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  1. I 'm here to just steal the attention. (jk jk, my contributions were small in scale to how many hours other devs put in time)
  2. Edit: Added feature for inspecting surrendering players inventory
  3. Yeah voted yes, but that monitzed part needs to be checked if its planket deny on monetized, or if they allow use with permission
  4. I like both, gives use for the stuff on the map
  5. I, Jukki, hereby agree to follow the DayZRP Staff Agreement Version 4 in its current form.
  6. Personaly my problem with base building in any game has been how breaking in to a wooden shack requires a lot of resources to get into. Imo either remove them, or make breaking in easier,so that even a single guy can pull out a sneaky raid. You could create your bases, but it's not safe. I miss the times of tents in woods ?
  7. I remember that in arma 2/3 there was way to remove map objects, tho not sure if it works on dayz SA (probably does). If you knew the coordinates of the object (by manualy typing in script, or placing an empty object on top of it), you could then search for any map objects next to it that you want to remove, and then remove it.
  8. Personaly thi k food should last at least one ingame day rotation. One can per "day". It should fill your stomach, and that stomach should last enough time.
  9. Might have just been me then. Point still was that food shouldnt be so rare that it's frustrating to try to find,unless the game mechanics gets changed to accommodate that
  10. Jukki

    DMR Please

    Why would repack be needed? I am out of loop of dayz sa modding but isn't it possible to externaly modify the mods without repacking?
  11. Game shouldn't be too frustrating for players. Yesterday died 3 to 4 times trying to look for just basic food, or even a weapon to help me out with. While good food should be scarce, there should be somehow reliably way to get "basic" items to be able to play the game, without dying, or on the other side, make it so not having food and drink doesn't kill you so fast, or maybe won't kill you at all, instead putting you to very low amount of health until you are replenished.
  12. Tbf I like these, they are civilian weapons by definition ? could make them semi only and maybe give some other nerf to make them not mil spec. Besides we don't have to include all them, the 9mm AR and rifle stock m4 come to mind first. Just make them less common than Russian looking civs, but more common than actual milspec automatic rifles. Stupid idea too, but add a File ingame. You could combine file and civilian weapon to create a full auto only variant of it, (maybe with change of breaking the gun) ?
  13. Bit out of loop but is there currently in need for some specific devs (coders, artists etc)? One way to increase the own mod would also be to think about open sourcing it, allowing community to maintain and suggest features.
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