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  1. Before the outbreak, Christophe Lauret was a doctor and a nature enthusiast. During his childhood, he would venture off into the woods quite often to go camping with friends, which helped develop his love for the outdoors. Growing up without a father, his mother taught him high morals and kindness, especially to those in need. His personality eventually brought him to the career field of medicine, and from there he started his adult life. Once part of travelling medical groups, he toured the middle east and other war-torn parts of Europe to aid people in need. Because of how strongly he followed his principles, he gained much respect and many friends from those he met in the ravaged towns, which eventually led to him quitting his groups in an attempt to help render the local regions more stable, and more self-dependent, using the experience and contacts he had obtained throughout his life. Throughout this period, he was one of the first people to discover the onset of an extremely viral "flu", and started to create shelters and local research programs with whatever scientists he could find. -WIP-
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    Dimitris photoshops or screenshots.

    Holy smokes
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  4. Jesus, this thing's still up? Hot damn pepperoni with a side of ranch dressing!
  5. Source If you wish to have subchannels, tell the GM/Admin you're talking to about these subchannels. Please do not poke GMs or admins if you don't have (or won't immediately do) everything stated above. Clan channels that do not respect those steps will be deleted. -- Best regards, -The Staff Team
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    Congratulations! Good luck out there, and don't forget to read the rules. Don't go bandit!
  7. Great story, not the best grammar/punctuation/spelling.
  8. SkillerPenguin - PlayStation 3 - SpeedyBoy235 - France hue
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    Fifa 14!

  10. It already comes with a sound mod.
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    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    -snip- I fixed the issue.
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