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  1. I agree with you @Horse 9mm for me is extremely rare, i've only found a box maybe once or twice, and nine out of ten times its off of a corpse of somebody, 380 is pretty common for me tho.
  2. MellowHype

    N-Tox's shitty GIF avatars (REQUESTS OPEN)

    Same with me bro, HMU with a cool avatar man no particular requests neither!
  3. Ja zitten meer Nederlanders in als dat je zou denken! veel plezier op de server pik.
  4. Gregoriy was born and raised in Dorogobuzh, Russia. Since his youth Gregoriy has Always been learned and told to have immense love for his country and, president and army. So not knowing any better Gregoriy grew up only to become a true hearted patriot and shortly after signed up to join the military. Since his younger days Gregoriy was very motivated and set to join the military so during the basic training he stood out between the other applicants and ended up at the top of his class. After he finish the basic training he was set to join a special unit due to his patriotic background and cause of the motiviation and disciplin Gregoriy had. Ofcourse Gregoriy accepted as soon as he got it offered and got placed in heavy training. Survival, espionage, advanced weaponry you name it. shortly after completing the training he was placed in Chernarus to oversee the outbreak in regards to the safety of Russia. As he was stationed he soon understood the true morales and had quickly accepted how life was going to look from that moment.
  5. +1 looks very good imo!
  6. Decrease range, dont remove the megaphone. +1
  7. Maybe read what I said before you begin talking, I said ''Evgeni taking shots are blatant lies''. And if your '' guys who saw my dude in the treeline'' claim that Evgeni was shooting, yes they are lying aswell. And if I knew there weren't logs for that I wouldnt even ask. Stop reaching and stick to the point dont put words in my mouth that i've never said to begin with. I have said my part and will stop responding here.
  8. I do not, but I can guarantee that what Shroud says about Evgeni taking shots are blatant lies I was near him the entire time and ZERO shots were fired, can you checkk Evgeni's logs to see if he shot a bullet? if so you will see that he didn't fire ANY and that Shroud is simply lying.
  9. YES aren't we all glad its back, only thing left to bring back now are the nights!
  10. I solved this situation it may be closed on my end. They dont have to get punished if you ask me.
  11. Server and location: US1 Green mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): around 1950 server time Your in game name: Benjamin Kurtz Names of allies involved: Dont know their name was with a bunch of fellas Name of suspect/s: Logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None unafortunately Detailed description of the events: So It started in Green mountain as there was a huge sort of stickup going on which i was not participating in, I was merely looking and doing jack shit at all. The guy was eventually ''captured'' by mercs and was slowly being moved out of the courtyard of GM, I decided to keep a distance from the group to see what they were going to do, I wasn't alone I was with some more fellas but we were NOT involved in the entire scenario, and before I know it I just get one tapped in the back of my head whilst having absolutely nothing to do with the scenario I wasn't initiated on or nothing. If any of the fellas that was with me during the scenario reads this, feel free to post a POV
  12. Benjamin's POV: It was very crowded at green mountain and I was just standing there with Evgeni in a crowd of maybe 15 people and out of nowhere there are gunshots fired trough the gate without any initation of any kind and Evgeni dies instantly, no more roleplay was involved from the opposite side as he just ran away after shooting.
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