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  1. All threads related to upcoming patch 0.61 will be merged with this thread.
  2. Truth or Lie Simply, you write a sentence and the next person have to guess if it's true or a lie. Example: First person write: "I have never broken a rule in this community". Next person answer: "False. I stared in a TV show as a kid". And so on... If you would like to tell the answer, please do this within a reply to the last truth or lie. I am adopted.
  3. You answer the question the person before you asked (the story behind it is always appreciated). Then you write a new question for someone else to answer. Example Let's say the question was "have you ever eaten cat food before?", then your first answer: "Yes I did when I was a kid, my brother forced me to". Then you come up with a new question for the next person to answer: "Have you ever been banned from DayZRP?". Rules - The questions have to start with "have you ever" and fit this requirement. - Questions can be asked again, but use your creativity to make the game more fun! - Post things that you would like to answer. (Let's not make this thread a spam of short boring questions and answers, please). I'll kick it off by asking... "Have you ever done ERP before?"
  4. Title explains it: The aim of the game is to corrupt someones wish, for example: If I was to start: I wish I could fly The reply would be: Wish granted but you can never land I wish I could cook pizza without it burning. ====================================================== Let the game begin! I wish GTA V online wasn't so buggy
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