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  1. Scott Kingsly was born in 1995 part of a normal family. He was always a neutral person, trying as much as possible to avoid getting into any conflicts that wouldn't be related to him or any relative. His father worked for the Montgomery Fire Department for about 10 years which was the main reason Scott decided to follow his dad's career and become a firefighter himself. At the age of 10 he lived in Romania for 2 years, learning the local language and tradition until he was 12, after which him and his family moved back in the US and continued his studies. At the age of 21, Scott managed to become what his father was before him, a firefighter part of the Montgomery Fire Department Station 6. In 2019 he moved to Chernarus as part of a paid vacation with one of his good friends and co-worker Chris Jensen. Few months into his vacation and him and Jensen slowly realized that Chernarus might have not been the best location for a vacation during this trying times as military units started spreading around the region, setting up roadblocks, camps and bases of operations while telling everyone to remain locked inside until further news will be transmitted. As that happened, Scott and his co-worker Jensen tried to pack up and leave for the US but they were ultimately shut down and were forced to remain in Chernarus. Jensen was later apprehended by the military as he tried to break quarantine, leaving Scott by himself and one objective which was slowly fading away: to return home.
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