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  1. Jukki

    Get hyped

    To be fair it couldn't have been opened at a worse time, the other community has a full mod server at times with all the older players, just wait a while. To be fairer, even that server has been trending down in activity. They had a peak of around 40 and now seem to be averaging around 25. Certainly better than our mod server but still arguably not enough to be particularly worried about. Safe to say even if time did change it, It would never really be good enough and never what the mod once was. Regardless, if it works for them I wish them well. Many of the player in that community are in fact permanently banned here and that will not change. That being said we hold no malice and wish them every success, it is clear to me that DayZRP should focus on SA. Muh mod dead?, Uh uh mate just wait for next week
  2. Jukki

    Remove inactive players from GroupCP ranks

    Wop wop still alive
  3. Jukki

    M4 Custom

    Dayzzero gun attachments where actualy not that bad, time consuming to add new weapons in tho
  4. I dont know who you are, 10/10 would not bang
  5. Waat, what happend on me being on list
  6. Jukki

    What do you have to fight off burglars with IRL?

    Nothing at home, but i got a wooden stick at my car...
  7. I wouldnt be able to take part in the saturdays games, going away for the night.
  8. Tanked up, silver elite now
  9. Hey guys in solo team: We should organise a asmall practice games together to get together and know who is good at what, make the teamplay work Drop me a message and add me in steam: thyjukki
  10. Honestly I feel like the people who want to execute someone for having a zombie skins are just looking for cheap kill, not due to roleplay reason.
  11. No offence, but some people seem to be a bit too narrow minded here Zombie skins could actually introduce a new type of character completely, zombies with consciousness, half infected, soon to become zombies, failed experiments and so on. It does not neceserely have to be just a black and white. Oh you have zombie looking face but act human, you must be a zombie then, bam bam.
  12. It has beem discussed so many times in past, and even thought I like first person only idea more, i can see where the others are coming from. But honestly the positive side is better than the negative side imo, FORCE FPS!!!!
  13. Got this skin for free from gift, used it ever since.
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