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  1. Christophe Lauret

    Christophe Lauret was a certified doctor, loving husband and nature enthusiast before the outbreak.
  2. Dimitris photoshops or screenshots.

    Holy smokes
  3. Jesus, this thing's still up? Hot damn pepperoni with a side of ranch dressing!
  4. Source If you wish to have subchannels, tell the GM/Admin you're talking to about these subchannels. Please do not poke GMs or admins if you don't have (or won't immediately do) everything stated above. Clan channels that do not respect those steps will be deleted. -- Best regards, -The Staff Team
  5. Whitelisted

    Congratulations! Good luck out there, and don't forget to read the rules. Don't go bandit!
  6. Great story, not the best grammar/punctuation/spelling.
  7. SkillerPenguin - PlayStation 3 - SpeedyBoy235 - France hue
  8. Sound Mod

    It already comes with a sound mod.
  9. Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    -snip- I fixed the issue.
  10. If the PlayerID you have set in the Donation Exchange is different than the one you obtain after following the steps in this thread, then ask for a PlayerID reset, as Glitchy stated above.