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  1. Carved_

    Lore Wipe SoonTM

    I can only second this. Most people who have gone through a few wipes see it the same. Back in Mod days we had proper tools, wipes didn't spice stuff up. Having them now won't change anything. So getting them now is not like its a game changer. We had it back in Dayz Mod. Arma2 had plenty of that. It didn't change stuff. Having them now won't spice up things, It's just ruining character progression for those who care to develop their character. And the ones who don't will just continue as they did, with a short delay to get themself sorted and a new Character. We wiped back then for the same reasons, and we are standing here again. I honestly think we need to reconsider the way we RP with each other instead of rebranding stuff we are obviously not willing to change. If THAT is an Issue people are facing, the lorewipe is not going to change that. Never had, never will. People have been doing that since I've started playing 6 Years ago. People have been trying to find BS reasons for what they do IC since then, just to circumvent NVFL and RP>Ruleplay. Having a new frame around the old Picture is just ingoring the issue. Just putting a new tag on our shit won't make it more fancy or better. Just rebranded old shit. There is plenty of long time Members here that advocate for it not working. Why is everyone including Stuff ingoring the fact that it never worked? It's not like we are a new community. We have been through this countless times.
  2. Headphone Warning!!1!!!!!111!!1!you are a sissy Klein.
  3. "Player's who *muttering* vehicles." Directly read of the script he? ?
  4. Driving back in Mod days: And beeing a Passenger when the desync hit. I miss Duty. And all the OG's
  5. Daniel "Doc" Weber,or just "Dan" worked before the outbreak as a Paramedic and Pilot on an Paramedic Helicopter in Germany, coming with that he gained a very well knwoledge about medicine and wound treatment. He is in an happy relationship since 5 years with his girlfriend. He is social and the type of men who likes to meet the friends he´s got and relax a bit, but is more a quiet guy and is not going out to Party at all for example. 1 week before the infection outbreak he started a trip with his girlfriend and a few friends to go camping in the swedish wilderness. After one and a half week in the forest at a beautiful lake they headed more north because they needed some supplies and came to the next city, they couldn´t believe what happened. Nobody was prepared for that at all. Only armed with a few forks and the Hunting knife they had to disembowel the fish, they barely escaped from beeing murdered by Humans that are nor dead or alive. Thinking that they could find help in the next bigger city, they got into an even bigger fight. Daniel lost his girlfriend and his best friend to the zombies. Overrun by the huge amount of zombies they hid in a policestation for 5 days, living from 3 Cereal Bars and the Waterdispenser in the Policestation. In these 5 Days Daniel nearly lost his mind, only the rest of the group could save him from totaly going mad. Nearly starving, the group needed to escape the town or more people would die. As if by a miracle everyone survived the escape and they went back into the forest to get a plan. Knowing that what they saw isnt just a local, but a global problem. Going back to Germany on the south of sweden by Ferry wasnt an option anymore. So they decided to drive up north onshore to get back to Germany, not knowing if they want to see what happened to their hometwon, family, friends and everything they knew. The group decided after the first hard Winter that they first need a safer place to have rest before going back to Germany. With chernarus they found a more or less safe place to be at first. Survival here isnt easy but it is possible for the group, so they decided in a long discussion to stay at chernarus because most of them silently lost hope of a good ending when they get back to Germany. All of them is living with the Dream of the safer place Germany where infection had been stopped, but nobody wants to find out and live with the knowledge of dead family and a World that is nigh to its end.
  6. From Old ass Whitename to HoF? Im in for that!
  7. Member Duty and the Sancutary. Oh I member! Member the old days at Prud Lake? Member Frayzies Radio Station? Member Jim Stone? Member silence? Member CLF? Member the Outposts? Member The Outpost Rangers? Member Vigilance? *Sobs *
  8. I have applied for the Content Creator meeting and Jim hasn't even read the message that I send him on the 27th. This beeing said I am Stepping back from the Stream Team Position. Not that anyone would care tho.
  9. Honestly. There is a few things that I as "part" of the Stream feel like saying right now, that need to be made clear as there is huge misconceptions about this thing, and a huge inbalance inbetween what is expected from the Streamers and what can be given. especially regarding the Critique this is getting. 1. When I applied for the Stream Team, there where now words of a neccessary amount of Streams per week to Stay in. Requirements have been made AFTER the Acception to the Team. Proper communication about it was done somewhere in Post some people might not have even seen. It was said that there is someone keeping an eye on Activity. 2. When I applied I did Specify my problems about beeing Online on a regular base.(See spoiler/application). And that I rather try to put out Quality content then just sheer quantity. I never specified to exclusivly Stream Dayzr, nor did I said I would. 3.The Concept of it all: People from the Community Stream DayzRP and Quality footage gets thrown out by a rather famous Twitch partner through Auto-Host. See Post What happens at the moment is that the only Hosting is inbetween the DayzRP community Streamers exluding Wolfie as she is Hosting firends/Streamers she likes etc. Wich is fine as it is her decision, but the Autohost's inbetween the RP Streamers is barely pushing the content out of the DayzRP community itself, as most of them are known within and their outreach in the Web is rather limited (just as mine, no offense guys. still love you all.) 4. My own absence of Streaming. I had recently huge problems with my internet provider giving me amounts of up to 40% dropped Frames, and thus a huge loss in Quality. Wolfie has been aware of my Struggle with my Stream quality and tried helping me out. I later found the Problem wich was my Internet provider. I have only been abled to get it fixed a few days ago, and thus my absence as ended. I had a lot of fun when I rejoined RP, and had a lot fun Streaming it as a fun thing, a hobby. Getting dragged into a Team that made it a "duty" to be active, that made it a task that I had to do. That I had to push for content in order to voluntarily help out the community, made it really hard for me to keep the level of quality that I was aiming for. I couldnt keep the amounts of viewers to Stay after joinin as I could before. I am no content creator, I am a Paramedic, I am Streaming for my enjoyment and that kept people watching. I was enjoying it. people have been enjoying it. As soon as I wasnt enjoying it my RP got mediocre at best. Not to mention the Stream. And Still I was obliged to be active and be aware of the fact that im representing the DayzRP community. So At some Point I stopped pushing for bad RP content that does nothing but throw a bad light on the community. Making it a "Duty", me pushing my self to throw out the 2 Streams a week just ruined it the Fun. I got out of Ideas on what to do. Overall Quality decreased heavily and thus it got harder to push myself to enjoy it. And Don't get me wrong here I am not blaming anyone for me failing to get Streams out. I am not blaming anyone but me for the loss of Quality. But I just feel that people should be aware of the struggle this system has, before they start complaining.(No hate on you Rampage. But this is a great example) As the quoting is not properly working on me: Post by Rampage, I have never have had anything in my inbox concerning plans to do shit together, nor with any more information thatn that I am accepted. (as seen above You expect the Stream Team to have preparations, to throw out content. But what many people are not aware of is that all those people do have Jobs, do have Christmas preparations, some have kids, I worked my 24h shifts during the Christmas days and have my family and I am still expected to throw out content like mad. This is a group of Voluntary community supporters. We are not hired. We don't get Money. We do this for our own enjoyment and because of the fact that we like the community and try to do our fare share. People do Complain about inactivy, lack of quality etc. But none of the problems have been adressed with the Streamers. at least not with me. All of the things people complain about at the moment have been things the Pr Team was aware even before accepting me. ( If they read my App). There is a "Content Creator meeting" incoming, that I am willing to attend, but only noticed just now, as the "designated Streamers" didnt even get a invite or anything. I need to apply for it just as anyone else. Im supposed to work for this community without even the least amount of effort to support it. As I feel my post is getting out of hand here: People should Stop ranting against people that have the same Goal as everyone else here, and maybe start talking with them. If people whould have asked, it either beeing Staff, PR managers, Streamteam owners, or Members of this community, they would have gotten a sufficient answer. And instead of just comlaining about something beeing not enough or whatever, people should maybe Support those who try to show this community to others, instead of just telling them how insufficient their work is. I just don't feel like beeing talked on behind my back about a problem that has been communicated. Nor do I feel like beeing ranted on for not applying to Standards that I wrote in my application about not beeing abled to always meet them, and received after beeing accepted. with the owner/Pr well knowing that I wont be abled to always meet them. I really Hope this could clarify a few things. And I really hope people get an understanding of what might be going on (at least on my end). My decision on how to handle this will be quit simple: I am not going to increase the quantity of the Streams when I dont feel like pushing for good content, and try to get my enjoyment in streaming back and thus the quality. And if the Quantity doesn't fit the requirements the RP wise inactive owner of the Team, and the PR-wise inactive PR manager is setting, and communitcating,I am stepping back from the Stream Team and will leave myself for the better. Blessed New year all you guys.
  10. NOOOOOOOOO CALLLUUUUM!!!!! *goes on his knees* *Sobs*
  11. Had a nice encounterwith Kylo Bear and his mate. Thank God I didn't take of my Armband as I actually wanted to do. I really think that saved my Ass :> You guys literally scared the shit out of me. I literally met all the people that I got warned of, and always dodged hostile confrontation by pure luck. Was awesome!
  12. Well then let's get the mashine running! Starting the Stream now. #HYPE
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