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  1. Exactly as title. My character in game matches the character I created, I have a back story and the character was approved. I made sure it was my active character on the site and ensured the characters have the same name. Any way to fix this?
  2. A Canadian hockey player who came down on a fishing trip to smoke a couple of lefty's and maybe pick off a bear or a moose deep down in that neck of the woods. The apocalypse came now Tim is using his survival skills and Canadian friendliness to get by and make a few buddies. Smokin weed and fishing trips is his the main portion of his life and career and his want to do this continues even through the apocalypse. Tim wants to meet new friends and not deal with the bullshit that comes with people being so volatile in these situtations. He is all about huamn rights and being fair sharing everything he has. Tim came to Chenarus to go fishing smoking and hunting.However when things turned south him and his friend Trev started living in the woods with him. Now the ashes have fallen they seek to find friends and maybe get off this land.
  3. dariton

    A Simpler, Faster, Way of Joining The Server (With additional beginner guide!)

    Cheers thanks!
  4. Hey haven't played Dayz in a while I used to have the server saved, however now I can't find it. Im still whitelisted. Anyone have ideas Edit, all filters are off and I followed the whitelist guide
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