sitting atop Alter, within the abandoned radio station, sat Jacob. The sun dipping low in the cotton-candy-like sky, he unpacks his heavy load for the evening, knowing he could not carry on his way until, at the very earliest, daybreak. He positions himself against the chipped side of the station and props his latest catch towards the blazing fire he had set. His radio lays beside him, quietly playing "Country Roads" by John Denver, reminding him of his home, reminding him that even in this part of the earth, so far from his native land, that there are still people like him, people who he could stand behind. The song slowly comes to an end with the guitar trailing off into oblivion. Jacob begins to cry. Not a loud, wailing cry, but a soft cry of sadness and loneliness for his lost son. As the fire casts lights upon the bushes and concrete around him, Jacob silently thanks the man on the radio for his service, hoping he can one day thank him in person. He continues cooking his chicken, curling up for the long night and praying he survives until the morning.
  2. Wilfred

    Objects (weapons, clothing etc) you'd like to see in the game.

    A top hat or a bowler hat would be nice, with matching suits possibly? A suit of knight armor would be nice. A matching suit for the helmet and sword would be awsome!
  3. Ah, I see. I am using the basic DayzSA launcher. I didnt even know you had your own launcher, let me download it and try it. Hmmm, what do you make of this? https://gyazo.com/08f4b62eddbe16957bc15fe2ae5cc6cc
  4. I am also having this problem. I tried changing my name to that of my active character and it won't stick. Every time I hit apply to my renamed character it reverts back to the original name. I made sure the spelling was correct and everything. Any ideas?
  5. Jacob wonders the apocalypse in search of his son and books. He often is willing to trade his books for other books or ammo and food. He prefers the more American works or literature but will settle for some foreign books. Jacob is a nomad and a good salesman. He applies the marketing tactics he learned before the apocalypse at Kraygo Industrial. Jacob is a generally friendly man with a wide vocabulary from his many books. Jaocb arrived at Chernogorsk with his teenage son during a vacation after his wife divorced him as a way to escape his normal life. Shortly after the outbreak occurred. Jacob was trapped in Chernogorsk with no way to get home. He and his son became split apart from one another a few weeks after the initial outbreaks when a group of bandits held them up. Jacob and his son became separated when they bolted from the bandits through the woods. Jacob was captured but gave his son enough time to escape into the woods. The bandits held him hostage for a few weeks until he escaped in the night. He now wonders the region in search for his son who may very well be dead.