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  1. Dangit! After making this thread I started thinking about this and was going to do a very similar thing with the teddy bear. Great minds think alike I guess
  2. While I'm somewhat happy that IDing is over, as that whole practice felt very OOC, it's a shame that it allows this sort of thing to go on. I can't imagine the damage something like this would have done to Dodge or Freedom Corp, as they were primarily peaceful helpful people. Who would ride a bus service run by supposed murderers? I'll keep an eye out, and report anybody I see doing it.
  3. Is IDing not a thing anymore? I've not been around for a while, but it used to be that you couldn't meet somebody without asking for ID which would clearly show tags. I guess the character limit screws with this?
  4. Simply put, do you carry any specific loot (including weapons or clothing) that you keep for character RP purposes? For example back when DayZRP was a mod I always carried the Holy Book item in my backpack because my character was religious. I even had a few quotes written out to quote during time around the campfire. Now that loot is more diversified I'm thinking of picking up another gimmick, I've already given my character a penchant for cowboy hats, but I might have him have a favourite book too.
  5. Maybe it's just the luck of the draw, I just know I've found more food looting three or four houses than I have the supermarkets or other such places. In fact, I have found the majority of my guns in that fashion, in civvie houses. But I'm a civvie weapon kind of guy I guess.
  6. I play a character who doesn't even like to use heavy firearms. A hunting rifle is about as advanced as he's going to get. I remember when it was the mod, I traded something like a RPK for a... oh what were they called? Winchester! The guy I traded with was talking to me like I was a madman, but it was just RP I also carry useless loot for RP sake. I used to carry the Holy Book, now I carry a teddy bear. It's always fun when people find that stuff and think I'm odd, but it's just part of the RP. I don't have to bother with NWAF or Vybor or any of that, I'll go with people for RP, but I don't need to go there myself which is nice.
  7. Tactical Bacon, because that just sounds silly. And Pipsi, because it makes me giggle also.
  8. Give me a bicycle and I'll be happy, or a bus for the sake of starting a bus service.
  9. I don't mean to sound dismissive, but since I joined DayZRP over a year and a half ago I've seen threads saying "The RP is gone" but I've always been able to find experiences and people during those times. You can't let a few bad apples spoils spoil the bunch or whatever the saying is. You may have some bad experiences, but the good ones are always there.
  10. Mod was too military focused, but had things like vehicles, the ability to add in bases, settlements and such, and the ability to change your skin so you could have alt characters quite easily. SA has a lot more of the survival aspect, better character customization outside of uniform skins, and a lot of extra realism stuff that helps with RP. I wish we could have servers of both, because they're basically different games at this point and different experiences.
  11. I assume long things just don't work well with how they've set up the animations and they probably won't implement it just for the sake of long coats etc. So I'll avoid all those things that I want. Spectacles! Eye glasses! Hell I wouldn't even mind a "mask" that gives me a beard.
  12. Well you can say you have a better chance getting food going to the market, but by searching four houses I got abou five cans of food, two drinks and a sidearm. Because nobody is looting those areas a lot of decent loot is being ignored. But I can understand due to the persistence issue, since I've only just come back I wasn't aware of that.
  13. So I've come back after a year's hiatus, to find DayZRP is now Standalone only. Which is fine, I bought the game and learned how to do things, then jumped onto the DayZRP server for about an hour. Now, while I'm amazed at all the open buildings, and am searching a bunch of little houses and such gathering up a decent amount of food, I noticed people in the distance. There were a few so I chose to keep to myself, considering the only weapon I had was an oar. But I noticed them basically loot the supermarket, the hospital and then move on. This was in Elektro, with an abundance of other buildings to loot. Now maybe they found what they needed in the supermarket, but to me it felt like old DayZ mod habits were in play and they were in the mindset of "only X buildings are viable" Do you guys feel like this is an actual phenomena? Or when you loot a city do you meticulously search every building?
  14. He was my favorite character to run in to Awww, that's so nice. Well honestly I just bought SA just so I could get back into this, so we'll see where it goes. I'll see y'all in the zone. Wait wrong game.
  15. Don't know whether to bring him back or go with an original character.
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